You are pretty. I am jealous. Most of us grow up watching fairy tales on TV or reading them in books and seeing the ads glorifying what a woman should look like. Then one day we fucking realize that we are never going to be that prince or princess. Our bodies won't allow it. And it's heartbreaking. Then we have to pick ourselves back up and face who we are, and learn to love who we are despite what our culture glorifies. And then you walk in with everything handed to you based merely on your appearance. You hardly have to lift a finger—let alone develop an interesting personality—to get by. It makes me sick. YOU make me sick. I have no doubts that you have your insecurities; in fact, you may have more than some. I'm sure that you have heard the words "very pretty, but not very bright" whispered more than once. I almost wish I could have heard that myself. I will console myself with the fact that you are an intellectual vacuum. recommended