Does electronic music's endlessly fracturing list of subgenres make your head spin? Try cataloguing all the titles bestowed on U.K. junglist/DJ/producer GROOVERIDER. Let's see, there's "founding father," "living legend," "maestro," and, the perennial favorite, "the don of drum 'n' bass." Ironically, no one seems to know the man's God-given name. During his 12-year tenure in the London dance music scene, what's-his-face has racked up an impressive set of credentials: he discovered the jungle poster boy known as Goldie; he founded the well-respected Prototype label; and, with longtime cohort Fabio, he's helmed radio shows on London's acclaimed KISS-FM and Radio One. All of this is a longer way of saying the man is the shit. Both he and Fabio will be making their maiden voyage into our scene tonight. You'd best be there. Thurs March 11,

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