BLUE MOON—Hobo Libido, the War on Terror, Mauser


recommended CAFE VENUS—Doublewide, Scattergun, guests, free

CENTRAL SALOON—The Fizzgigs, Good Face for Radio, the Dead X's, $5

recommended CHOP SUEY—Onry Ozzborn (CD release), Grayskul, DJ Abilities, Mr. Hill, guests, $10


CROCODILE CAFE—Heavy Trash, the Sadies, Vinyl Avengers, $10

EL CORAZÓN—Kottonmouth Kings, Sub Noize Souljaz, El Pus, Mower (8 pm, all ages), $16/$18

recommended FUNHOUSE—Armitage Shanks, the Fall-Outs, the Runs, $6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Helen Keller, Death First, Lurid, Dumbass Jones, Mercy Kill (5:30 pm, all ages), $7/$10

HIGH DIVE—Lotion, Manplus, Tableland, $5

HIGHLINER—John Weiss, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Soul Pistols, $5

JAZZ ALLEY—Keiko Matsui (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $24.50

JILLIAN'S—Iisei, H-Bomb, free

KELLS—Grafton Street, free

LEGENDS—The Tim Turner Jam, free

LITTLE RED HEN—Gin Soaked Bar Room Queens

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Citronella, guests, free

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Threat of Beauty, Industrial Revelation, $7

MONA'S—Arturo Rodriguez, free

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Open mic (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—Hans York, Central Services, Andrea Wittgens, Stephanie Schneiderman, $6

recommended NEUMO'S—Sunn o))), Boris, Earth, $10

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—The Hamilton Carson Quintet

OWL 'N THISTLE—Haggis Brothers


PINK DOOR—Tony Yazzolino, free

PREMIER—Rat City Ruckus, HB Surround Sound, the Space Cretins, Ten Ticket Thrill

RAINBOW—State Six, Current Sea, BullFighter, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—Joe Doria, Mike Stone, guests, free

SEATTLE ART MUSEUM—Joe Doria Trio (5:30 pm, all ages), $7

recommended SHOWBOX—The Decemberists, Cass McCombs (8 pm, all ages), $15

recommended SUNSET TAVERN—Reverend Glass Eye, Baby Gramps, Meisce (9 pm), $8

TOST—Marmalade, $6

TRACTOR TAVERN—Mike Dumovich, Ghosts I've Met, Whiting Tennis, $6

TRIPLE DOOR—Wallace Roney Quintet (7 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Ralph Alessi Quintet, $13/$15

recommended VERA PROJECT—The Robot Ate Me, Garden Variety Tsar, Kinoko (7:30 pm, all ages), free


67 LOUNGE—DJ Drew Down

ALIBI ROOM—Apertif: DJ Pauly D and the Domino Boys, free

BADA LOUNGE—Ladies Night: DJ Tone, DV One

BALTIC ROOM—Wicked & Wild: Soul One, guests, $7

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Moist (dance, Top 40), free

BUS STOP—DJ Jerri Blank

CHAPEL—Loud and Queer

CONTOUR—Breaks & Freaks: DJs David Starfire, Osiris Indriya, Pure Circus, Kevin Hills, Bishnutz, Womanipura, guests

ELEMENT—Industry Nights: DJ Kaz, Shyan Selah, $3

FENIX UNDERGROUND—The Bed Room Club: DJ Chance, $5

FU KUN WU @ THAIKU—Ron Weinstein Trio, free

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—DJ Joseph Lyons (hiphop, house), free

KINCORA—London Loves: DJ Haak the Reverend of Rock

LARRY'S—Ladies Night: DJ Roc'phella, $5 for men

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Open House, free

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ & the Bear, free

MARCUS'—Sub-Level: DJ Manos, free

recommended MERCHANTS CAFE—Vinyl Lounge (deep house, hiphop)

MIRABEAU ROOM—Playlist Happy Hour (6 pm), free

MIRABEAU ROOM—Reach Around: DJ Toast

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Soul & Tonics, $7

NEIGHBOURS—Rock Lobster: Trent Von, $3


recommended RE-BAR—Retarded: DJ Freddy King of Pants, Queen Lucky, El Toro, guests, $3

SEATTLE EAGLE—Bareback Thursday: DJ Derek Jordan, guests

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Candy: Mr. Supreme, Sean Majors, Bronze FM

TOI—Happy Hour: Guest DJ

recommended WAR ROOM—The Crunk Life, Happy Birthday Melissa!: DJs DV-One, FourColorZack, $5

