BAD ALBERT'S—Annieville Blues, guests, free


BLUE MOON—The Special Purpose

CENTRAL SALOON—13 Knots, Paul Hanover Band, Brooke Pennock Band, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S—Chad Hinman, Datri Bean, Joy Mills

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—Northern State, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Optimus Rhyme (8 pm, 18+), $10

HIGH DIVE—Curtains for You, Cabinessence, Umbersleeping, $5

HIGHLINER—John Weiss, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Highway 99 All Stars, $5

JAI THAI (FREMONT)—Ryan Burns Trio, free

JAZZ ALLEY—McCoy Tyner (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $26.50-$28.50

LEGENDS—The Tim Turner Jam, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Supermassive, Defloura, free

LITTLE RED HEN—The Wakefields

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Open mic (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—Red Eye Flights, Big World Breaks, $6

recommended NEUMO'S—The Posies, Oranger, Village Green, $8/$10

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—The Hamilton Carson Quintet

OWL 'N THISTLE—Haggis Brothers


PINK DOOR—Tony Yazzolino, free

PREMIER—Full Nelson Mandala, Augustus Sweetheart, Victrola, $3

RAINBOW—Sockeye, Amelia's Only Daughters, guests, $5

RENDEZVOUS—Frieze of Life, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—Joe Doria, Mike Stone, guests, free

recommended SEATTLE ART MUSEUM—Slender Means (5:30 pm, all ages), $7

recommended SUNSET TAVERN—Paula Frazer, Moore Brothers, Saucy Monkey, $10

Support The Stranger

TOST—Marmalade, DJ Shapeshifter, $6

TRACTOR TAVERN—Animal Liberation Orchestra, Rafe Pearlman, $10/$12

TRIPLE DOOR—Pyeng Threadgill (8 pm, all ages), $16/$18

TULA'S—Tumbao w/Thomas Marriott, $7

WAR ROOM—Cancer Rising (CD release), Blue Scholars, Boom Bap Project, $5


67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down

ALIBI ROOM—Apertif: DJ Pauly D and the Domino Boys, free

BADA LOUNGE—Ladies Night: DJ Tone, DV One

BALTIC ROOM—Wicked & Wild: Soul One, guests, $7

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Moist (dance, Top 40), free


CHAPEL—Loud and Queer

recommended CHOP SUEY—Lick: DJ Nice Jewish Boy, Master Stan, Fagolis, Sappho, $3

CONTOUR—Impulse: DJs Osiris Indriya, Ancestral PDX; Afterhours: DJs Crime, Jimmi Hoffa, Roman Rivera, free

ELEMENT—Industry Nights: DJ Kaz, Shyan Selah, $3

FENIX UNDERGROUND—The Bed Room Club: DJ Chance, $5

FU KUN WU @ THAIKU—Ron Weinstein Trio, free

JAI THAI (BELLTOWN)—DJ Mr. Paul (downtempo), free

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—DJ Joseph Lyons (hiphop, house), free

KINCORA—London Loves: DJ Haak the Reverend of Rock

LARRY'S—Ladies Night: DJ Roc'phella, $5 for men

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Open House, free

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ & the Bear, free

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Synth Club: Reggie Watts, Nordic Soul, Steve Scalfati, guests, $3

recommended MERCHANTS CAFE—Vinyl Lounge (deep house, hiphop)

MIRABEAU ROOM—Playlist Happy Hour (6 pm), free

MIRABEAU ROOM—Reach Around: DJ Toast

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Soul & Tonics, $7

NEIGHBOURS—Rock Lobster: Trent Von, $3


recommended RE-BAR—Rehab: DJ Baby J (new wave, glam), $3

SEATTLE EAGLE—Bareback Thursday: DJ Derek Jordan, guests

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Candy: Mr. Supreme, Sean Majors, Bronze FM

