EDITOR: My name is Faye the Tattooed Psychic. Your sweet little reporter gave my show a great review [Theater News, Brendan Kiley, March 22]; however, he said that I called myself a "boozer." I never use the word "boozer." I said I "had a wild life." I am not an ex- "boozer," as he so gracefully put it, so I would appreciate it if you would correct that statement. I could care less if you call me overweight or heavily tattooed—that is ridiculous anyway—but calling me an ex-boozer is where I draw the line and I am confused as to why that lie was printed in your paper. Are you really proud of attacking your local artists like you do? It is sad that what once used to be a paper that supported Seattle's alternative art scene has turned into a ridiculous joke and attacks people when they have done no research on the people they are attacking.


BRENDAN KILEY RESPONDS: My mistake. I could've sworn Faye said she was a recovering alcoholic in her show—I even wrote "alcoholic" in my notes. Turns out I was confused. During the show, Faye said her mother was an alcoholic, and that she herself had lived a "wild life." We talked it out. We're friends now.


EDITOR: Unbelievable. We have such a positive hiphop movement in our city and all Andrew Matson can do is try to tear it down ["The Razor's Edge?" March 22]. Trying to say that Seattle has an inferiority complex is nothing more than pseudointellectual music-critic posturing. Anyone who attends local hiphop shows knows that there is nothing but love for all our local acts, especially Blue Scholars and the Mass Line family. Trying to suggest that because Rawkus records epitomized a certain movement in hiphop it cannot/should not continue is plain ignorant.

Paul Cantu


ANDREW MATSON: I appreciate all criticism and I'm always interested in hearing what folks have to say. But I'm not sure what the point of your article was—to blame us for the lack of exposure given to your favorite gangsta rapper (while writing for a publication that may be one of the biggest offenders)? To say that trying to reach an audience outside of the city is hurting the scene (conveniently no mention of some of our best and brightest signing to Rhymesayers or the hundreds of local gangsta rappers who flood their albums with guest appearances)? Say what you mean.

If you're not feeling what we do as artists, then cool. The feeling is mutual. But to cloak it all in gossip and conjecture about our role in "the scene" is garbage, homey. You know a fraction of what you think you know. So if you're trying to get my attention, then congratulations. But if you're genuinely about building the scene and moving this shit forward, then get at me for some real dialogue.

Geo, Blue Scholars


HEY ANDREW MATSON: I just wanted to write and say awesome job on the [Blue Scholars] article; I've shared the same opinion about the Rawkus deal and have been met with much negativity for it, so your article offers some vindication for me and my seemingly unpopular opinion of their business deals of late. Keep up the great work.

DJ Nphared


DEAR EDITOR: In Jen Graves's print article on Matthew Kangas ["Critical Mess," March 8], I am noted as Alden Mason's "current dealer." On your website, this has been clarified by noting that I am Mason's "former dealer." While that might be true, it would be more true to say that I am Mason's former dealer twice removed, as he has been represented by three other galleries in Seattle since he left my gallery in 1996. While I greatly enjoyed the 13 years I represented Mason, he is currently and ably represented in Seattle by Foster/White Gallery.

Greg Kucera


DEAR KYLE MILLS (6 MONTHS): I hope somebody reads this letter to you, because I want you to know that you are not alone [New Column, March 22]. I, too, miss pussy. However, as a grown-up you will get to chase tail as much or as little as you please. But, trust me, enjoy the tit! Not every woman will let you suck on her boobies just because you cry. Stop acting like such a fucking baby and just be grateful for what you have.



HEY: Thank you for easing many frustrations across the Seattle metropolis. With your newly revised web presence I've found the Restaurant and Event listing portal on the top right of your site to be über useful! I used to scan site after site (Stranger, Weekly, Times, etc.) for the information, but your layout has made finding a function simple.

Brad Howell