by SiS
(Sei Es Drum)

Two years ago, Ricardo Villalobos released "Fizheuer Zieheuer," his magnum opus in the sense that it goes on even longer and unfolds even more gradually than his other endless, gradually unfolding tracks and remixes. "Fizheuer" floated a pair of horn parts—filched from a Serbian group called Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic—over, under, through, and around one another on top of a simple beat for nearly 37 minutes. The track (released as an album by Playhouse, rounded out by a nearly as long alternate mix titled "Fizbeast") was a line in the sand, a statement of intent—others may do this sort of thing, but no one else will take it as seriously or as far as Villalobos. As with most such statements, "Fizheuer" was either an object of adoration or something you rolled your eyes at, in theory as much as practice.

Yet what "Fizheuer" has inspired most noticeably in its wake isn't more subtlety but a handful of big bangers, most obviously last summer's "Heater" by Samim (on Get Physical), in which an accordion lick replaced Villalobos's meshing, colliding horns at center stage. Now along comes Santiago-bred producer Burak Sar, aka SiS, foregrounding a huffing-and-puffing horn line (borrowed from New York's Mediterranean fusionists Balkan Beat Box) and turning it into irresistible bubblegum minimal. And in a way even "Heater" didn't, "Trompeta" grabs you by the lapels and doesn't let go, even when the horns switch gears midway from rhythmic tattoo to gliding, fluttering melody. The label putting it out belongs to Villalobos, naturally.

"Chemical Chords"
by Stereolab

This starts like rolling, mod-era Brit-soul, an organ flourish boldly declaiming itself to the world—and then, because this is Stereolab and not, say, Mark Ronson, it gets stuck in gear, on purpose, and stays there, adding strings to deepen its static groove. Absolutely lovely and completely inscrutable like many a Stereolab song, but this one operates on a far grander scale than usual.

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"Corona & Lime"
by Shwayze

From Malibu, a videogenically amiable longhair who wears a fedora. Heeee jes' wanna flyyy. Put yuh ahms aroun' 'im, baby. Put yuh ahms aroun' 'im, baby.