WATERTOWN—Underground Grooves: Enkrypted, guests, $5

FRIDAY 10/28


BLUE MOON—Weener, Stay Tuned

CAFE VENUS—The Mu, the Inversions, Jibran, $6

CATWALK—Still Life Projector, the Higher, Paint by Numbers, Nural (8 pm, all ages), $8/$10

CENTRAL SALOON—Tracing Eight, Dead Vampires, Betty Ford Falcons, $8/$12

COFFEE TO A TEA WITH SUGAR—Michael Clune & Sleep Till Noon Trio (8 pm, all ages), free

COMET TAVERN—Infomatik, Umber Sleeping, Catbees, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S—Flat Margaret

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—Okkervil River, Band of Horses, Bats of Belfry, $10/$12

DOC MAYNARD'S—Roger Enders & the Road to Ruin, $12

DUBLINER—Odd Nasty, Cast of the Akwada, $5

recommended EL CORAZÓN—The Briefs, the Hollowpoints, the Bloodclots, the Snot Rockettes (8 pm, all ages), $10

EMP—The Beatniks 15th Anniversary Party: The Beatniks, Spike & the Impalers

FLYING LION CAFE—Central Services, Hans York, free

FUNHOUSE—Hudson Falcons, Falsies on Heat, Repeat Offenders, $6

GALLERY 1412—Catherine Munoz Quintet (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)—Forget the Grey, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Praised by the Masses, Ruthless (7 pm, all ages), $5/$6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Halloween Party: The Elephants, Mono in VCF, We Wrote the Book on Connectors, Please Give Blood , $3/$5

recommended HIGH DIVE—Love as Laughter, Sam Champion, Can't See, $8

HIGHLINER—Reggie Miles Band, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Halloween Party w/the Zydeco Locals, $12

JAZZ ALLEY—Keiko Matsui (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $24.50

JULES MAES SALOON—Hung Dice, Sledgeback, guests, free

KELLS—Grafton Street, free

KIRKLAND TEEN CENTER—From Aphony, A Chance Without, Innnerself, Lines Into Phoenix (7 pm, all ages), $5

LITTLE RED HEN—The Swains, $3

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Altered States of Funk, free


MOLLY MAGUIRE'S—Jukebox Madness, free

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Storrow Band, Kled (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—Flowmotion, Mystery Chi & the Ancestors, $10

NEUMO'S—Suicide Girls Live Burlesque Tour: Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, $12

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—Bluesberry Marmalade, $10/$12

recommended OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)—Roy, Massive Habit, Raul's Cure (8 pm, all ages), $6

OWL 'N THISTLE—Vinyl Avengers, free

PARADOX—The Juliana Theory, JamisonParker, June, guests, $12/$14

PINK DOOR—Northwest Showcase, $5

PREMIER—Grant Wistrom's Halloween Bash: Second Coming, guests, $98

RAINBOW—Water Babies, 2 Bit Trio, $6

RENDEZVOUS—The Goats, the Bastards of Jazz, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—P.K., Davis Martin, Steve Scalfati, guests, $5

SHOWBOX—The Decemberists, Cass McCombs, $15

STUDIO SEVEN—Halloween Bloodbash: The Rock & Roll Solders, the Vacation, guests (9 pm, all ages), $12

SUNSET TAVERN—Halloween Weekend: The Who (Who tribute), $6

THE L.A.B. (SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL)—Fall From Grace, Typical Ace, Ten Ticket Thrill, Road to Ruin, People We Hate (6:30 pm, all ages), $5

THE OULD TRIANGLE—Rapturous Music, free

TOMMY'S—Chela & Georgetown, $5

TOST—B.O.B Festival, $6

TRABANT CHAI LOUNGE—J Turtle, Kim Tuvim (8 pm, all ages), free

TRACTOR TAVERN—Cross Canadian Ragweed, guests, $15

TRIPLE DOOR—Patricia Barber (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $23/$25

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Ralph Alessi Quintet, $13/$15

recommended VERA PROJECT—Wesafari, Crystal Skulls, Velella Velella (7:30 pm, all ages), $7/$8


ALIBI ROOM—Lowbrow: Gavin, Doug, free


BALTIC ROOM—Metro: Soul One, Timbo, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Flirt: DJ Elad (Top 40, old school), free

BESO DEL SOL—DJ Fernando (salsa), $5

BUS STOP—DJs Jerri Blank, El Toro

CENTURY BALLROOM—Outdancing & Halloween Disco Ball, $7

CHAPEL—Rotating DJs: Jeff Calkins, Donovan

recommended CHOP SUEY—Comeback: DJs Colby B, Fucking in the Streets, Porq, MC Chompers, free

