Lightning Storm

Although it's been a dismal season for Seattle's WNBA troop (the b-ball team was in last place in the Western Conference as the regular season came to an end this week), the Storm turned in the biggest win in its history on August 8, blowing out the four-time defending WNBA champ Houston Comets 72-55 at the KeyArena.

The amazing win came on the outstanding play of 5'10'' Michelle Marciniak, who was making her first start as the Storm's point guard. Lightning-quick Marciniak ran circles around her taller opponents, dishing off five assists, burying three critical three-pointers (she went three for five from downtown), grabbing six rebounds, three steals, and finishing with 13 points.

The Storm was heading into its final game of the season as we went to press. Hopefully, Coach Lin Dunn had the good sense to start Michelle Marciniak. NANCY DREW


City council incumbents Jan Drago and Richard McIver are spending their campaign time telling neighborhood Democratic activists that challengers Curt Firestone and Grant Cogswell are dreaded Greens.

At the 46th District endorsement meeting, for example, Democratic state Senator Ken Jacobsen spent the majority of his speech (ostensibly about McIver) blasting monorail guy Cogswell for supporting (gasp!) Ralph Nader.

Meanwhile, over at the 36th District meeting, Drago handed out fliers practically Commie-baiting Firestone. "Don't let the Green party convince you. It's obvious what they are trying to do. Let's face it: Jan Drago is a Democrat, Curt Firestone is a Green." JOSH FEIT

The Monorail Is Coming

The three monorail public hearings have come and gone, but you have until August 21 to phone or e-mail your thoughts to the Elevated Transportation Company, the organization created by voters to present a monorail plan next year.

The ETC recently identified possible monorail routes and station locations. Check out color graphs and pictures of the routes at PAT KEARNEY

Curley Update

Terry Murphy, a former Evening Magazine producer, filed a declaration in U.S. District Court on July 31 supporting former Evening Magazine producer Lowell Deo's claims that KING TV and Evening host John Curley discriminated against him. ["Creepy Curley," Pat Kearney, July 5].

Curley's and KING's lawyers contend that Murphy's recent declaration and Deo's lawsuit "lack foundation" and are nothing but "hearsay." PAT KEARNEY

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