EDITOR: Here is an extra twist to Josh Feit's CounterIntel column [Dec 7] on the follies of linking the funding for the unpopular and destructive Cross-Base Highway project to that of Sound Transit's expansion of light rail and other worthier projects: On November 29, a coalition of conservation groups and businesses filed notice of intent to sue the planners of the Cross-Base Highway for violations of the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

Having grown up in Tacoma, where light rail faces lack of funding already and bus fares are sky-high, I take personal offense to pinning the fates of frivolous road expansion and public transportation together.

The Federal Highway Administration and the Washington State DOT will not solve our problems (they are in fact connected)—traffic, habitat fragmentation, extinction—by the presumption that the Cross-Base Highway is conducive toward, or in any way congruous with, the dream of inexpensive, effective public transit.

Jacob Pederson


STRANGER: Really, it has to stop. He is dreadful. Not only is his prose tired, but he never actually reports any sightings of celebrities. I suppose that in a past era, when there were lots of celebrities visiting Seattle, there was a place for a Celebrity I Saw U column. As far as I can tell, all Mr. Ryan does is read Us Weekly and then relate what he read, or "coyly" not relate what he read. Who can tell? Who cares?

I implore you to stop him. Perhaps there is a gay newsletter or a high-school paper that needs a drama critic.

John Taylor


EDITOR: Why does Charles Mudede continue to write about hiphop for your paper ["Welcome to Dope Emporium," Dec 7]? His square, smug style of writing sounds great if he's talking philosophy or architecture, but extremely arrogant and uninformed in this realm. You have a very qualified writer in Larry Mizell. He is a real part of the scene here and doesn't blow smoke up anybody's ass, doesn't fall for hype, and even better, is a much more knowledgeable writer on all things hiphop in Seattle and other cities.

Many publications feel they can have someone clueless write about hiphop, but would never in a million years do the same with rock 'n' roll music, techno, or country. Like Charles's good friend KRS-One said, "Why IS That"?

Marc Pray


DEAR EDITOR: Brendan Kiley's piece on Allen Ginsberg's "hitting on" him ["Geriatric Leching," Nov 30]—the sum total of which appears to be that the poet told teenage Brendan that he was "kinda cute"—opens up new vistas in journalism that should not go unexplored.

Just imagine: "I've never really heard the Beatles, but one night John Lennon—who seemed like a skinny, pretentious art-school twat, by the way—had the nerve to ask me for a light." Or: "I still recall with horror the night that Janis Joplin—who was supposed to be some kind of singer, but to me she looked like another Texas lush who belonged at Weight Watchers—crowded me in an elevator with her feathers and boas." Or: "Stephen Hawking may be a famous scientist or whatever, but that metallic voice sure grated on my nerves the day he ran over my big toe as he careened down the block in his wheelchair."

I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless.

Steve Silberman


HELLO BRENDAN: I read your review of Apocalypto ["The Jungle Book," Brendan Kiley, Dec 7]. I have to say I agree with exactly how you feel about the dual nature of this film. On one hand it's an engaging film. Good versus evil. But, Mel and his beliefs are all throughout it. Two of the people I went with couldn't even see it until I pointed it out. They still had doubts, so I went to find other info to back my take on it. That's when I found your article. Your history of the word "apocalypse" was useful as well. Thanks for expressing your point of view clearly and without taking a stance.



DEAR STRANGER: Regarding "Mars Attacked" [Angela Valdez, Nov 30]: Please tell me you see the irony in a paper whose rear 20 pages feature nude women in submissive/degrading positions championing a protest of a local religious group for its attitudes (that they should be loved, cared for, and respected, but shouldn't pastor churches) toward women.

M. W.

IN ADDITION Gail Tsai, last week's cover model, had her hair styled for the photo shoot by the hypertalented Jake Gravbrot and Amanda Panattoni. Her locks were originally colored at Gary Manuel Salon.

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