THE STRANGER: Read your article about Regal Cinemas ["Exit Interview," Josh Feit, March 9]. I live in Jupiter, Florida, and I believe everything in that article. [My friends and I] went to the Regal Cinemas Jupiter 18 last year and it RAINED on us in the theater! True! The roofs were leaking terribly. They're SO cheap at Regal that they wouldn't fix the roof -- they had an area where it was leaking really badly roped off, and they tried to have people sit outside of that area, but it was no good because no matter where you sat, there was constant dripping on us.

Everyone was soaking wet. When we tried to get a refund (we had to leave because of the water), they wouldn't refund our money or exchange our tickets! That theater is continually filthy, and I won't buy their popcorn unless they give me popcorn that I've SEEN popped with my own eyes. A kid last year said they sometimes use the popcorn from the day before (just mix it in with the new). Good for you for writing that article!

Alexandra Lind, Jupiter, Florida


EDITORS: My god, thanks for the Regal Cinema article. When Regal took over Act III, my favorite theater turned into a shithole. Now I know why!

Michael Stevens, via e-mail


EDITORS: Regarding all the circus-animal letters [Letters to the Editor, March 2] -- not that I'm defending cruelty to animals, but true journalism does allow for some opinion pieces, and Josh Feit has every right to express his ["Hooray! The circus is comin' to town," Feb 17]. It's not as if members of The Stranger staff are storming into the African savannas and hauling off elephants to sell to Barnum & Bailey. Yes, performance animals are often housed and treated in a horrifying, inhumane manner, and there are plenty of articles out there explaining that side of the issue. If you don't like what you're reading, put it down or line the cat box with it. It is, after all, The Stranger, not PETA Press. Get a clue, people!

Sarah Steben,


EDITORS: Letters to the Editor is always the first thing I read in The Stranger, and invariably this section is filled with letters complaining about the quality of the music/concert scene reviews by Kathleen Wilson and Barbara Mitchell. If people have such strong opinions, maybe they should get off their pretentious, self-absorbed asses and write their own accounts, instead of merely yammering about someone else's writing, and open themselves to slings and arrows from those who disagree with them. But it's easier to bitch and criticize from backstage than to step out into the spotlight.

Kathleen and Barbara, I appreciate your views and reviews whether I always agree with them or not. I have, on a few occasions, opened myself up to new music after reading one of your reviews, and have been very happy with the experience.

"ENY," Seattle


HEY, ANONYMOUS: First of all, your statements are classicist, elitist, and dangerously ignorant [I Anonymous, "Dear Lesbian Sisters," March 2]. Here's something you might want to check yourself about: "How insecure am I about my own beauty?" I'm referring to your self-esteem: Maybe you haven't had time to foster yours, because you've been spending too much time judging others.

Yes, it's true we need more establishments [other than the Wildrose] for the lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. So let me know when you are opening up an establishment, and I'll be the first one there to shake your hand. Educate yourself first on the patriarchal establishment and the disparaging economic imbalance in income/wealth between the gay male community and the lesbian community. After that, go to the Wildrose and thank them for creating a safe place for dykes. The queer community does not need you to represent the negative. We have enough of that coming from the straight homophobes. If you are supposedly of the queer community -- male or female -- I, non-anonymous, would be happy to chat some time (I really mean it). If you're a guy trying to stir the misogynistic pot, I offer you the same invitation.

Sandy Turner (contact me via The Stranger)


EDITOR: As a lesbian who takes care of myself, I enjoyed I, Anonymous [March 2] very much. I am tired of being looked down on by other lesbians with skunk haircuts, just because I have long hair and am athletic. I don't have to cut my hair or gain 100 pounds just to prove I sleep with women and/or reject the oppression of women by society. Fat IS overvalued in our community. I wish more of my sisters would get off their big asses and get some exercise. Are they forgetting it helps you live longer? Seattle lesbians are incredibly boring with their uniform haircuts and drab clothing. It's ironic that in a city that values diversity so much, there is barely any within the community.

Jody Hays, Seattle


EDITORS: What a shame to see and read this article in The Stranger by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey, and his great gringo experience in Mexico [I Love Television, March 9]. If he does not speak Spanish, he should not try to write it, either!! This article does not make any sense, [or have] any information about where this gringo spent his vacation, or any respect for Mexicans or Americans.

Manuel Tapia, via e-mail


HEY CHICKENSHITS! How wise of you to edit my indictment of your cigarette ad whoring out of my letter [Letters to the Editor, March 9]! It was aggravating at first, but then it inspired me to create a great new column for your jackass paper. We'll call it, "Hey Kid! How 'bout a Smoke?" First we'll pick out the brightest, nicest teenagers from the children on your staff. Then we'll print a snapshot of their first drag off a cigarette (one of your sponsors' brands, of course). As the column progresses, our readers will simply adore watching those little pink lungs become stunted, brown sacks of mucous and tar!

Then, when our little tobacco models get a bit older, they can highlight our column with their regrets for getting hooked on a horribly addictive, deadly drug before they were old enough to really think for themselves -- AND WE CAN ALL LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH! Won't that be funny? Week after hilarious week, our readers will enjoy tales of chronic bronchitis, sickly underweight babies, failed quitting attempts, and finally, tumor-ridden lung x-rays. We'll all finally meet at the funerals, and we'll laugh all the way to the gravesites and forever after. What do you think? Funny? You can give my 25 bucks to your nearest lung cancer victim -- shouldn't be difficult to find one.

Jim Walls, Seattle


EDITORS: I loved "Stupid, Stupid Baby" and I liked "Stupid, Stupid Kitten" a whole lot, too. "Stupid, Stupid Crouton" wasn't as good, but who could top the baby and the kitten?! These people [who wrote angry letters to The Stranger] need to get help, 'cause they have lost their sense of humor -- if they ever had one in the first place. These "Stupid, Stupid People" have all just ruined my day!

Liz, via e-mail


STUPID, STUPID READERS, who didn't get "Stupid, Stupid Column"! Silly, silly Stranger for caving in to stupid, stupid readers. Bring back "Stupid, Stupid Column"! Everybody I know loves it -- including a friend of mine who volunteers for a well-known animal shelter and adoption agency! Let's hear more from "Stupid, Stupid Column."

Ann Tandy, University of Washington


EDITORS: That is really, really fucked up that you aren't going to do the "Stupid, Stupid Baby" things anymore. I live in California, and the only way for me to see The Stranger is online. I've been printing out the "Stupid, Stupid" columns and putting them in my folder (I'm in high school), and now everyone at school thinks I'm a sick fuck because I think babies and kittens and croutons are stupid! And it's really cool! So please don't stop the "Stupid Stupid Column," for the sake of the last shred of my sanity!

Pyro Bratton, via e-mail


EDITORS: I will miss your "Stupid, Stupid Column." I am sick to death of sprout-sucking, VW-driving, p.c. trust-fund hippies taking offense to any and all things that are outside of their little p.c. utopia. Lighten the hell up and laugh for once!

Sarah Schmidt, Seattle