Okay, nothing new or interesting is coming on this week. BUT WAIT! Just because TV has once again let you down, that's no reason to take your fury out on me. As you know, my success depends on your reading this column on a weekly basis—whether I have anything interesting to say or not. And consider this: Whenever you choose not to read I Love Television™, one of my many illegitimate children scattered across the country goes without supper. Or a video iPod.

That's why I've decided to publish the first ever I Love Television™ Readers' Poll™. Polls are great, because they give me the chance to learn about YOU. I'll then take your information, feed it into a fancy computer, and use the resulting knowledge to get inside your pants. You will be impregnated—yes, even you guys!—and forced to raise yet another illegitimate Humpy quickly populating the earth like flies. Diaper-wearing flies that won't stop screaming for a video iPod. Let's get on with the poll, shall we?

1. Do you think they let people in prison use e-mail? I have a lot of readers there.

2. Do you think they let people in prison watch Prison Break? I don't think that's a very good idea. It's not a very good show anyway.

3. Are you an eligible candidate for pregnancy, and do you consider "child support" to be a big deal?

4. The following shows come on at 9:00 p.m. on Thursdays: The O.C., Beauty & the Geek, the last half-hour of Dancing with the Stars, My Name Is Earl/The Office, and whatever's on UPN. Which two would you TiVo?

5. What's your debit card PIN?

6. What dramatic show is most awesomest and why: Battlestar Galactica, The Shield, 24, The O.C., Veronica Mars, Rescue Me, Lost, or some other show of your choosing that is not any permutation of Law & Order?

7. What comedy show is most awesomest and why: Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Name Is Earl, The Office, The Daily Show, or some other show of your choosing which is not Two and a Half Men?

8. What reality show is most awesomest and why: Survivor, American Idol, The Amazing Race, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, Skating with Celebrities, Avoiding Rabies-Infected Bats with Hollywood Has-Beens, or some other show of your choosing which is not going to make me vomit?

9. What is the stupidest show on television that everybody else seems to love but really sucks? (My choice is Desperate Housewives, but don't let that influence you! But you have to admit it really sucks.)

10. How's your health insurance? Does it cover extended maternity leave? recommended

OKAY, THAT'S IT! Send your responses to steve@thestranger.com no later than Wednesday, February 8! The winning respondent will be impregnated by yours truly, and be responsible for buying our illegitimate child their first video iPod.


9:00 FOX THE O.C.Mini Cooper gives Seth some pot! (You know you're a nerd when a 14-year-old supplies your weed.)


10:00 SCIFI BATTLESTAR GALACTICAPresident Roslyn tries to put an end to black-market trading, with expectedly violent results.


3:30 FAM CHEESY MUSICAL MARATHON!A host of the cheesiest movie musicals EVER, including Grease 2, From Justin to Kelly, Saturday Night Fever, and Staying Alive!


8:00 TNT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDSWouldn't Brokeback Mountain have been great starring Ernest Borgnine and Chuck Norris?


9:00 FOX 24Jack discovers a spy within CTU. Finally, a chance to snap some fingers!


9:00 BRAVO PROJECT RUNWAYThe contestants are asked to design a dress based on their surroundings. But how do you design "screaming neurotic"?


9:00 UPN VERONICA MARSVeronica and Wallace investigate a crime at the most delicious place on earth—White Castle.Stop taking birth control now! steve@thestranger.com