TOI—Happy Hour: Guest DJ

WATERTOWN—Underground Grooves: Enkrypted, guests, $5

WHISKY BAR—Psychotropic: DJs Scorpio, Whiplash, free

FRIDAY 10/21


BLUE MOON—80 Times Simplified, Fall City Shakedown, Amazon Ant

CAFE VENUS—Biography of Ferns, Snowman Plan, St. Helens, $6

CATWALK—My American Heart, Just Surrender, Coretta Scott, Lorene Drive (8 pm, all ages), $8/$10

CENTRAL SALOON—Problem Child, Mystic Pop, $8/$12

CHOP SUEY—Bettye LaVette, Choklate, DJ Greg Vandy, $12

COFFEE TO A TEA WITH SUGAR—Paul Porter (8 pm, all ages), free

COMET TAVERN—Banner Barbados, Cantona, Slege of Kaffa, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S—Hanz Araki, Cary Novotny, Maldon Meehan and Ronan Regan

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—Lucero, Blackpool Lights, Decibully, $10/$12

DOC MAYNARD'S—Badd Dog Blues Society, $12

DUBLINER—Cory Wilds Band, $5

recommended Easy Street (Queen Anne)—Rosie Thomas (6 pm, all ages), free

EL CORAZÓN—Horrorpops, Roger Miret & the Disasters, Left Alone (8 pm, all ages), $10

EMP—NW Women of Contry: Christy McWilson, Shiloh Lindsey, Ruby Dee & the Snake Handlers, Jennifer Lynn, guests, $13.50/$17

FUNHOUSE—HB Surround Sound, the Delegates, Mind Candy, guests, $5

GALLERY 1412—Nate Wooley, Lyn Goeringer (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)—The Recliners, Pistol for a Paycheck, Strike One (7 pm, all ages), $5/$6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Dragstrip Riot, White Knuckle Ride, the Hatchetwounds, guests

HIGH DIVE—Storm and the Balls, Fey Ray, DJ Shapeshifter, $8

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Robbie Laws, $10

JAZZ ALLEY—McCoy Tyner (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $26.50-$28.50

KIRKLAND TEEN CENTER—Castles in the Sky, Jade Ran Away, Blue Skies Ahead (7 pm, all ages), $5

LEGENDS—The Ender Brothers, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT THE EMP—Shake the Shack, free

LITTLE RED HEN—Buckaroo Blues, $3

MOLLY MAGUIRE'S—Acoustic Moods, free

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—We Wrote the Book on Connectors, Girth (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—The Town Pants, the Bag'n'Pipe Hoppers & Chris Poage and Friends, $6

NEUMO'S—Sage Francis, Sole, Sol.Illaquists of Sound, Sleep, $15


recommended OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)—Fatalis, Shades of Fire, the Robo Magic Corps (8 pm, all ages), $3

OWL 'N THISTLE—Fiasco, free

PARAMOUNT THEATRE—Bauhaus (8 pm, all ages), $35

PINK DOOR—Northwest Showcase, $5

RAINBOW—Carl Verheyen Band, $15

RENDEZVOUS—Iron Kim Style, Tempered Steel, Dennis Rea & Ruth Davidson, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—Forgotten Sol, Organik Produce, guests, $5

SERAFINA—Katy Bourne

recommended SHOWBOX—Turbonegro, Danko Jones (8:30 pm, all ages), $20

recommended SONIC BOOM RECORDS (BALLARD)—The Sun (5:30 pm, all ages), free

recommended SUNSET TAVERN—Apollo Sunshine, the Sun, Gary Reynolds & the Brides of Obscurity, $8

THE L.A.B. (SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL)—Live & the L.A.B. Hip Hop Showcase (8 pm, all ages), $5

THE OULD TRIANGLE—Rapturous Music, free

TOST—Good Face for Radio, Scattergun, Jeff Marshall and the Law, $6

TRACTOR TAVERN—Radio Nationals, I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, Carrie Akre, $10

TRIPLE DOOR—World Saxophone Quartet (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Jon Pugh & New Stories Trio, $10/$12


ALIBI ROOM—Lowbrow: Gavin, Doug, free


BALTIC ROOM—Metro: Soul One, Timbo, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Flirt: DJ Elad (Top 40, old school), free