CONTOUR—Pangaea: DJs Advent, Anup, Osiris Indriya, guests; Afterhours: DJs Naha, Dig Dug

ELEMENT—DJ Icey, Dig-Dug, Austin Payne

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Club Fenix: DJs Trent Von, Chance, guests, $12

J&M CAFE—DJs Sessions, Sorin, $12

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Jason Schell (hiphop, funk), free

JILLIAN'S—DJs E, BenJammin', free

KINCORA—The Cave: DJ Haak the Reverend of Rock

LARRY'S—R&B Dance Party: DJ D

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Judgement Night 5: Judge Jules, guests

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ David James, free

MARCUS'—fnkDJ, free

MIRABEAU ROOM—Jumbalaya: DJs Vitamin D, Rocafella, $8

MIRABEAU ROOM—Playlist Happy Hour (6 pm), free

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Funky Disco House



NOC NOC—Flow Fridays


recommended R PLACE—DJ Queen Lucky

recommended RE-BAR—DJ Riz, $10

ROCKSPORT—DJ Kenspiracy, free

SEATTLE EAGLE—Meatrack: DJ KC, guests

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Play: Jacob London, Jon Lemmon, Jon Lee, guests

TOI—DJ Christyle, free

TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Darek Mazzone, Nortec Collective, guests, $10

VITO'S—Sucker Free Friday: DJ Tre (hiphop), free

VOGUE—Fabulous Fetish Party: DJ Paul Aleinikoff

WAR ROOM—Gettin' _____: Wesley Holmes, Brian Lyons, Brent Laurence, $5




benaroya hall—Guitars and Saxes: Jeff Golub, Warren Hill, Mindi Abair, Wayman Tisdale, guests

BLUE MOON—Halloween Party: Kled, the Sacred Truths, the Hopscotch Boys, Blast-It Black

BRICK:HOUSE—Halloween Costume Party: Space Creatures from the Year 3000, the Sacred Truths, Mondo Trasho, the Clap, the Oblong Potato (5 pm, all ages), $3/$5

CATWALK—Halloween Party: Bryan, Kamyar (10 pm, 18+), $15

CENTRAL SALOON—Tempered Cast, Windowpane, Late September Dogs, $8/$12


CHOP SUEY—Ben Watt, Erin O' Connor, Hyasinth, $12

COFFEE TO A TEA WITH SUGAR—The Shanks (8 pm, all ages), free

recommended COMET TAVERN—Dirtnap Records Halloween: Charming Snakes, the Cripples, the Old Haunts, $6

CONOR BYRNE'S—Halloween Party w/the Dickel Brothers & the Red Rose Girls

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—Halloween Cover Night: Maiden Seattle, Problem Child, Misfats, Vital Idol, $8/$10

DOC MAYNARD'S—Anthony Gomes, $8/$12

DUBLINER—Snot Rockets & Guests, $5

EL CORAZÓN—Hells Belles, the Golden Gods, Dream On (10 pm), $10/$12

EL CORAZÓN—Hells Belles, Glimpse, Mechanical Dolls (5 pm, all ages), $10/$12

recommended FUNHOUSE—Halloween Show: the Spits, Head, Glenn or Glennda, Rain City Shwillers, $7

GALLERY 1412—Angelina Baldoz/Matt Carlson/Gust Burns, guests (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

recommended GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)—Incurable, TNB, 80 Times Simplified (8 pm, all ages), $5/$6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Halloween Party: Wednesday 13, Chruch of Hate, De-Krep0It, Killing Roots

HIGH DIVE—Bebe Le Strange (Heart tribute), the Relay (Who tribute), $8

HIGHLINER—Lydeco Zydeco, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Slide Guitar Showcase IV, $12

JAZZ ALLEY—Keiko Matsui (7:30 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $24.50

JULES MAES SALOON—Cabaret Macabre: The Bad Things, Baby Gramps, Thomas Truax, guests, $10

KELLS—Grafton Street, free

LEGENDS—Fabulous Johnson's, free

LITTLE RED HEN—Halloween Party: The Swains, $3

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Angel's Halloween Party: James Hilbourne and the Painkillers, ManAlive, guests, $10

MOLLY MAGUIRE'S—Heather Banker, free

MONA'S—Javier Anderson Bossa Nova, free

MONKEY PUB—"Liquor Treat" Halloween Show: Los Peligrosos, Evil Twin, $3

MR. SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Cup of Nikki, Jared Price, Iron Clad, guests (8 pm, all ages), free

