Well... well... WELL. What have we here? Guess who came crawling back—just like I predicted. Just couldn't stay away could you? And now here you are, begging for a second chance. Well... go ahead. BEG! Get down on your filthy hands and knees and BEG me to take you back. And who knows? Maybe if you grovel convincingly enough I may momentarily forget HOW YOU BROKE MY FAWKING HEART, YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF SLUDGE!!

Oh, not YOU of course. I was just yelling at my TV—something I do on an alarmingly regular basis... generally during Dancing with the Stars. See, almost ALL of the new fall shows debuting this week star creaky old washed-up movie stars and TV celebs who are once again coming back around begging for another shot at fame. ANNOYING!! Why don't famous people ever get it? The purpose of "celebrity" is for us (the public) to fall head over tuckus in love with you (the celebrity), until we're not in love with you anymore, and discard you like a diaper filled with butt gravy. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND??

Naturally, this does not include the celebs we're still in love with, such as the cast of The Office (Thurs, 8:30 pm, NBC), those adorable Gilmore Girls (Tues, 8 pm, CW), and those hopelessly hot teenagers of One Tree Hill (squirting even more hormones—Wed, 9 pm, CW). Or the ones we're about to fall in love with, such as the stars of the new show Heroes (about normal schmucks who develop superpowers—Mon, 9 pm, NBC), and Runaway (about a family on the lam from the law—Mon, 9 pm, CW). But as for the rest of you? START BEGGING!

Shark (CBS, Thurs Sept 21, 10 pm). Academy Award—nominated actor and real-life creepy misogynist James Woods gets his own show, starring as a creepy defense lawyer who has a crisis of conscience and starts prosecuting the bad guys (alongside that chick who played Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Whatever). Hey, Seven of Nine! Here's a heads up: Put the Sexual Harassment Hotline on speed-dial. And as for you James Woods, only Oscar winners are allowed to bore me to death.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC, Sun Sept 24, 10 pm). Holy crap! This family drama must be where irrelevant celebs go to die! Dig this lineup of washouts: Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences), Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under), Ron Rifkin (Alias), Patricia Wettig (Thirtysomething), and—most horrifyingly—Calista Fawking Flockhart (Ally McBeal)... who I thought disappeared inside one of Harrison Ford's wrinkles years ago.

Help Me Help You (ABC, Tues Sept 26, 9:30 pm). A new sitcom about a nutbag group therapist... who's even KA-RAZIER than his patients! Ka-BOINGGG! And just in case your genitals haven't completely snuck up into your stomach cavity... it stars TED "Why didn't you kill yourself after Cheers?" DANSON. I'm telling you, this guy is like the genital warts of situation comedies—HE JUST KEEPS COMING BACK! (This time I'll wear THREE condoms... promise!) recommended