BESO DEL SOL—DJ Fernando (salsa), $5

BONZAI BISTRO—Graylife: DJ Nitsuj

CHAPEL—Rotating DJs: Jeff Calkins, Donovan

Club Medusa—Ice: DJs Tam, Brett Michaels


CONTOUR—Pangaea: DJs Advent, Anup, Osiris Indriya; Afterhours: DJs Flave, Nobel, guests

ELEMENT—Reid Speed, Dean Lowden, guests

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Club Fenix: DJs Trent Von, Chance, guests, $12

J&M CAFE—DJs Sessions, Sorin, $12

JAI THAI (BELLTOWN)—Dunzo (hiphop), free

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Jason Schell (hiphop, funk), free

JILLIAN'S—DJs E, BenJammin', free

KINCORA—The Cave: DJ Haak the Reverend of Rock

LARRY'S—R&B Dance Party: DJ D

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ David James, free

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—International Aiport: DJ Traceblends, Sessions, Joe Mojo, guests, $5

MIRABEAU ROOM—Jumbalaya: DJs Vitamin D, Rocafella, $8

MIRABEAU ROOM—Playlist Happy Hour (6 pm), free

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Funky Disco House



NOC NOC—Flow Fridays


recommended R PLACE—DJ Queen Lucky

recommended RE-BAR—DJ Riz, $3

ROCKSPORT—DJ Kenspiracy, free

SEATTLE EAGLE—Meatrack: DJ KC, guests

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Play: Jacob London, Jon Lemmon, Jon Lee, guests

TOI—DJ Christyle, free

TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Rick Garcia, Jizosh, LSDJ, guests, $15

VERA PROJECT—Sneke, Lonestar, DJ Bles One, guests (5:30 pm, all ages), free

VITO'S—Sucker Free Friday: DJ Tre (hiphop), free

VOGUE—On the Edge's Paul Aleinikoff (goth, industrial)

WAR ROOM—Rags to Riches: Four Color Zack, guests, $5


WHISKY BAR—DJ Ben Texas, free



BLUE MOON—The Ribs, the City Plums, Willoughby

CAFE VENUS—The Feral Kid, Yam, Aunt Jamama's Big Band Vigilantes, $6

CENTRAL SALOON—Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet, All American Playboys, guests, 8/$12

recommended CHOP SUEY—Sugar Minott, Jus Goodie, Sister Pashon and Itawe, $15

COFFEE TO A TEA WITH SUGAR—Kevin Reniche (8 pm, all ages), free

CONOR BYRNE'S—Ultimate Rock Trio

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—The Divorce, Slender Means, Hot IQs (4 pm, all ages), $8

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—The Divorce, Slender Means, Mu Meson (9 pm), $8

DOC MAYNARD'S—Lloyd Jones Struggle, $8/$12

DOWNTOWN YMCA—Raul's Cure, Monsterz, Bobcats, Arabian Nightmare (7 pm, all ages), $5

DUBLINER—Heat Treatment, $5

recommended EL CORAZÓN—Ambitious Career Woman, the John Benders, the Art of Self Defense, Fading From you, guests (5 pm, all ages), $8

recommended EL CORAZÓN—Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Honky (10 pm), $13/$15

FUNHOUSE—Mexican Blackbirds, the Urgencies, the Earaches, Electric Kisses, $5

GALLERY 1412—Gregory Reynolds, Gust Burns, guests (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

recommended GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)—In Praise of Folly, Verona, Autumn Poetry, Joules (8 pm, all ages), $5/$6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—M.D.C., Go Like Hell, No Red Flags, the Guilty (5 pm, all ages), $10

HIGH DIVE—Izabelle, Mono in VCF, Edisyn, $8

HIGHLINER—Kuli Loach, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Robbie Laws, $10

JAZZ ALLEY—McCoy Tyner (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $26.50-$28.50

KEYARENA—David Gray, Jolie Holland (7:30 pm, all ages), $32-$50


LITTLE RED HEN—Buckaroo Blues, $3

MOLLY MAGUIRE'S—Jukebox Madness, free

MONKEY PUB—Dateless, Guitar Defamation League, $3

recommended MOORE THEATRE—Iron & Wine, Calexico (8 pm, all ages), $22/$24

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Alan Brandon, Ruby Shuz, the Cricks (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, $6

recommended NEUMO'S—Sage Francis, Sole, Sol.Illaquists of Sound, Sleep (8 pm, all ages), $15


