Ladies, when it comes to S-E-X, my hubby Joey is one pain in the patoot. And so naive! On our honeymoon, I put on a little red see-through nightie, slip beneath the silk sheets of our bed, and wait for Joey as he paces around the room. I wait... and wait... and wait, and finally I say, "Hey Joey, why don't you come to bed?" And he tells me, "No thanks! My mother said this would be the most exciting night of my life, and I don't want to miss a minute of it!" Well, we finally consummate the marriage, and afterward, Joey looks down and asks, "Judy, am I the first man to make love to you?" I think about it for a second, and say, "No, I'm sure I would have recognized you."

But let me level with you, girls! Sex doesn't improve with age! Last week after Joey and I made whoopee, he rolled over and asked, "Honey, was that good for you?" And I told him, "Are you kidding? That wasn't good for anybody." Last summer we were driving to the ranch where we spent our honeymoon, and passed by the fence where we once made whoopee. I say, "Sweetheart! Let's do the same thing we did here 20 years ago." So we do! He backs me up against the fence, and we make love like we never had before. Back in the car, Joey says, "Baby, that was tops. You never moved like that 20 years ago!" And I tell him, "Bubby... 20 years ago the fence wasn't electrified!"