EDITOR: The 9/11 Truth activists pursue mainstream media attention above all else. But Paul Constant makes the same mistake that many newcomers to this issue do: He sticks in his toe, swishes it around, but never really dives in. Then he attempts to write with eloquent conviction about his "swim" ["Beauty Is Truth," Sept 6].

Convincing others that 9/11 was essentially an inside job is a grinding, thankless job. This dark message has always loaned itself poorly to sound bites, news briefs, even magazine articles. And that's what's wrong with Constant's piece.

Finding fish to shoot in this barrel has never been difficult. But the exceptional fraternity of world-class researchers and writers who have bravely faced this issue (sorely underrepresented in Mr. Constant's piece) have made their case well.

Endless debate about melting steel, substitute planes, and other 9/11 esoterica confuses the issue. If there is to be any justice for the victims of 9/11 these points will be sorted out in the only place that really matters (and the only place that they've never appeared)—a court of law.

Wesley Baker, 9/11 Truth Activist


TO THE EDITOR: Reading "Beauty Is Truth" was bittersweet. While it is good to see media coverage devoted to the topic of official complicity in allowing 9/11 to happen, it is sad that most stories focus on personalities who promote a mix of accurate information and nonsense, part of a pattern detailed at

The core of the case for complicity has nothing to do with the collapse of the World Trade Center, or the repeatedly debunked hoaxes that the plane crashes were supposedly faked. (They were not.) Instead, the best evidence is the numerous warnings that 9/11 was imminent from France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Russia, Morocco, and other countries. FBI investigations into the flight schools were suppressed. War-game exercises—including a "plane into building" drill—were conducted at the same time the planes were hijacked.

The best source for learning the facts is the Complete 9/11 Timeline from the Center for Cooperative Research——an impeccable database sourced to mainstream media reports. Unfortunately, your article highlighted the bogus Loose Change movie that is slickly produced but almost entirely false.

Mark Robinowitz


EDITOR: The towers collapsed because planes crashed into them. I wish Truthers would stop wasting their time on this.

Best case, 9/11 happened and the Bush administration used the opportunity to push their agenda and consolidate power. Worst case, they LET 9/11 happen and then used the opportunity to push their agenda and consolidate power.

Has anyone seen ANY evidence that these bozos are capable of actively DOING anything? Iraq? Katrina? Hello? Can you imagine these guys perpetrating a crime on the scale of 9/11 and not getting caught? Unless Iraq and Katrina were just smoke screens to make them look inept. Hmmmmm.

Steve R


DEAR JONAH: I enjoyed your article "Beating the Drummer" [Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, Aug 30]. I have known Selvin Iscoa for a few years now. The charge that he is a drug dealer is pure, fabricated crap, and nothing else! I first met Selvin at the now-defunct Fremont fire circle, where we played drums together. We've jammed at the Fremont fire circle more than 150 times in the last few years. In all the times I've ever seen Selvin, I may have seen him drunk maybe once or twice. I think those who complain about him know very well that he can hardly defend himself from rampant slander.

There are "dangerous people" living on the streets in Fremont, but Selvin is not one of them.



TO THE EDITOR: Kudos to Michaelangelo Matos and Jonathan Zwickel for the great feature on local music blogs ["There's More to Life than Line Out," Sept 6].

I wanted to make you aware of our site called We have been publishing from the Pacific Northwest (Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle) since March 1997 on a strictly volunteer basis, having interviewed and written about folks such as Neko Case, Doug Martsch, Moby, Eddie Spaghetti, Ian Mackaye, and Prince Paul.

After nine months of dormancy, in July we began adding new content three times a week and will be launching a new and improved site in early 2008.

Matt Ashworth