HEY, JENNIFER: I thought I was the only person in Seattle who knows who Peter Sarsgaard "one of the hottest fucking things on the planet" is [Stranger Suggests, Jennifer Maerz, Aug 19]. You see, I was friends in high school with him (Fairfield Prep, Fairfield, Connecticut, Class of 1989). We had some English and history classes together. He may have been in my Ancient Greek class, too, I can't remember. I would check my yearbooks. I don't remember him being involved with drama or acting back then, at least not at the school. I do remember he lived right next door to the campus, and used to brag about setting his alarm for 10 minutes before homeroom every morning. I'm glad he's doing well, although I was a little jealous when he was dating Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Matt Wilemski

STRANGERS: You briefly touched on it, but failed to adequately emphasize the central distinguishing feature of the movie Ju-on [On Screen, Andy Spletzer, Aug 12]. This would be a more appropriate warning for those going to see the flick: This movie has no plot. None of Ju-on's characters get more than 10 minutes of screen time, and the time they get is all spent going insane or being killed, so there's no character development either.

So with no characters and no plot, what do you have left? A director trying to come up with every conceivable way a ghost could getcha. It just gets alternately funny and tedious after a while. I think this movie was made to be a drinking game. A shot whenever the dead kid shows up, two whenever someone gets killed, blah, blah, etc.

Christopher Shelton

TO THE EDITOR: I read with bemusement Charles Mudede's statement "one can't help but see women as a class of human beings who are under constant attack" [Police Beat, Aug 5]. Why? Because it's a perfect example of the difference between a man's experience of the world and a woman's.

I'm a fairly attractive woman in her 30s who is rarely seen in makeup or a skirt. It's not that I don't like to wear makeup or skirts, it's that I know that the likelihood I'll be verbally harassed, aggressively propositioned, or even followed rises sharply if I'm wearing a skirt. I am aware of my surroundings at all times and am careful about where I walk and when. Most straight men I know have absolutely no concept of what this is like.

Most women learn young that we have to watch what we're doing or we could get hurt. The ones that don't learn it GET hurt. Or burned. Or maimed. Or raped. Or killed. It's all over the news every fucking day. How can you possibly be surprised?

DEAR STRANGER: Damn I miss your newspaper! I moved from Seattle to D.C. three years ago, and I still miss your biting wit.

Anyway, as a Washington State native, I'd love to recommend my former hometown as a Road Trip site. Randle, located in Lewis County, begs to be written about. The nightlife at the Big Bottom Tavern, is a reason enough for the trip. And it's only two hours away from Seattle.

Just a suggestion. Keep the faith. And thanks for being online!

Cecilia Brady

ron sims on

gay marriage
DEAR EDITOR: I'd like to offer an update on the status of the marriage equality case now headed for the State Supreme Court.

Everyone, it seems, knows someone--a friend, a partner, a colleague--who will be affected by the resolution of Andersen v. Sims. As the person who stood with those brave couples in April as their license applications were turned down and invited their lawsuit, I believe our strategy of using the law to change the law has been very effective.

The ruling on August 4th by Judge William Downing was a giant step on the path to recognizing this basic civil right. The case is in the process of being appealed to the State Supreme Court for its final arbitration. Immediately following the ruling, I asked the King County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney to submit the appeal. I expect all the paperwork to be filed well before the September 13th deadline.

From the beginning, our strategy has been to move this matter of civil rights swiftly to its proper courtroom venue. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office and plaintiffs are working cooperatively to iron out procedural issues and ensure that the case is presented, on its merits, to the State Supreme Court. Given the state and national implications of this case, a thorough vetting of the technical issues is essential.

I support these courageous couples striving for marriage equality, despite my role as defendant. Like Judge Downing, I believe that the state's "Defense of Marriage Act" is unjust and unconstitutional.

Soon the state's highest court will hear arguments and make its ruling. As someone who has witnessed the struggle for civil rights throughout my life, I am confident that justice will prevail.


Ron Sims

King County Executive

DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS: Hannah Levin incorrectly referred to the manager for the Turn-Ons and the Divorce as "Christian Dowager" ["Biting the Big Apple," Aug 19]. Christian's actual surname is Quilici.