Pride Showing

It's election season, and politicians were out in force at the June 29 Seattle Pride Parade on Capitol Hill. While nearly every candidate for Seattle City Council was there to shake gay hands, kiss gay babies, and plead for gay votes, it was a presidential candidate who made the biggest impression. Former Vermont governor Howard Dean's contingent--50 strong at first, with another 20 folks joining in along the route--was boisterous, toting "Dean for America" signs along Broadway, and strewing the crowd with thousands of stickers and fliers.

And in the strangest showing, a group dubbed "Pals of Pageler" scooted down Broadway, complete with a Margaret Pageler lookalike waving from the back of a truck. Fake Pageler drank Tab and tossed Pringles at the crowd, who laughed when they realized the joke. No word on whether the real Pageler, several blocks ahead, met her doppelgänger. AMY JENNIGES

Endorsement Exaggeration

Judy Nicastro's extensive endorsement list may not be quite as impressive as it appears. In addition to several people who say they haven't picked sides in the city council incumbent's hotly contested race, the list includes a member of her opponent Robert Rosencrantz's campaign steering committee, someone who sponsored a campaign event for opponent Kollin Min, and Democratic Party campaign coordinator Jason Bennett, who calls Min "a stellar candidate."

Bennett, who works on the House Democratic Campaign Committee, says Nicastro "never asked me for an endorsement." He says Nicastro's campaign hasn't responded to a request that he be taken off her list of supporters. ERICA C. BARNETT

Ballard Buttsex

School's out for the summer at Ballard High School, but there's no telling if the rumored "Buttsex Epidemic" is on hiatus too. According to the rumor, the school's most popular boys were pressuring girls into anal sex, and girls were going along with it to stay in the cool crowd. Apparently, parents got wind of the peer pressure and called the school nurse to inquire about the "epidemic." The school nurse and the school district spokesperson did not return calls. NANCY DREW

Seattle Is So Fucking Annoying

Commenting on former City Attorney Mark Sidran's recent four-day stint as guest host on KIRO radio's Dave Ross show, producer Tina Nole said, "Mark Sidran was very humble, with a self-deprecating kind of humor. He was very Woody Allen to me."

And gosh golly that Noah's Bagels is so ethnic and cosmopolitan, and smart too. Ugh. AVRAM JOSHUA FEIT

KUOW Brouhaha

On Wednesday, June 25, Steve Scher of KUOW 94.9 hosted a morning program on protest etiquette. But the show itself drew protest, from members of the antiwar group Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War (SNOW).

Confusion within SNOW about who would represent protesters during the one-hour discussion led to an angry e-mail exchange between SNOW's Howard Gale and fellow SNOW members, in which Gale--who had prepped for the show after KUOW initially approached him to be on the air--blasted KUOW for its "pervasive unwillingness to have the voices of local activists" on its shows. Scher says Gale told him he wasn't interested in the program the station outlined, and asked two other activists, Ruth Yarrow and Dustin Washington, to take Gale's place. "We'd already made our decision," explains Scher. "We wanted to talk about a larger issue." AMY JENNIGES

Coke Kooks

It's not your kids' fault they're fat--it's the Seattle School District's! That's the message, anyway, from a group of anti-Coke activists who want to get pop machines out of public schools. Arguing that school board members could be held personally liable for encouraging kids to consume sugary soft drinks, the Citizens' Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (CCCS) made a final push Tuesday against the district's exclusive contract with Coca-Cola, set for renewal at the school board meeting on Wednesday. Citing recent "fat lawsuits" against the New York and Los Angeles public school districts, CCCS director Brita Butler-Wall said her organization has been warning school board members for months about "the serious risk to kids" posed by the empty calories in soft drinks. However, Butler-Wall said, her group is "not litigious... I just do not want Seattle public schools to be a poster child for a big lawsuit on soda companies." The Coke contract, which is opposed by a wide variety of interests, brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into the school district's coffers each year. ERICA C. BARNETT

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