DAVID SCHMADER: I am beyond horrified that your recent Last Days column [Jan 12] about the death of Morgan Young suggests that he and his missionary companion were "asking for it." I grew up in Bellevue, but have lived in Utah, New York, South Carolina, and California. Mormons are everywhere and many go on missions. Most of the people I knew in Utah had gone on missions. Some quit. Some left the religion when they returned. Everyone learned something. None deserve to be murdered.

Rebecca S. Dew

mistakes were made

EDITOR: In regards to "The Man Who Conned Seattle" [Jan 19]: I am not disagreeing with you, as most of many talk shows are pointing fingers at James Frey, but I'm curious about some of your information. I am not sure if you were being sarcastic or what, but Portland does have an airport, and Seattle does have hotels. So why would you say that they are nonexistent at the time he supposedly came in contact with them?



POSTED BY SKYMOTEL ON JAN 7: I'm looking at a half-page for Coors in your new issue and I gotta ask, WTF?

The Stranger loves to show off its progressive liberal side with aplomb, but you'll sell advertising space to a company whose founders were anti-labor, racist, and homophobic. A company whose late chairman Joseph Coors helped found and fund the Heritage Foundation, one of the largest right-wing organizations that loves fighting progressive liberals like yourselves.

I have to assume that you accepted the ad because Coors is doing its best to shine in the GLBT community—despite that the current chairman, Peter Coors, also sits on the board of the Coors family–founded Castle Rock Foundation, an organization that includes "upholding traditional American values" as part of its mission.

If The Stranger enjoys its place on the progressive soapbox so much, then perhaps it would be a good idea to reject all further advertising from Coors.

POSTED BY RAIN MONKEY ON JAN 7: As former California Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh said about lobbyists, "If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, screw their women, take their money, and then vote against them, you should get out of politics."

The same principle applies to journalists and their advertisers. If you can't take their money and then write as you please regardless of their tender feelings, then you should get out of journalism.

POSTED BY SICKBADTHING ON JAN 8: I guess it's okay to get drunk and cause all kinds of fucking problems to yourself and society but if it's RIGHT-WING BEER you drink, you're all kinds of evil. Oddly enough, free newspapers don't run on magical fairy dust! Imagine that!

POSTED BY SKYMOTEL ON JAN 9: So how soon can I expect to see ads from cigarette companies, Wal-Mart, Focus on the Family, George W. Bush, etc.? My point is that if The Stranger is going to continue preaching on its soapbox, then it better admit to its own flavor of hypocrisy.

POSTED BY MR1212 ON JAN 9: Cigs are already in there. I fail to see the problem. Everyone knows accepting advertising is not an endorsement of the product or company.

POSTED BY SHADY_B_206 ON JAN 9: Charles Barkley once said that he would play for the KKK if they paid him enough. Yo, that dude was gangster!

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