TO NATE LIPPENS: I just read your article "All That for Nothing" [Dec 2] and am sitting here at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face. Everything you said in your article was 100 percent on the mark. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for the lack of respect that I have had for myself in my 12 years out of the closet and more importantly for the lack of respect that I have had for my community. I hope every gay man in this city reads this article and wakes the fuck up! Even if AIDS is "manageable" what about the next bug out there that we don't know about?!

Thank you for making me think. I cannot change my past behavior or that of my friends that I have lost to HIV and drugs, but I can change my future behavior. This article has motivated me to be apathetic no more.

Rich Boswell

that's not funny
TO DAVID SCHMADER: After reading your article "End It" [Nov 18], I finished it thinking that you need to end your career as a "writer." You obviously have no regard for those who have committed suicide, are thinking about committing suicide, or those who have lost someone to suicide. Did you know that a 12-year-old girl jumped off the 12th Avenue bridge this year? Suicide is not a joke and to write an article about where one can find a last meal close to their final destination should have you writing a letter of apology to all those who read your piece. You are an ignorant man.

Robinette Struckel

that's not right
HELLO: I'm a Seattleite living in Minneapolis. I was interested to read Jennifer Vogel's piece "Fuck the Burbs" [Nov 25], as it was a reflection on life in Minneapolis for people in Seattle. Only it wasn't a reflection on life in Minneapolis at all. The "fearful, angry, awful, isolated burbs"? Are you kidding? Minneapolis has some of the most well-educated, public-education-loving "burbs" in the nation. If you cared to read the local newspapers, Jennifer, you'd see that many [suburban] voters, of independent political allegiance, were turned off from the unorganized and vengeful campaign for Kerry run by people who, like you, shoved their political message down people's throats--alienating independent voters who were lead to equate the Kerry campaign with views like your hateful, stereotypical, and uneducated view of reality in Minnesota.

David Gasperino

TO ANNIE WAGNER: Your reviews ["Three Plays You'll Want to Miss," Dec 2] about those three theater productions sucking, sucked. Your analytical crap spewage was nothing more than text vomit to appease your self-perceived-angst cultured readers. Smell the roses growing from the steaming compost.

Jano Bwin see you there, mark
HEY FELLAS: I read your article "The Urban Archipelago" [by the Stranger editors, November 11]. Really good, thank you very much for cheering me up and motivating me. My band, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine, is playing in Seattle on December 19, and you are welcome to be my guests at the show. Before the election, I announced that I would never play in a red state again. I had been turning down gigs in red states. Now, I realize that I can play in blue cities, even if they are within red states.

Please come to our show at Chop Suey. I would like to meet with your writers. I have some policy ideas that I would like to share with you.

Mark Davis

HEY STRANGER: Your recent Police Beat, "L'Avventura," by Charles Mudede [Dec 2], just about made me cry. Police Beat has been hit-or-miss with me, but this was the best piece of writing I've seen since I finished The Rocking-Horse Winner by D. H. Lawrence. Thanks... I hope they let that lost girl pass by...

Greg Kircher

TO THE STRANGER: Greetings from upstate New York. A friend just sent me a link to an article regarding the cover of the November 11 Stranger. I printed the cover and passed it around to some friends. I was amazed how much solace they got from it. Most of these people asked if they could get a copy to share with other friends. Here is my plea: PLEASE print a bunch of posters. Sell them for $7 to $10 and donate the money to a progressive cause. I would buy 10 myself.

As an outsider to the Seattle area, I commend you for having the guts to throw down a cover that could reach so many.

Joseph Horton

TO THE STRANGER: I'm sitting here in New York City loving your "Do Not Despair" cover. Please print it as a poster and let me know how I can purchase it. I am sure many people will want to buy it--right away, if possible, as holiday presents. Thanks. It provided a much-needed uplift.

Betty Medsger

CORIANTON HALE RESPONDS: We welcome you to visit and download our "Do Not Despair" cover as a PDF, which you may take (or e-mail) to a Kinko's or similar print shop for oversize color poster prints or T-shirt transfers. Thanks for your kind words.