EDITORS: This is in response to "Mumia Schmoomia" [Nov 11; I, Anonymous]. If getting stuck on a bus for an hour pisses you off enough to want someone killed by the state, then call yourself a fascist with pride! People on death row spend 23 hours a day or more in 8' x 12' cells, waiting for the day they will be killed. And you call waiting on a crowded bus for an hour stressful?!?

Imagine waiting for 18 years to be killed for a crime you know you didn't commit. It's impatient, reactionary, whiny fascists like you who have convinced many of us on the left that "waiting for the time and place to get" our "points across in a positive way" is like waiting for Pat Buchanan to reveal he's a transsexual. IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Moral [persuasion] has never really worked to change anything in this country because the government is run by selfish bastards like you. So the people with a clue are taking to the streets. Hopefully, we'll run over your ass in the process.

Asha M. Confer, Seattle


EDITOR: Thank you for including us in your list of "Seattle's Top Rich Fascists" [Nov 11]. CleanScapes became a "Sidran minion" after a review of our data indicated that our crews are dispatched about a dozen times a day for feces and other deposits from Seattle's street culture. Since toilet paper costs [money] and The Stranger is free, many of the messes we remove are casually wrapped in one or more of your journalistic endeavors. You could improve your standards and do your part for a cleaner Seattle by encouraging your readers to crap on the portions of The Stranger they are not using for toilet paper. This would dramatically improve your journalistic diversity--imagine "contributions" from crackheads, frat boys, roaming mental patients, and WTO protesters.

Chris Martin, President, CleanScapes, Seattle


STRANGER: I thought I'd drop a line and tell you how much I appreciate your publication. I don't actually read it, because I find the majority of the content to be in very poor taste. It does, however, fit perfectly in the bottom of my bird's cage, and the bird loves editing it!

Kate Policani, via e-mail


EDITOR: "Your Favorite Label Sucks" [Nov 11, Erin Franzman] challenges the credibility of Sub Pop, Matador, and Merge, and with the exception of Merge, the effects of major distribution and sudden fame are noteworthy. Even the fact that Pavement played KeyArena is interesting. But taking on the signature sounds and artists that made Matador and Sub Pop "midstream" is moot.

I don't see the downside of developing a roster of artists that represent more than grunge or nerd rock. It's a triumph to see a label like Matador making a name for itself without having to question the underwhelming years it spent with Atlantic and CapitolÉ. I mean those days are over, and you could've reported on it then. Any indie label that distributes varied music which is widely available in stores--without the aid of the six (er, five) major distributors who own MTV, VH1, and most commercial radio stations--does not suck. A lot of indies and majors stick with one sound that they barely cultivate. Sub Pop, Matador, and Merge still hold on to independent ideals, and they are better off not having to defend them. So fuck you.

Erika, Olympia, WA


EDITORS: I just came across the issue about the incestuous Seattle music scene ["Incest Is Best," Excellent, Mike Vago, Nov 4]. I just want to say congrats to The Stranger's music folks and editors for being so great, and being the first to break this earth-shattering story. My friends and I have not talked about the Seattle music community being incestuous since '91, when everyone in the Seattle music scene (including fans and bands) were already talking about it all the time. That's why it's so great to hear a bunch of people who heard about the Seattle music scene from MTV always talk about it like they've been here for years, and probably tell friends they used to see Nirvana at the Central or Soundgarden at the Ditto every month, even though they just read those stories in Rolling Stone.

Hopefully, next week you'll have a cover story about this "inventive" new band called Sonic Youth from New York, and how your readers should rush out and buy one of their records before they sign a major label deal and "sell out."

Someone Who's Way Smarter than Any of Your Dumb-Ass Writers


DEAR STRANGER: In response to Mike Vago's Northwest music scene feature "Incest Is Best" (??!!): Incest is an extremely offensive (and inaccurate) metaphor to be using to describe music in Olympia (or any town). I'm sure I don't need to explain why. Also, fact check: Becca Albee never had anything to do with Cold Cold Hearts.

Allison Wolfe, Olympia/ Washington D.C


EDITORS: Yes, Ronald Reagan committed vile acts that damaged our environment and our society. And yeah, at the level of an unthinking insult to a bad, bad man, his illness does seem like a fitting little karmic haiku. But Paula Gilovich's riff on Alzheimer's disease as the "mytho-logic" punishment for Reagan's crimes is just plain hubris ["Reagan: A Memoir of More Nuclear Times," Nov 11]. So what if we agree with Paula's assessment of Reagan's life? If she gets to decide what kind of death he deserves, then the fundamentalist freaks who say AIDS is God's wrath brought down hard on homosexuals must be on fair ground after all. Hope ya don't mind if I skip The Stranger issue when Paula prints her judgment on what my best friend's baby did to earn SIDS.

Keneta Anderson, via e-mail


TO THE EDITOR: Coming from a Japanese American upbringing, I read Rick Levin's article, "Pokémon Possessed," [Nov 4] with great interest and concluded, ultimately, that Pastor Mark Juvera's great fear and concern with Pikachu being a tool of Satan is no more than blatant, racist bigotry. After all, once one strips away the obvious capitalist hoopla, Pokémon can teach some very positive messages: responsibility, teamwork, humility, and respect for all others--hardly the stuff of Satan worship. But it's all wrapped up in an ultra cute, anime-style package that is so clearly Japanese in origin.

This is probably what drives obsessive types like Juvera and Berit Kjos to such extreme acts and theories. This and the fact that Eastern thought tends to find the solutions to one's problems internally, and not externally like in most Western religions and philosophies. Remember Flip Wilson's old line, "The Devil made me do it"? Pokémon teaches self-reliance and problem solving without scapegoating. Essentially, Pokémon makes the likes of Pastor Mark obsolete. No wonder fundamentalist types are knee-jerking in fear.

Jon Komatsu, Seattle


DEAR EDITOR: Excellent article on light rail ["Last Train to Debtsville," Josh Feit, Nov 11], especially since it says much of what I said on the campaign trail. Light rail does not have enough money to build Phase One correctly. We are about to enter into a city disaster, and very few voices of reason can be heard. The whole problem with light rail is that it cannot climb Capitol Hill to get passengers. Therefore, a crazy tunnel that is very expensive creates logistics problems for the University District and civil rights issues for Rainier Valley. Lastly, a temporary terminal in the University District while we wait for Phase Two creates a traffic nightmare.

You may not agree with me, but I do believe that a monorail is the answer. Out on the campaign trail, hundreds of voters approached me with compliments for having the courage to speak out. A monorail does cost a $1 billion less for the same route, plus Northgate. And we could go to Southcenter. Come on Stranger, take the lead and challenge Sound Transit to do the right thing for transit. Don't forget the message of I-695: Government must start to spend wisely.

Curt Firestone, Seattle


EDITORS: Seeing as I usually read your paper on the toilet, can you avoid using photos of freaky-looking people for your covers [Nov 11]-- especially when they're looking at the camera/me. Disturbing!