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The Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID), a proposed taxing district that encompasses the Puget Sound region, won a change from Olympia this week allowing it to go to a single ballot with Sound Transit. The amendment will force pro-transit voters to make a Hobson's choice: Voting yes on Sound Transit would mean approving the road-heavy RTID; voting no on RTID would mean rejecting Sound Transit. The RTID includes virtually no transit and no money for road or transit maintenance or preservation. ERICA C. BARNETT


Friday morning, local activists Derek Low and Anity Lumper wrapped 17 Occidental Square tree trunks in paper, each one inscribed with an objection to the looming park improvement project, such as: "Cutting down life is not going to improve light."

By Friday afternoon the posters were torn down, and by the end of the month the trees will be gone, too. Also doomed: the square's distinctive cobblestones and pergola.

The project has polarized Pioneer Square—those who are nostalgic about the park versus those who believe the space should be yupdated. Guess which side Mayor Greg Nickels is on? (Hint: It's the one with the chainsaws.) THOMAS FRANCIS