Despite the fact that local club owners have become hip to Capitol Hill's burgeoning new venue, Chop Suey, as a hot space, the possible buyout I mentioned in last week's column did not go down. I'm glad to hear that. It takes a while for the staff and ownership team of a new space to get their bearings, and it seems like the whole experience has brought a tighter dedication among the ranks. And if last week was any indication, Chop Suey is gaining steam. Case in point: Summer Lovin', DJ Cherry Canoe's ultra-fun dance night, whose "beautiful people" blew away the supposed "best looking crowd in town" title formerly boasted by the kids who dress up for the club's Wednesday night Britpop-themed Parklife. The hot event, held on Thursday, June 20, ushered in summer with a sexed-up, sweaty night of debauchery--or near-debauchery for some, I should say (ahem). Canoe started it off with her excellent mix of rock and punk, then DJ French Fillup (a.k.a. Jared from Tight Bros From Way Back When and Karp) spun steamy soul as he modeled a new, clean-cut 'do. No neck scarf, no booshy hair--my, my, my, he was downright understated. Distinguished, even. Then DJs WP2K (my new faves) put the hot into everybody's pants with a full frenzy cross-genre assault. A make-out mob scene was goin' on, and I'm sure plenty of folks went home and did what they couldn't get away with on the floor, to hell with Friday-morning alarms. And did I mention that the drink special was "Cheap Dicks" beer?


Then on Friday night, the same club blew out the Solstice with the ear-ringing lineup of New Luck Toy, Popular Shapes, and the Catheters. If you haven't seen New Luck Toy, do so immediately. They're the shit, even if that singer is so tall that from any vantage point he appears to be leering at you. And though the adorable drummer is no bigger than minute, she keeps everyone tight as a drum onstage. She's the boss, for sure. And speaking of size, upon meeting me for the first time, please refrain from blurting out, "Well, no offense, but I pictured you way different. I thought you'd be fat and kinda ugly." Girls can say it and I'll forgive simply because we've all been there, and we recognize the motivation behind such remarks. But guys--cut that shit out. Seriously. I'll be the one to reveal the inner opinions around here, thank you very much.

Opinions hurt, apparently, if the 20 Miles show is any indication: Despite Judah Bauer's working the Cha Cha, shaking hands and passing out flyers, less than 10 paying customers attended his show at the Croc on Friday.

Then Sunday night, the sweetest man in the world, Guided By Voices' Bob Pollard, made it all okay again. The show at the Showbox was great, packed with hits and hilarity. He made fun of Sub Pop, he scanned the crowd and pointed out fake celebrities, including Steve Albini and "that guy from the Dandy Warhols," and he told the crowd that even though the band can't have glass bottles onstage (re: the infamous 1997 Showbox incident when a fan got his head bloodied by a flying Budweiser), he'd still crack someone's head with a can. GBV even covered the Who's "Bargain." But best of all, as I got up to go home, he announced to the entire backstage party, "Ladies and gentlemen, that's what 38 should look like." I love ya, Bob.