Neighbors who oppose CASA Latina's bid to move to Rainier Avenue have been trying unsuccessfully for months to convince the day laborer program to choose a nonresidential neighborhood like SoDo for its new headquarters. Back in April 2004, CASA Executive Director Hilary Stern apparently agreed. "Near Home Depot in SoDo would be an ideal relocation site," Stern wrote, asking the State Department of Transportation to help make that happen. Last week, Stern explained that her comments were true at the time, but after considering CASA's menu of women's and children's programs, she now says Rainier Valley is a better fit. CAPITOL HILL: Dozens of neighbors piled into city hall on March 30 to weigh in on the proposal to reduce developers' parking requirements in Capitol Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods--First Hill, Pike/Pine, and the U-District. Score one for more-affordable, denser housing: About three quarters of those at the meeting were in favor of knocking expensive parking requirements down to less than one space per unit. --AJ

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