MADISON VALLEY: Anti-abortion protesters from Kansas City converged at Planned Parenthood's Western Washington headquarters on Thursday afternoon for a three-day "siege" on the reproductive-rights group. The protesters—mostly teens in jeans and hoodies, their mouths covered with red tape—are on a nine-city protest 'n' prayer tour. In Seattle, the protest prompted the smart folks at Planned Parenthood to kick their "Pledge-a-Picketer" program into gear—they raised $6,798.75.

DUWAMISH: No one seems sure of the final score—20-something to 15-or-so, perhaps?—but Georgetown beat South Park in a first-ever "Battle of the Duwamish" softball game on Saturday, August 13. The game followed weeks of good-natured trash talk between residents of the "rival" South End neighborhoods, and the 'hoods plan a rematch. "We have to bow, salute, and cheer the G-town gang for bringing a strong game, a great vibe, and some real pretty uniforms that they no doubt spent hours in front of the mirror adjusting just so," one South Parker chided, post-game. —AJ