OWL 'N THISTLE—Owl & Thistle Band, free

recommended PARADOX—Claymore, Boys Don't Bleed, Starving Eyes, Dance (8 pm, all ages), $7


PREMIER—Switchfoot, Eisley, Reeve Oliver (8 pm, all ages), $22.50

RAINBOW—Symon Asher, Custom, Stephen Franke, $6

RENDEZVOUS—Post Adolescence, $5

ROCKSPORT—Bullet in Your Head, Maker, Vindaloo, $7


SERAFINA—Javier Anderson

SHOWBOX—Maktub, Novatone, DJ Brandy Westmore, $15/$17

STUDIO SEVEN—Showbread, Forever Changed, Every New Day, Lucky for Nothing, Innerself (5:30 pm, all ages), $8/$11

recommended SUNSET TAVERN—Nada Mucho Birthday Celebration: Chuckanut Drive, the Plains, Hex County, DJ Snizz, $6

THE L.A.B. (SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL)—Real Live Tigers, Dustin & the Furniture, Lizzie Huffman (8 pm, all ages), $5

THE OULD TRIANGLE—Erin McNamee, free

TOMMY'S—The Soul Pistols, $5

TOST—Jerel, CCCP, Joshua's Drowning, $6

TRABANT CHAI LOUNGE—Vanya Van Essen, guests (8 pm, all ages), free

TRACTOR TAVERN—The Meat Purveyors, Ethan Azarian, $10

TRIPLE DOOR—Legends of Seattle Jazz (7:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Kris Davis Quartet, $10/$12

recommended VERA PROJECT—Harvey Danger (CD release), Holy Ghost Revival, Racetrack, the Gruff Mummies (7:30 pm, all ages), $6/$7


67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down

recommended ALIBI ROOM—Spy vs. Spy: DJs Shortnin', Little Jeans, free


BALTIC ROOM—Bollywood: Manpreet, Peter Madril, William Gilchrist, Ravi

BESO DEL SOL—DJ Fernando (salsa), $5

CHAPEL—Rotating DJs: DJs N8, Danny Massure

Club Medusa—Roger Sanchez


CONTOUR—Europa: DJs Misha, Igor; Afterhours: DJs Speedbump, Crime, guests



ELEMENT—Atmosphere: DJs Austin Payne, Brett Michaels, Victor Menegaux (dance)

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Club Fenix: DJs Trent Von, Chance, guests, $12

J&M CAFE—Dance Party: DJs Cheeba, Diamond Dave (Top 40), $12

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Suntzu Saturdays: J-Justice & Jayson Powers, guests, free

JILLIAN'S—DJ BenJammin', free

KINCORA—Harder: DJ Seth (metal, punk, rock)

LARRY'S—R&B Dance Party: DJ D, $10

LARRY'S—The Dance Oasis (4 am), $5


LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Justin Case, free

MERCHANTS CAFE—Su Casa: DJs Spiker, Sean Majors, Nobel, Shack, Gene Lee, Wik, $5

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Plush Promotions

NEIGHBOURS—Power Mix: C89's Randy Schlager


NOC NOC—Crucifixion: DJ Shane, $5

recommended R PLACE—DJ Riz

RE-BAR—Japanarama: DJ Gaijin, Grandmaster Hachiko, William F Buckley Jr., $3

SEATTLE EAGLE—Hardcore: DJ FunkyBear

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Rotating Residents: Bryce, DJMB, Recess, Jay Tripwire, Jeff Samuel

STUDIO SEVEN—Eternal: DJs Pheloneous, Girl6 (10 pm, all ages), $7

TOI—DJ Tone, free

TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Guy, VSOP, Niros, Ramiro, guests, $15

