Drive-by Censorship

Johnny Jackson and Jamie Newman, those bus-driving union dissidents with King County Metro, say their employer is censoring their mail. Jackson and Newman were trying to use the county mail system to urge a few hundred part-time bus drivers to file grievances with their union ("Bus Fair," Oct 14). But supervisors at one transit base near Safeco Field confiscated the mail, claiming the pair had no right to send materials through the service. PHIL CAMPBELL

Renters' Wrongs

Last Thursday, Seattle's city attorneys lost their case against Eileen Court landlord Reyn Yates. The city had accused Yates of imposing retaliatory rent hikes on tenants ("Landlord Retaliation," Sept 9). According to Scott Winn of the Tenant's Union, the decision "shows that the courts will not support tenants in asserting what few legal rights they have." Looks like it's time to organize a Fight Club. ALEXANDRA HOLLY-GOTTLIEB

Uncivil Liberties

Safe Streets and Parks for All, a pro-civility-laws independent expenditure group ("Sidran's Minions," Oct 14), doesn't appear to be very civil. They took out ads supporting Cheryl Chow, Margaret Pageler, Heidi Wills, and Jim Compton because those candidates filled out a questionnaire promising not to repeal Sidran's lovely laws. But Wills' and Pageler's opponents (Charlie Chong and Curt Firestone, respectively) say Safe Streets never even contacted them to solicit opinions. Meanwhile, Chow's opponent, Judy Nicastro, filed an ethics complaint against the group for distorting her answers. ALEXANDRA HOLLY-GOTTLIEB

The Campaigns Get Ugly

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, David Horsey, deserves to be stripped of his honor for the stupid October 24 cartoon he drew depicting opponents of Sidran's civility laws as alcoholics, dope fiends, and granny muggers. Look for next Sunday's visionary cartoon when Horsey takes on uppity Negroes for protesting racial profiling.

* * *

On October 23, a gentleman with recently expired car tabs was pulled over by the SPD and given the following lecture on I-695: "I won't give you a ticket this time, sir, but with I-695 coming up, all the cops will be on the lookout for expired tabs. We're going to have to make that money back somehow. Have a nice day."

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