Here's my ghost story. Me and a buddy used to dabble in the occult--nothing huge, but we particularly loved the Ouija board. One evening we decided to use the board to summon my friend's literary hero, Sylvia Plath (who, as you may know, gassed herself to death by leaving her oven door open). We sat in the darkened room, and asked the Ouija board if Sylvia was with us. Then, at that very moment, the cat let out a piercing howl! We ran to the kitchen where the cat had been sleeping peacefully (on top of the oven), and found the burner had BEEN TURNED ON. There's no way my scorched cat could have done it... there was no one else in the house... so who else could it have been? Sylvia. She even admitted it. We asked the Ouija board, "S-s-s- Sylvia? Did you do that?" And the pointer shot to "YES." We asked her why. She replied, simply, "Had to." We didn't ask Sylvia any more questions, and never picked up that devil's Ouija board again.