VITO'S—Uptown Lounge: DJ Doubles (hiphop, old school), free

VOGUE—DJ Evan Blackstone

recommended WAR ROOM—Yo Son!: DJ Scene, Soul One


WHISKY BAR—DJ Lance Rock, free

MIRABEAU ROOM—Desi World: DJs Kazaan, Advent

SUNDAY 10/23


BALTIC ROOM—No Tomorrow, $5

CENTRAL SALOON—The Chalk Outline, Ice Age Cobra, $5

CROCODILE CAFE—The Pale Pacific, Youth Group, Derby (8 pm, all ages), $10

EL CORAZÓN—Meshuggah, God Forbid, the Haunted, Mnemic (8 pm, all ages), $23/$25

recommended HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Honky, Mos Generator, Earthwreck

JAZZ ALLEY—McCoy Tyner (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $26.50-$28.50

LE PICHET—Greg Ruby & Chris Blacket, free

LEGENDS—The Mark Whitman Jam, free


LITTLE RED HEN—Jenny & the Tom Cats, free

MIRABEAU ROOM—The Mycle Wastman Project, $5

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—Reuel Lubag Jazz Quartet, $5

RAINBOW—The Richard Deguare All-Star Blues Jam, $4

S.S. MARIE ANTIONETTE—Ris Paul Ric, PRKR, Ghostbot (7 pm, all ages)

SERAFINA—Alex Guilbert

SUNSET TAVERN—Forsake Ya to the Snakes, Jimmy Flame & the Sexxy Boys, the Urgencies, the Brats (4 pm), $5

TOMMY'S—The Blue Monks, free

TRIPLE DOOR—Omar Sosa Quartet & Dafnis Prieto Quntet (6:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Kris Davis Quartet, $10/$12


BADA LOUNGE—Industry: DJ Christyle, free


CAPITOL CLUB—The Sheriff (electro, jazz), free

CHAPEL—Co-op: Shameless

recommended CHOP SUEY—End-A-Roke, DJs Fucking in the Streets, Marty Mar, Space DJ, guests, $3

CONTOUR—Broken Grooves: DJs Sir Kutz, Shane, Knak, free

DEEP DOWN LOUNGE—DJs Mojo, Jason H8e, Raw B (house), free

ELEMENT—Sunday Social: DJs Tamm, Austin Payne, Phase (9 pm, 18+), $10

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Permanent Wave: DJ Trent Von, free

HIGH DIVE—Punk Rawk: DJ JJ, free

JAI THAI (BELLTOWN)—Temple: DJ Peter (downtempo), free

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—DJ Joseph Lyons, guests, free

recommended KINCORA—SkateVisions: DJ Bobcat

LARRY'S—The Dance Oasis (4 am), $5

LARRY'S—Dirty South: DJs D'Doxx, Boy Wonder, $5 for men

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Justin Case, free

NECTAR—Industry Night: Guest DJs

NEIGHBOURS—Nocha Latino: DJ Luis

NOC NOC—Resurrection: DJ Shane, $3

R PLACE— DJ Cuddle-Up (indie glam)

recommended RE-BAR—Flammable: DJ Brian Lyons, guests, $5

SEATTLE EAGLE—Jawbreaker: DJs TCTL, guests

VOGUE—Fetish: DJ Eternal Darkness

WAR ROOM—Chi: DJs Tone, Orion, Chinky Eye

WHISKY BAR—Fuckin' Genius: DJs Neil of Steel & Suspicious Uzi

MONDAY 10/24


CAPITOL CLUB—The Peter Cramer Trio featuring Mack Grout and Tim Carey, free

CENTRAL SALOON—Dead Whore River, Blackgoat, $5

recommended CHOP SUEY—KRS-One, Common Market, Abyssinian Creole, DJ B-Mello (8 pm, all ages), $15

CONOR BYRNE'S—Bluegrass Jam

EL CORAZÓN—Playing Enemy, Shame Lady, Golden year, guests, $5

FUNHOUSE—Warsaw Poland Bros, Chela and Georgetown, guests, $5

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Blue Monday Jam, $5

JAZZ ALLEY—Jonathan Butler (7:30 pm, all ages), $35

LITTLE RED HEN—Jenny & the Tom Cats, free

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Jazz Suspenders featuring Reggie Goings, $10


