Police Chief's Significant Number

"Got a beef with the police, call the chief." Thus blared a poster tacked up around town this week. The poster depicts a cartoon pig in police uniform beating up a civilian. When I called the number, I reached an angry woman who turned out to be Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske's wife, Anna Laszlo, in her Queen Anne home office. She gave me an earful about how her privacy had been invaded (she says she's gotten at least four calls), and said that the people who printed the poster--which she claimed not to have seen--should be ashamed of their lack of respect for her privacy.

SPD spokesperson Scott Moss, when asked about the chief's reaction to the poster, said, "The chief is aware of that, and is not commenting." No mention of changing Laszlo's phone number yet. MAURICE KING

Way to Go Jamieson!

After we reported that the recently ousted NAACP president, Oscar Eason, was challenging last November's NAACP election (Eason lost to Stranger fave Carl Mack), Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert L. Jamieson Jr. picked up the story.

Jamieson managed to get the former president on the phone--Eason never returns my calls--and grilled him on the matter. After calling our story "erroneous," the ex-prez was forced to admit that 26 people have formally challenged the election. Eason coyly refused to say whether he was one of the challengers. AMY JENNIGES

Fisher Price

Rumor has it that Fisher Communications, the Seattle-based media company that owns radio and television stations including Seattle's KOMO TV, has been sold.

According to several sources at Fisher, Clear Channel, the largest radio station owner in the U.S., will emerge with Fisher's radio stations, including three signals in Seattle. SANDEEP KAUSHIK

Land Grab Follow-Up

On Tuesday, January 21, the Seattle City Council had its first exciting 5-4 vote of 2003. After another drawn-out debate, the council sided with colleague Heidi Wills and decided against selling public property in the Washington Park neighborhood to private landowners ["Land Grab," Jan 16]. AMY JENNIGES

Chop Suey Sold

Chop Suey, the Capitol Hill nightspot located at East Madison Street and 14th Avenue, changed hands on Monday, January 20. Former Chop Suey co-owner Linda Derschang (Linda's Tavern) says Chris Dasef, owner of Pioneer Square's Temple Billiards, bought the hip club. SANDEEP KAUSHIK

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