Marching Orders

According to a press release from the People's Assembly, only one group was denied a marching permit for protesting the WTO conference: the People's Assembly. The group, organized out of the Filipino Community Center, planned to link up with the giant November 30 AFL-CIO march at Fourth and Pine, after doing their own jaunt from Fourth and Jackson. The mayor's office says the permit was denied due to the timing of other marches. NANCY DREW

Outside Agitator Needs Room

At a November 3 meeting between Seattle Central Community College and an anti-WTO group, the People for Fair Trade, SCCC agreed to rent their gym to out-of-town protesters. But a week later the deal was suddenly invalidated by the district chancellor, Peter Ku, who in a controversial memo claimed there were insurance problems that could not be reconciled, and so it was impossible for the protesters to even think about sleeping in their beloved gym. Peter Ku and the president of SCCC, Charles H. Mitchell, were unavailable for comment. CHARLES MUDEDE

My Own Private Nordstrom

Nordstrom is reaching out to its favorite people. The Seattle-based chain invited some special customers to the downtown store on Tuesday, November 16. The invitees got the store all to themselves between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. According to Nordstrom spokesperson Paula Stanley, the "private shopping event" was a way to thank Nordstrom regulars who spend the most money at the store -- the top five percent. ALEXANDRA HOLLY-GOTTLIEB

More Outside Agitators Need Rooms

The city has set aside designated protest areas for anti-WTO activists to spend the day, but according to City Council Member Nick Licata, the city is falling short on its responsibility to help folks find a place to spend the night. In a November 22 letter to Mayor Schell, Licata says the city should use public facilities to house the army of protest kids coming to town. Indeed, anti-WTO organizers like the People for Fair Trade -- who are bringing thousands to Seattle -- told Licata that they don't have housing for as many as 500 people. There's more where that came from: The WTO conference could draw as many as 50,000 protesters to town. Licata's letter asks the mayor to use city facilities for emergency housing. JOSH FEIT

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