School Spoof

There's a sarcastic new website lambasting the Seattle School District, Superintendent Joseph Olchefske, and the district's embarrassing $34 million budget shortfall--and it seems the district is trying to shut the site down. The hilarious spoof the district's real, but the fake site features such headlines as "$eattle Public $chools: Taking the Dream and Cashing It Out," and phony stories slamming Olchefske and the school board. On Tuesday, November 19, site creator Bob Valiant says his Internet service provider, DIRECTV DSL, temporarily shut the site down at the district's request. Valiant protested and had his connection and site restored. "There are protections for parody," says Valiant, a 36-year-old technology firm manager. "If the school district wants to take me to court, that's fine." The school district did not return a call for comment. AMY JENNIGES

NAACP Presidential Race

Seattle NAACP vice-president Carl Mack is making a run for the NAACP branch's presidency, taking on incumbent Oscar Eason on November 25. The Seattle branch hasn't seen a contested presidential race in over 30 years, but that hasn't dissuaded Mack, who has sent letters to NAACP members outlining his positions. Promising to give the group new energy, the 40-year-old Mack--recently arrested while protesting the fatal shooting of Robert Thomas Sr. by a King County deputy--pledges to create youth chapters, recruit young people as members, and improve relations between the police and the black community. AMY JENNIGES

Police Tow Homeless?

Nearly 30 cars were towed near the Alaskan Way Viaduct last week, sparking speculation of a homeless campsite cleanup--dozens of people live in their cars underneath the span. While police claim the city's Fleets and Facilities Department ordered the tow job, near Royal Brougham Way, Fleets and Facilities spokeswoman Katherine Schubert says her department knows nothing about it. And there's no word whether it had anything to do with a new Seattle Department of Transportation director's "trespass rule" issued last month, which outlined new regulations for the viaduct property. SEAN REID

Frank Frank

In a Friday, November 15 appearance on PBS affiliate KCTS's business program Serious Money, Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen addressed the burgeoning war between his paper and the rival Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Asked if Seattle might become a one-newspaper town, Blethen asserted that it wasn't a question of if: "The question is, when will this market go to one newspaper." SANDEEP KAUSHIK

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