Nix Your Booty

In the end, it seems, it won't be the grumpy state liquor board or the unconstitutional added activities statute that takes down the best hiphop club in the city. It may be a yuppie health spa.

The 700 Club, at Seventh and Virginia, had been under attack from the state for several years--the business had the temerity to mix music and booze. It wasn't until local civil rights attorney David Osgood won a federal district court case against the added activities law last year that people could shake their booties in peace.

However, on July 1, the club will be temporarily displaced until at least December by construction for a swanky health spa slated to move in on the building's top floors.

With the new Nordstrom corporate headquarters going in at Seventh and Stewart, and upscale condos slated for Sixth and Westlake, 700 Club owner Chris Clifford is nervous about the future of his club. "Am I going to be priced out?" he asks. "I guess I'm not surprised. The neighborhood is changing."

Clifford says Nordstrom family money is behind the new spa, but spa owner Peter Shmock says, "That would be completely inaccurate." JOSH FEIT

For the Record

Prominent local black leaders have complained about the lack of African Americans holding key positions in the Seattle Police Department. How valid are their claims?

No one has yet to produce any hard numbers, so The Stranger made a records request to the SPD. Keep in mind that the department should at least reflect the city's black population, which stood at 10 percent, according to the 1990 U.S. Census.

· Out of 1,068 police officers (the lowest rank), 109 are African American (10 percent).

· Out of 145 sergeants, 14 are African American (9.6 percent).

· Out of 42 lieutenants, three are African American (7 percent).

· Out of 16 captains, two are African American (12.5 percent).

The lower ranks reflect a fair ratio of black to non-black officers, and it underscores some opportunity that African Americans have for future mobility. The current fear, however, is about the present. All five assistant chiefs are white, and interim Police Chief Herb Johnson is a big Caucasian. PHIL CAMPBELL

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