Sorry Charlie's Saved?

There's hopeful news for drunken opera singers, Billie Holiday impersonators, and sentimental closet crooners. Lower Queen Anne lounge Sorry Charlie's--which is slated to close sometime in June, after nearly 30 years in the neighborhood [Stranger Suggests, Min Liao, May 29]--may be saved. A big club in town is thinking of buying the place and keeping it open. And the club says it wouldn't tamper with Charlie's timeless aesthetic: Howard Bulson tinkling the ivories and gravelly-voiced waitresses slinging low-budget drinks. NANCY DREW

Zak's Closing?

Zak's Fifth Avenue Saloon, the punk rock club near Seattle Center, may be shutting down as early as June 27. According to employees, the club's owner--who bought the bar with lottery winnings a few years ago--didn't pay rent or other bills for several months. "Zak's is being evicted," the club's booker, Brian Foss, wrote in an e-mail to bands last week. Foss, who's planning one last Zak's show on the 27th, has been at Zak's since August after booking at Gibson's. He's says he'll move shows he'd already booked to other venues. The owner of Zak's did not return our call. AMY JENNIGES

Supreme Court Sodomy Ruling

Gays around the country expect a monumental decision from the Supreme Court on Thursday, June 26 (or Monday, June 30): the outcome of Lawrence v. Texas, which challenged Texas' gay-specific sodomy law. The case dealt with both equal protection issues (straight Texans can perform all the sodomy they want) and privacy rights. Whether the court dumps the archaic law or keeps it, gays will mark the day. In Seattle, folks are meeting on the steps of the federal courthouse (Fifth Avenue and Madison Street) at 5:00 p.m. on the day of the verdict, for revolt or celebration. AMY JENNIGES

Monorail Departure

After just six months at her $125,000 job, Seattle Monorail Project design and train systems director Michele Jacobson, a former project manager for major monorail contractor Lea+Elliott, resigned last week for "personal and professional reasons," according to monorail spokesperson Paul Bergman. Bergman says the monorail agency is accelerating a planned transfer of Jacobson's job duties to SMP's construction division, overseen by construction director Tom Horkan. "We're talking to her about working on a consultant basis" with the agency, Bergman says. Asked whether Jacobson's departure was performance-related, Bergman wouldn't comment. ERICA C. BARNETT

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