BOOTS, about $600.

Lui says she thinks they're by a brand called Barbara and that she purchased them online, but she's not sure. She owns over 100 pairs of shoes.

JEANS by Corleone, $250.

Like most of Lui's wardrobe, the jeans were purchased in another city. "It was a store in Pasadena I think," she said. Lui buys most of her clothes—and a lot of her 1-year-old daughter's clothes—in and around Los Angeles. She flies there three or four times a year, usually on Alaska Airlines, which recently announced that it had fallen, in customer satisfaction surveys, to number nine of 17 airlines. It had been number one in 2001. That place is now held by JetBlue.

HANDBAG by Chanel, about $300 at a store in Los Angeles (location unknown).

This purse is one of 15 items by Chanel that Lui owns. This handbag is small enough to wear when she is carrying her child, who, according to Lui looks good in jeans and pink dresses. "I want to try out different styles with her now," Lui said. "Before she gets older and tells me what she won't wear."

FUR COAT by Yves Salomon, about £900 (which was $1,578.46 when Jackie bought it in early March and $1,557.01 at press time) at Harrods (87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, 020 7730 1234).

Lui isn't sure what kind of animal her coat is made of. "Rabbit?" I asked. "Maybe." Mink? "Maybe." Squirrel? "Maybe." She bought the mystery hide while visiting friends on her way back from Cairo, where her husband has an office that has something to do with "mobile blogging," or blogging from cell phones, a popular pastime in Asia and Europe. Is mobile blogging popular in Egypt? "No, the labor's just cheaper there."

CASHMERE TURTLENECK, about $60. This shirt is the only part of Lui's ensemble purchased in Seattle, probably at Nordstrom (500 Pine St, 628-2111).