Local Antiwar Ad Nixed

The antiwar ad made by Exit Light Productions on behalf of Independent Filmmakers Against the War, a locally based group, will not be appearing on local television screens. Slated to run more than 500 times over the next month on Millennium Digital Media, which reaches more than 60,000 subscribers locally [see More War News, March 20], the ad was pulled at the last minute by the cable company, which cited the fact that the ad's images--a man strapped with explosives near the Space Needle--might be disturbing to children, according to John Polnick of Exit Light, who made the ad (Millennium did not return several calls). SANDEEP KAUSHIK

Anti-Semites Oppose the War

On Saturday, March 22, antiwar protesters outside Seattle's Federal Building were joined by a group of six to eight well-dressed and neatly coifed individuals--"they looked like Mormons who just walked out of church," one eyewitness relates--who marched through the throng bearing matching "No More Wars for Israel" signs. The group handed out leaflets attacking the "Israeli-owned media" and directing people to anti-Semitic and white supremacist websites.

Apparently they have some real opportunities to win adherents from the antiwar movement. Over ensuing days, at the Seattle Independent Media Center website, a debate erupted between those who rejected the anti-Semites as "fascists," (though of course they condemned Zionism and Israeli policies) and those who saw no problem with welcoming the anti-Semites as antiwar comrades. SANDEEP KAUSHIK

Boeing Picketed-- in Missouri

On Sunday, March 23, an antiwar protest outside the gates of a Boeing plant led to 14 arrests. The plant was in St. Charles, Missouri. Boeing builds the guidance systems for the U.S. military's smart bombs at the Missouri facility and protesters engaging in civil disobedience blocked the plant's gates for two hours in the hopes of preventing weapons systems from exiting the complex. SANDEEP KAUSHIK

Rachel Corrie Remembered

Rachel Corrie's boyfriend, Stefan Villkatt, flew in from Sweden to attend her memorial service at the Evergreen State College gym on Saturday, March 22. Villkatt and Corrie met in the Gaza Strip, where both had been working against Israeli occupation.

Wearing a kaffiyeh, the traditional Arab cloth headdress, Villkatt described Corrie as having been "martyred," and said: "We are all Palestinians now, and we refuse to live on our knees." ELI SANDERS

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