Mom, dad, I'm officially SICK of you smoking pot all the time. I know you do it every day. Either you aren't aware that I know, or you don't care that I HATE it. Just because I don't smoke pot doesn't mean I don't know what high people look like. Do you realize most of my friends are potheads? Do you realize how embarrassing it is for me to steal pot from you for them? Remember when I left an anti-marijuana pamphlet in the drawer where you "hide" your stash? I didn't do it to illuminate you; I did it so you'd knock it off! You're so concerned about money--well where do you get all your weed money? Luckily for you, I'm one of the few young adults who DON'T do drugs. But you're not the reason I don't do drugs. Or the reason I don't drink or smoke. I don't do it because it's stupid, and a waste of time and money. How about instead of saving all your cash for pot, you buy me a fucking car? That ever cross your fuzzy minds? For supposed role models, you guys really suck at setting a good example.