You can catch those infamous lips
March 8-14 at the Moore (1932 Second Ave, 292-ARTS, $20-$30)
or on Roseanne reruns every afternoon at 3.

The irascible SANDRA BERNHARD breaks from her hectic schedule of studying ancient Hebrew mysticism and nursing her "Fuck you, Madonna, I've got one, too!" baby to bring her newest hit show/desperate cry for attention, I'm Still Here... Damn It! to the Moore Theater for a week-long stint. Last year the multi-media maven, known for her sarcastic Jewish American Princess/fashion victim status and rabble-rousing mouth, ascended from the backwater off-Broadway podunk circuit all the way up to the glamorous Great White Way, where she earned stellar reviews for this one-woman melange of song, stand-up, and kvetching. Now she brings it to our little backwater podunk, gracing us with such classics as "Courtney Love," "Mama's Getting Hot" and "Ro-mance and Drugs."

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