This is to all you people who protested the WTO: While you have the right to your opinion, what makes you think you have the right to disrupt the entire city? I saw you on TV with your crappy signs and chants. I was hoping the police -- who, by the way, did an OUTSTANDING job -- would use real bullets on all you fucksticks. Ninety percent of you didn't even know what the hell you were supposed to be protesting! And after you assholes got tear-gassed, you looked like little pussies trying to rub shampoo out of your eyes.

And what nerve! You get arrested, and then not only demand to be released, but demand an apology? Here's your apology: FUCK YOU! The police should've clubbed you like baby seals. Give the cops a break. These are the same police you rely on when somebody breaks into your shitty VW bus, and rips off your stereo. I'd like to pin some of you down with my boot at your throat, and drop a cinder block on your fucking head.

You think you got your "message" across? What message? Nobody gives a shit about you people or your views. You think all the evil powers of the world that were in Seattle were scared by a bunch of granola-eating, tree-hugging fags? Your performance made me want to punch myself in the face, then vomit.

-- Anonymous