Armed with only an acoustic guitar, a conversational singing voice, a well-seasoned brain, and a heart as big as God’s ego, Kimya Dawson makes music that will hit you where you live and crack your shit up. Today at Town Hall, Dawson delves into the kid-friendly segment of her songbook (see 2008’s alphabetically scatological Alphabutt), for a family-friendly morning show. If you only know Kimya from her contributions to the Juno soundtrack, do yourself a favor and see this uniquely great Great American Songwriter live, where she shines like a shy sun. (Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave,, 11 am–noon, free for kids 12 and under/$5 for adults with children/$25 for unaccompanied adults)

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Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.