First let me say that I am psychic, and have the ability to see and communicate with ghosts in our dimension. I've run into a lot of ghosts in Seattle, but some encounters really stand out.

There are two mean male ghosts at the old Off Ramp, and they have often followed me around, making threatening gestures. Why, I don't know--but now I won't go near the place. However, the ladies at the Harvard Exit Theater are nice. Since they usually dress in fine clothing

from the '20s, I assume they're from the old social club that was once housed there. I've talked to the ghost in the grey dress a few times, and have seen her share popcorn with movie-goers. None of the Harvard Exit ghosts are threatening.

But there is a really bad ghost at the Greenwood Safeway. He tried to hit me on the head with a hanging plant, but luckily it missed. Again, I don't know why he did it, but every time I go to this store, items are knocked off the shelf as I pass. There's also a ghost who wears a security guard uniform at the Aurora Safeway. He's got a penchant for acting tough, and I've seen him scare kids who shop-lift. We've had a few encounters, but now I just ignore him. For some reason, Safeway seems to have a real problem with attracting ghosts. It's pretty weird.