A few years ago, I had a nervous breakdown. It was one of the most horrific and stigmatizing experiences of my life. Despite the odds, I pulled my life back together, with very little support from anyone else. I saved up money, moved into a cozy apartment in Seattle, and enrolled in college to finish my arts degree. I thought my past demons were far behind me. However, I was still deeply insulted by what three particular people were saying behind my back ever since that fateful day. These people once claimed that they "cared about me." One of them even dated me for a couple of months. But in my most vulnerable moments, they mocked me, revealed my most intimate secrets, and made sick jokes about me. For years!

Hey, fuckers, did you think I would never find out? I would love to say all this to your faces and make you feel remorse for what you did. You shallow, double-crossing wastes of human skin. Since I do not have the opportunity, I thought I would take the passive-aggressive route, just like you did to me. I hope one day you lose control of all your mental faculties and breach the edge of insanity. Because I will be the first person to degrade you, traumatize you, and smear your dignity in the dirt. Until then, please develop a fucking conscience for the sake of anyone else who decides to trust you.