RAINBOW—God of Shamisen, Girth, the Sugar Skulls, $5

RENDEZVOUS—New Music Monday: The Doug, guests, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—Cristina Orbe, free

SUNSET TAVERN—Brent Amaker & the Rodeo, Drakkar Sauna, Ethan Azarian, guests, $7

THE OULD TRIANGLE—Jam Session with Heather Banker

TOST—Motel 5, $5

TRABANT CHAI LOUNGE—Open mic (8 pm, all ages), free

TRIPLE DOOR—Dave Douglas Keystone (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Robert Glasper, $13/$15


BADA LOUNGE—Various Artists

BALTIC ROOM—Fusion: Manpreet, Peter Madril, guests, $5

BARÇA—DJ Chilly (funk, soul, reggae), free

CONTOUR—Genesis: Rufio, DJs Roc'phella, Top Spin, guests,

EL CHUPACABRA—DJ JJ (old country)

J&M CAFE—DJs Sessions, Sorin, $5

LARRY'S—DJs Cide, Element

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Chris, free

MIRABEAU ROOM—Reggae World Mondays: DJ OneLove, free

NECTAR—Al-Haca featuring RQM, free

recommended NOC NOC—50 Cent Beer Night: DJ Kippy, $5


WAR ROOM—Soul City Mondays: Circle of Fire

WHISKY BAR—Loaded: DJ Scorpio, free

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—Calla, Celebration, $10



CENTRAL SALOON—Potty Mouth Society, Kill the Precedent, Autumn Dervish, $5

recommended CHOP SUEY—American Analog Set, Vervein, Bre, guests (8 pm, all ages), $8

CROCODILE CAFE—Young Sportsmen, Radical Bros., Wallpaper, $6

recommended EL CORAZÓN—Kane Hodder, Amber Pacific, Yesterday's Rising, Chiodis (8 pm, all ages), $10

recommended FUNHOUSE—Heroine Sheiks, the A-Frames, Audio Infidels, $8

recommended HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—KRS-One, Common Market, Rebelz, DJ Reign, guests, $15/$17

HIGH DIVE—The Urgency, Lazlo, RipSpacer, $5

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Don Haupt, P.K. Dwyer, $5

JAZZ ALLEY—Lorraine Feather (7:30 pm, all ages), $20.50

LITTLE RED HEN—T.N.D. Revue, free

NECTAR—The Saul Kaye Band, free

recommended NEUMO'S—The Warlocks, the Gris Gris, the Charming Snakes, $8/$10


OWL 'N THISTLE—Be-Bop & Destruction

recommended PARADOX—J. Tillman, Airport Cathedral, Saxon Shore, Graham Travis (8 pm, all ages), $7

PARAGON—The Robert Stewart Fiasco

PINK DOOR—David Russell, free

RAINBOW—Odeezie's Hiphop Showcase, $3

recommended SHOWBOX—The Go! Team, Smoosh, the Grates (8 pm, all ages), $14/$16

TOST—Heather Burnett, Jen Scaffidi, the Matternots, $5

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Robert Glasper, $13/$15


ALIBI ROOM—Skull Full of Soul: DJ Chilly, free

BALTIC ROOM—Oscilliate: Electrosect, Paul Edwards, Greg Skidmore, guests, $3

CAPITOL CLUB—Eric Jaeger & Encarnacian, free

CLUB MEDUSA—Latin Vibe: DJ Manny

CONTOUR—Open Decks: DJs Richie, ATO, Gabe, Stacy Allen, David Dude, Noise Maker, free

ELEMENT—Fiesta Tropical: Gustavo, El General, Seattle Salsa All-Stars

FU KUN WU @ THAIKU—DJ Selektor Lopaka, free

KINCORA—Rock-A-Rolla: AJ/DJ, guests

LARRY'S—DJ D'Doxx, Vitamin D, $5 for men

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ 88 (rock), free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Liquifi: Kippy, Dig Dug, free

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Stop Biting: DJs Hedeki, Kamui, Bumblebee, $3

