MONDAY, JUNE 11 This week of goth stalkers, multitasking Scientologists, and glorious legal victories kicks off with some brilliant news, as today a Georgia judge voided the mandatory 10-year prison sentence of Genarlow Wilson, the former honor student and high-school football star ordered to spend a decade behind bars for engaging in consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was a 17-year-old boy. Outrage over Wilson's arbitrarily harsh sentence was immediate, vast, and impressively reasonable: As the Associated Press reports, "Wilson's sentence was criticized as too severe even by members of the jury that convicted him and the author of the 1995 law that put him behind bars." (Adding arbitrary insult to injury: Georgia's since-voided penalties against "sodomy"; had Wilson and the girl been caught having vaginal rather than oral sex, he would have faced just one year in prison.) As it is, Wilson, now 21, has been imprisoned for over two years—a fact characterized as "a grave miscarriage of justice" by Judge Thomas H. Wilson (no relation), who today threw out Wilson's 10-year sentence, amending it to misdemeanor aggravated child molestation with a 12-month sentence and credit for time served. Upon learning of her son's imminent release, Wilson's mother, Juannessa Bennett, told the AP, "I just feel like a miracle happened." The feeling won't last long: Soon after the sentence voiding, Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker announced his appeal of the decision, citing the judge's lack of authority to overturn the conviction and keeping Wilson behind bars for now. Stay tuned.

TUESDAY, JUNE 12 In much less news, nothing happened today, unless you count a pair of Hot Tips involving public transit and oral hygiene. First comes Hot Tipper Richard: "While waiting for the number 10 bus at Third and Pike, I saw a man brushing his teeth and spitting in the bus-shelter trash can. He didn't have a cup of water or anything. I thought he was done, but then he sat down next to me and continued brushing and spitting, only without any toothpaste. It was yucky, but at least he's brushing his teeth." True, and Richard got off easy compared to Hot Tipper Eclectic: "While riding the 101 bus from Skyway to downtown, I watched this mousy-looking skinny woman acting all kinds of crazy. First she was playing air guitar, during which she stopped to assure me that she wasn't 'spanking her monkey.' She then pulled out a tube of toothpaste and proceeded to brush her teeth with her finger. While doing this, she looked at my 3-year-old daughter and said, 'It's important to brush your teeth. Keep 'em clean or you'll lose 'em'—at which point she pulled out her dentures and showed them to my horrified and disgusted toddler. Thanks for listening."

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 The week continues with a creepy tale of vampires, freaks, and alleged goth stalking from the wilds of Bothell, courtesy of KING 5 News. At the center of the scandal:, the website that King County detectives say served as a stalking ground for alleged internet predator Sean MacMartin, the 30-year-old Bothell man who stands charged with five counts of third-degree child rape involving girls between the ages of 13 and 14. As investigators told KING 5, MacMartin cruised the vampire-freaks website under a "goth persona" alternately identified as Soroth, Darklord, and Soth. Once online, Soroth/Darklord/Soth would ingratiate himself with young girls, several of whom agreed to meet him at his Bothell home, reportedly believing the then-29-year-old MacMartin to be in his late teens or early 20s. According to police, a number of underage girls had sex with MacMartin willingly, but at least one is crying rape. In court papers, one 14-year-old alleged victim describes how "Soth" convinced her to drink wine, bit her neck, then held her down and raped her. Despite the bevy of child-rape charges, MacMartin remains free after posting a half-million-dollar bail. Again, stay tuned.

THURSDAY, JUNE 14 In much, much better news, today brought a gloriously heartening legal triumph in Massachusetts, where today the state legislature struck down a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, protecting Massachusetts's status as the only state to legalize same-sex marriage and sending supporters of equal marriage rights into well-deserved raptures. "It's hard not to weep," writes veteran marriage-equality warrior Andrew Sullivan. "Two decades ago, marriage for gays was a pipe dream. Some of us were ridiculed for even thinking of the idea. And yet here we are. Past the vicious attack from the president, past the cynical manipulation by Rove, past the cowardice of so many Democrats, past the rank hypocrisy of the Clintons, past the inertia of the Human Rights Campaign, past the false dawn in San Francisco, and the countless, countless debates and speeches and books and articles and op-eds. Yes, we have much more to do. Yes, we still have to win over those who see our loves as somehow destructive of the families we seek merely to affirm. Yes, we don't have federal recognition of our basic civic equality. Yes, in many, many states, we have been locked out of equality for a generation, because of the politics of fear and backlash. But look how far we've come. From a viral holocaust to full equality—somewhere in America, in the commonwealth where American freedom was born. In two decades. This is history. What a privilege to have witnessed it."

FRIDAY, JUNE 15 The week continues with the aforementioned multitasking Scientologist, reported by Hot Tipper Anna in a thrilling real-time narrative: "I'm in the ladies' room in my office building. In the next stall, there is a woman talking on her cell phone. She starts peeing and doesn't skip a beat. Then she mentions that she e-mailed her formulas and thoughts to this person's attention at, then proceeds to take a noisy dump while continuing to talk about whatever phase of Scientology she and her husband are in. Lucky for me, I only had to pee and was out of there before I started to vomit."

•• Speaking of poop: Last week, Last Days was thrilled to report Hot Tipper Larry's sighting of a wanking hippie at the June 6 concert by the reunited Police. We were less than thrilled when we realized we'd misidentified Hot Tipper Larry as Hot Tipper Jeff. "Who the fuck is Hot Tipper Jeff??" wrote a rightfully indignant Hot Tipper Larry. As we told Larry, Hot Tipper Jeff is the name of the two-by-four we use to hit ourselves in the face when we fuck up like this. Apologies to Hot Tipper Larry (and condolences to all the reunited Police who aren't Sting).

SATURDAY, JUNE 16 Nothing happened today, unless you count the Fremont Solstice Parade, the Central District's Juneteenth celebration, or the cancer-fighting Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Hurrah for nude hippies and emancipated slaves, boo for breast and all other cancers.

SUNDAY, JUNE 17 The week ends with Father's Day. To celebrate, Last Days offers this haiku for our own dad.

Beloved father

You paid my way through college

We have the same head

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