Republican Attack

Republican King County Council Member Pete von Reichbauer is pushing an initiative that would make the positions of county council member and county executive nonpartisan.

It's no wonder a Republican would push an initiative to hide a candidate's Republican status in heavily democratic King County.

Proof the idea is a GOP ploy: Citizens for Independent Government (the group pushing the initiative) has collected $145,000 and, according to finance records, more than 90 percent of the money comes from three big GOP donors: George Rowley, John Stanton, and John Hennessy.

For example, dating back to 2002, Rowley's donations have included $8,000 to Dino Rossi, $172,250 to the Washington State Republican Party, and $60,000 to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Given all the money these guys have thrownaway trying to elect Republicans, this initiative seems like a wiser investment. JOSH FEIT

Racist Attack

King County has filed hate-crime charges against two men who allegedly attacked an African-American man at North 85th Street and Aurora Avenue North on March 23.

According to court documents, Jason Roan and Richard Miles, both white, approached Terrell Johnson, 25—who is black—and asked if he knew where they could buy crack. Johnson asked the men to leave. Things escalated, and Miles and Johnson began to fight.

Documents says Roan attacked Johnson with a beer bottle and shouted, "Come on nigger, I'm going to kill ya," and told witnesses, "It's okay because I'm white and he is a nigger!"

Johnson was taken to Harborview, where doctors had to use staples to close a three-inch gash in his head.

Roan and Miles are being held on $250,000 bail. JONAH SPANGENTHAL-LEE