NECTAR—Halloween Party featuring In Lake'Ch, Everstone, $6/$8

recommended NEUMOS—Spooky Fall Ball: U.S.E., the Long Ranger, DJ Shortnin, guests, $8/$10

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—Cadillac Jack, $10/$12

OWL 'N THISTLE—West Side, free

recommended PARADOX—Sameer Shukla & the Part-Time Lovers, Darci Cash, the Living Blue, guests (8 pm, all ages), $7

PARAMOUNT THEATRE—Video Games Live (7 pm, all ages), $20-$55

PONCHO CONCERT HALL—Denney Goodhew and the Qhromatics (8 pm, all ages), $7.50/$15

RAINBOW—The American Night, Jett City, Super Vixen, $6

RENDEZVOUS—Basement Funk, $5

ROCKSPORT—Halloween Party w/X35

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—PhonkButt, Prince and the Revolution, $5

SERAFINA—Holly Hamilton Jones

SHOWBOX—Space City Mixer Halloween Party: Coolade, $32.50/$35

STUDIO SEVEN—Graveyard, the Hard Money Saints, London Dungeon, DJ Hubba Hubba (7 pm, all ages), $8

SUNSET TAVERN—Halloween Weekend: The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones tribute), $6

THE L.A.B. (SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL)—Alki Beach, the Jimmy Captains, Spiral Bound, Gefiltofficial (6:30 pm, all ages), $5


TOMMY'S—Nigel Mustafa, $5

TOST—Altered States of Funk, Red Eye Flight, $6

TOWER RECORDS (QUEEN ANNE)—Wally Shoup & Nels Cline (2 pm, all ages), free

TRACTOR TAVERN—Alison Brown Quartet (6:30 pm), $18/$20

TRACTOR TAVERN—Halloween Spooktacular: Dudley Manlove, Fiasco (9 pm), $12/$15

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Ralph Alessi Quintet, $13/$15

recommended VERA PROJECT—Love As Laughter, Sam Champion, the Can't See, Tim Seely (7:30 pm, all ages), $7/$8


67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down

recommended ALIBI ROOM—Spy vs. Spy: DJs Shortnin', Little Jeans, free


BALTIC ROOM—Holla-Ween: DJs FourColorZack, Kid Hops, Suntzu Sound, $5/$10

BESO DEL SOL—DJ Fernando (salsa), $5

BUS STOP—DJs Like the Wolf, Curtis

CHAPEL—Rotating DJs: DJs N8, Danny Massure

CONTOUR—Europa: DJs Misha, Igor; Afterhours: DJ Speedbump, guests



ELEMENT—Atmosphere: DJs Austin Payne, Brett Michaels, Victor Menegaux (dance)

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Club Fenix: DJs Trent Von, Chance, guests, $12

J&M CAFE—Dance Party: DJs Cheeba, Diamond Dave (Top 40), $12

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Suntzu Saturdays: J-Justice & Jayson Powers, guests, free

JILLIAN'S—DJ BenJammin', free

KINCORA—Harder: DJ Seth (metal, punk, rock)

LARRY'S—R&B Dance Party: DJ D, $10

LARRY'S—The Dance Oasis (4 am), $5

LAST SUPPER CLUB—The Official Stoli Halloween Party: Guest DJs

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Justin Case, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Bump 2005: DJs Kimberly S, Dirty Z, $40/$50

MERCHANTS CAFE—Su Casa: DJs Spiker, Sean Majors, Nobel, Shack, Gene Lee, Wik, $5

MIRABEAU ROOM—Desi World: DJs Kazaan, Advent

MR. LUCKY LOUNGE—Plush Promotions

NEIGHBOURS—Power Mix: C89's Randy Schlager


NOC NOC—Crucifixion: DJ Shane, $5

PARAGON—Halloween Howl: DJ Tiger

PREMIER—Monster Bash 2005 Halloween Party, $15

QWEST STADIUM—Freak Night Resurrection Halloween Party: Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Aphrodite, Dom & Roland, Gabriel & Dresdon, Infuenza, Grayarea Live, Liquid Todd, Eva, DJ Icey, and many more (8 pm, 16+), $25-$40


recommended RE-BAR—Pandora's Box: Queen Lucky, $8

SEATTLE EAGLE—Hardcore: DJ FunkyBear

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Rotating Residents: Bryce, DJMB, Recess, Jay Tripwire, Jeff Samuel

TOI—DJ Tone, free

TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Guy, VSOP, Niros, Hyperfunk, $15

