City Pays Protesters

On January 16, the city agreed to pay $250,000 to 157 World Trade Organization protesters. The protesters were arrested during 1999's mass demonstrations, even though they were outside the city-designated "no-protest zone."

Attorney Steve Berman, the fella who scored last week's victory, will challenge the legality of the no-protest zone itself before the U.S. Court of Appeals in two weeks. BRIAN WALTON

Choppy Copy

Struggling to stay afloat despite a state budget crisis, Washington State Ferries (WSF) may start selling ad space as soon as April. "We're considering everything from wrapping the boats on the outside to advertising on floors, stairwells, and tabletops," says WSF's Celia Schorr. Starbucks has already expressed interest. NANCY DREW


If it bothers you that Mayor Nickels rounded up money to help new council members pay off their campaign debts--Nickels' December 10 fundraiser on the 66th floor of the Bank of America Tower raised enough dough to pay off nearly 20 percent of Jean Godden's debt--then you should get your ass down to the very same 66th-floor office (701 Fifth Avenue at Fifth and Columbia Street) on Wednesday, January 28, at 6:00 p.m. That's when Bringing Real Integrity Back to Elections--or BRIBE--will hold its own fundraiser. BRIBE, founded by The Stranger's news team, believes the mayor shouldn't download cash into the bank accounts of council members (and that council members shouldn't accept his dough), especially with all the controversial plans Nickels is selling to council. BRIBE wants to buy bus ads that call attention to the chicanery. JOSH FEIT

Code Red

Bush supporters had reason to celebrate on Monday night, January 19. John Kerry's win over grassroots guy Howard Dean was a victory for the establishment wing of the Democratic Party--a wing that has managed to lose control of the House and Senate and White House in recent years. Bush's odds of reelection skyrocketed. Stranger Department of Homeland Security Bush Reelection Alert Level: Code Red. NANCY DREW

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