"Find Your Love"

by Drake

(Young Money/Cash Money)

One of the weirdest things I've seen all year occurred late at night on Centric, the cable network formerly known as BET Jazz; in its new incarnation, it puts a knowingly kitschy gloss on decades-old network leftovers, aiming for a relationship to BET similar to what Nick at Nite's once was to UHF-channel syndication. Between a winking omnibus ad for Miami Vice and The A-Team reruns, there was a spot for the new Drake album, which was dated in a different, more stilted way. The semicutting voice-over ("The most anticipated album... from the most anticipated artist of the year... DRAKE... Thank Me Later") was like something you'd expect in a similar ad from some humorless gangsta, circa 1998. It was so jarring, it made me laugh out loud: the "hard" sell, for the softest rapper in years.

"Soft" isn't in itself an insult, at least not coming from me. "Weenie-ish" is, though, and that's what Drake's persona trades on, from the teeth-grind-inducing title of his album on down. "Find Your Love" sounds less like the musings of a sensitive guy than it does the sound of a guy patting himself on the back for being so sensitive; "Too many times/I've been wrong/I guess being right/Takes too long" isn't growing pains so much as pure entitlement, and "I'm more than just a number/I doubt you'll find another" makes him sound like an outright dick. Especially when he sings it in a voice that deserves to stay in the shower, however much vocal processing it's dusted with. There isn't much better proof of how bad an influence Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak has had on pop. Drake may have initially made his name as an actor on Degrassi, but the TV character he's most reminiscent of is Eddie Haskell.


by Madvillain

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Naturally, the first all-new track in six years from indie-rap superteam MF Doom and Madlib is the definition of blink-and-you'll-miss-it: not just because it's 1:45 long, loops obscure German rock, features Doom as inscrutable as usual, and contains no hook, but because it sneaked out as part of a car company's song-a-week web freebie series, rather than on iTunes. "Papermill" is fine, but it sounds strangely stranded, like it's waiting for an album to contain and make sense of it. recommended

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