NEIGHBOURS—Retrovenge: DJ Dana Dub, free

NOC NOC—I Love the 80s, free

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—World Music Freestyle, free

SEATTLE EAGLE—French Kiss: DJ Fishlure, Femur, free

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Couch (downtempo, groove)

SHORTY'S—War at 33 1/3: DJs C.T.A., free

VITO'S—DJ Chinky Eye (hiphop), free

WAR ROOM—D&B Tuesday, free

WATERTOWN—Presence, free

WHISKY BAR—Mississippi Goddamn!: DJ Whiplash, free



CENTRAL SALOON—Stormsun, Numbered Days, the Art of Self Defense, $5

CHOP SUEY—Deerhoof, Lavender Diamond, We Are Wolves (8 pm, all ages), $12

CROCODILE CAFE—Izabelle, Low Skies, Pufferfish, $6

EL CORAZÓN—Mae, Circa Survive, Mute Math, Discover America (8 pm, all ages), $12

FU KUN WU AT THAIKU—Jon Alberts, Jeff Johnson, Tad Britton, Hans Teuber, free

FUNHOUSE—Tractor Sex Fatality, Mendozza, guests, $5

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Roses are Red, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Castles in the Sky, Burning Armada (6 pm, all ages), $8

HIGH DIVE—The Mob Law, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers, guests, $5

JAZZ ALLEY—Lorraine Feather (7:30 pm, all ages), $20.50

recommended KEYARENA—Foo Fighters, Weezer, Hot Hot Heat (7:30 pm, all ages), $28-$38


OWL 'N THISTLE—The Vinyl Avengers

PARAGON—Two Buck Chuck

PINK DOOR—Casey MacGill, free

PREMIER—Trick Purpose, guests, free

RAINBOW—Hanger 18, Brother Reed, Cryptic, $6

recommended RE-BAR—Le Vide: Girth, the Sea Donkeys, Matt Shoemaker, DJ William F Buckley Jr., free

RENDEZVOUS—Chris Riffle, Branta, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—!Nepotistas!, free

SUNSET TAVERN—Indie Music Video Festival: Romance, $5

recommended TRACTOR TAVERN—Guitar Shorty, Henry Cooper & Al Kaatz, $10

TRIPLE DOOR—Joey Defrancesco Trio (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Robert Glasper, $13/$15

WHISKY BAR—Ronnie Pierce Ensemble, free



recommended BALTIC ROOM—Wire

recommended BARÇA—Agenbite: DJ Leopold Bloom, free

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Wet: Ladies Night, free

CHAPEL—Jon Lemmon, Jeromy Nail

CLUB MEDUSA—Dirty: DJ Dioney

CONTOUR—Open Mic: DJs Forrest Gump, Selecta Roc, free

DEEP DOWN LOUNGE—9 to Bedtime: Guest DJs, free

EL CHUPACABRA—DJ Uncle Jesse from Full House

J&M CAFE—Ladies Night: DJ Tamm, $7

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Funk Flight: E. Torrez, J-Sun (house), free

KINCORA—Underlord's Den: DJ Seth

LARRY'S—West Coast Wednesdays: DJs Funk Daddy & Roc'Phella

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Lucky: Ladies Night

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Deutscher Meister, free

MERCHANTS CAFE—'80s Revival: DJs Cali Mike, Ron Rourke, Mark M

NECTAR—Club Jahmani: DJs Element, Cide, $7

NEIGHBOURS—Showtime: DJ Trent Von

NOC NOC—Filthy, free

PIKE PUB & BREWERY—The Positive Charge: The Progressive Tendencies Crew, free


SEATTLE EAGLE—Rebel Wednesday: DJ Freddy King of Pants

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Grace (house)

TOST—DJ Stay in School, guests, $5

VITO'S—DJ Baracoa (salsa), $5

VOGUE—Gothic Night: DJ Eternal Darkness

WAR ROOM—Power Bill: Vitamin D, Black Sheep, Beyond Reality, H-Bomb, guests, $8

WATERTOWN—Why Not?, free

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.