Bashing Bush

Nearly 100 anti-Bush protesters flocked to the Eastside's ritzy Medina neighborhood to picket President Bush, who was in town Friday, August 13, for a $2,500-a-plate fundraiser at the home of cell-phone magnate William "Gary" Reed Jr.

Protesters, relegated to Medina Park, a quarter mile from the fundraiser itself, realized they had been bamboozled: The Bush motorcade circumvented the park completely.

Aiming to get within earshot of Bush, the protesters headed toward Reed's abode, but were stopped outside of the park by a shield of Seattle police and Secret Service officers. Bush supporters and locals were able to cross the police line, along with anyone willing to lay down their rally signs.

"The First Amendment gives us the right to be seen by who we're protesting," said attorney Paul Richmond, angry that the demonstrators were held back. Richmond is planning to file a claim in federal court against the police and Secret Service. SCOTT BENNETT

Freeing the Market

On August 16, the Washington State Court of Appeals rejected claims by the Fremont Sunday Market's North 34th Street neighbor, Sound Mind and Body gym, that a weekly street closure to accommodate the market was hurting gym business.

According to court documents, the gym claimed it was losing money because the bustling market ate up street parking and blocked club access. But the appeals court pointed out that the tanked economy--not to mention bad publicity when Fremonsters learned the gym was trying to shutter the popular market--was more likely the culprit. AMY JENNIGES

Bashing Sidran

It isn't every day that a crowd of mainstream West Seattle Democrats gets worked up enough to hiss and boo their own elected officials. But that's exactly what the 34th District Dems did during their endorsement meeting last week, when City Attorney Tom Carr and King County Council Member Dow Constantine (who represents the 34th) had the audacity to speak up for former City Attorney Mark Sidran. Sidran is opposing West Seattle fave Deborah Senn for state attorney general. The ruckus got so out of hand, according to one witness, that Carr finally snapped, "Anyone who doesn't think Mark has the same Democratic ideals as me gets all their news from The Stranger." NANCY DREW

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