Kiosk Update

All is not well in the splintery world of Pike/Pine corridor public kiosks, according to a newsletter sent around by Jill Janow, the neighborhood's council chair. It seems that while the public at large was pleased as punch about the addition of two art-bedecked kiosks, the owner of the building that houses Le Frock, a clothing boutique, voiced strenuous objection to the addition in front of his property, and demanded that the kiosk be immediately removed. While Janow acknowledged that the neighborhood council should have "WITHOUT QUESTION" [caps Janow's] contacted said property owner for permission to install a kiosk, the unnamed landlord's petty tyranny, coupled with the fact that he sent Le Frock owner Diane Stone an eviction notice (he thought she had personally installed the kiosk) without first asking her about the situation, strikes In Arts News as utterly reprehensible. Up with art! Down with landlords! TRACI VOGEL

The Fire Is Out

Mournful tubas tooted beneath a blue plastic canvas on Pike Street last Thursday night, as local performers from the Cirque de Flambé "celebrated" their last-minute cancellation as part of the 2001 Seattle Fringe Festival. Troupe member Wally Glenn (a.k.a. "Pyro Boy"), who was handing out tiny chocolate bars, explained that the group had been given "no reason" for the cancellation by the venue renters (Key Park NW), and that they were currently in search of "another space" in which to perform. The group, known for its fire-eating and pony show as well as its dedication to fire safety, will post updates on its website, TRACI VOGEL

I Wanna Live Forever!

In Tacoma?

Reports have been trickling in about the Tacoma School of the Arts, a public high school slated to open in the fall. It's the result of four years of planning, community building, and fundraising by Jon Ketler, an artist and visual arts instructor. The school, working in collaboration with local arts institutions (including the Tacoma Art Museum, the Broadway Center, and the Tacoma Youth Symphony), will offer a full core curriculum for grades 10-12, along with programs in visual and performing arts. Unlike the Center School, a similar undertaking here in Seattle, students in Tacoma will have to audition, either through portfolio, audition tape, or summer classes. It won't be long before Tacoma has kids dancing and singing in the streets, stopping traffic, just like in Fame. EMILY HALL

Things That Make Us Go... Huh?

The February issue of Arts Patron contained a listing for the 2000 Northwest Annual at CoCA, juried by artist Mike Bidlo. The section, rather confusingly subtitled "Five arts events you might have missed," left readers in a temporal lurch. Certainly the Arts Patron editors missed the 2000 Annual--it was last year!--but it featured such savvy this-year listings as the Maureen Whiting Dance Company and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot. Apparently, the alternative scene is just too confusing for regular folk. EMILY HALL

Damn Hooligans

Further proof that human nature is still basically evil: Some naughty expletive smashed BOTH benches in the gladelike garden in front of Richard Hugo House last Wednesday night--the nice wooden Shaker one and the Greco-Roman stone one. Well, In Arts News is officially declaring a fatwa on the perpetrator of this crime. Know this, hooligan: When we catch you, we will force you to re-create El DeBarge's solo dance from the video for his hit single "Rhythm of the Night," step-by-painful step! You'd better be fleeing town!! JAMIE HOOK

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