After dark, the world is as it should be. The stars are out. The well-adjusted sleep well, the poorly adjusted sleep poorly, and the insomniacs wander. Lovers dwell in complicated beauty as the lonely are unraveled by their solitary humanity. Kids sneak out of their parents' houses feeling grown-up, while grownups sleep and dream of youth.

On an Alaskan fishing boat, a man escapes the assault of endless daytime, losing himself in Tom Waits' drunken New York City nightlife. At her brother's wedding reception, a woman sheds a tear to the melancholy swell of the mariachi music being played. A fan makes a moonlit pilgrimage to Charlie Parker's grave. A wife sits motionless in her car upon the discovery of her husband's infidelity.

And then there is daybreak. No music. Just the cluttered hum of cars, news, birds, and our own voices.