VITO'S—Uptown Lounge: DJ Doubles (hiphop, old school), free

VOGUE—Evan's Evil Time Warp

recommended WAR ROOM—Yo Son!: DJ Scene, Soul One


SUNDAY 10/30


BALTIC ROOM—No Tomorrow, $5

CENTRAL SALOON—Universal Measure, Nemesis of Morality, Broken Fifth, $5

recommended CHOP SUEY—Broadcast, Gravenhurst, $12

CONOR BYRNE'S—Ember Swift & Doria Roberts

CROCODILE CAFE—Mat Kearney, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers (7 pm, all ages), $10

recommended EL CORAZÓN—Mon Frere Real Vampires Halloween Ball: Mon Frere, the Catch, the Holy Ghost Revival, Siberian, Catbees (7 pm, all ages), $8

EMP—Family Concert Series: Withholders w/Robb Benson (1 pm, all ages), $7/$10

recommended FUNHOUSE—Moc Moc, the Blind Shake, Sweatband (4 pm), $5

GALLERY 1412—Seattle Improvisors Orchestra (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

recommended HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)—Devil's Night: Exhumed, Infernal Legion, Embalmed, Vulgarizer (5 pm, all ages), $10

JAZZ ALLEY—Keiko Matsui (6:30 and 8:30 pm, all ages), $24.50

KELLS—Liam Gallagher, free

KEYARENA—The Rolling Stones (7:30 pm, all ages), $60-$350

LE PICHET—Bobcat Bob and Frisko Charlie, free


LITTLE RED HEN—Jo Miller & Her Burley Roughnecks, free

MIRABEAU ROOM—The Mycle Wastman Project, $5

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT—Nora Michaels & Paul Whistler, $5

PARAMOUNT THEATRE—Maya & Yoon Do Hyun (7 pm, all ages), $27.50-$67.50

RAINBOW—The Richard Deguare's Halloween Blues Review Party, $4

SEATTLE ART MUSEUM—Laura Welland (CD release), $13/$15

SERAFINA—Anne Reynolds

SHOWBOX—Our Lady Peace, Augustana, Pedestrian (8 pm, all ages), $20

recommended SONIC BOOM RECORDS (BALLARD)—Steven Kellogg & the Sixers (3 pm, all ages), free

SUNSET TAVERN—Halloween Weekend: Gene's Addiction (Kiss tribute), the Sick Things (Alice Cooper tribute), Personality Crisis (New York Dolls tribute) (4pm), $6

TOMMY'S—Motel 5, free

TRACTOR TAVERN—Jamie Laval, $12/$14

TRIPLE DOOR—Olu Dara Quartet (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Claire Daly, $10/$12


BADA LOUNGE—Industry: DJ Christyle, free


CHAPEL—Co-op: Shameless, Anton Bomb, geusts

CONTOUR—Halloween Masquerade: Guest DJs

DEEP DOWN LOUNGE—DJs Mojo, Jason H8e, Raw B (house), free

ELEMENT—Sunday Social: DJs Tamm, Austin Payne, Phase (9 pm, 18+), $10

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Permanent Wave: DJ Trent Von, free


HIGH DIVE—Punk Rawk: DJ JJ, free

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—DJ Joseph Lyons, guests, free

recommended KINCORA—SkateVisions: DJ Bobcat

LARRY'S—The Dance Oasis (4 am), $5

LARRY'S—Dirty South: DJs D'Doxx, Boy Wonder, $5 for men

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Halloween Gala II: DJs Scene, Mr. Supreme

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Justin Case, free

NECTAR—Industry Night: Guest DJs

NEIGHBOURS—Nocha Latino: DJ Luis

NEUMO'S—Sunday T-Dance: DJ Dana Dub, $4

NOC NOC—Resurrection: DJ Shane, $3

R PLACE— DJ Cuddle-Up (indie glam)

recommended RE-BAR—Flammable: DJ Brian Lyons, guests, $5

SEATTLE EAGLE—Jawbreaker: DJs TCTL, guests

WAR ROOM—Chi: DJs Tone, Orion, Chinky Eye

VOGUE—The Devil's Fetish Night

MONDAY 10/31


CENTRAL SALOON—Devil's Food, Test & Control, Jellyneck, $5

recommended CHOP SUEY—Scary Monsters: David Bowie cover night featuring the Pale Pacific, Voyager One, Mercir, Pleasurecraft, Izabelle, Speaker Speaker, and many more, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S—Halloween Blue Grass Jam

EL CORAZÓN—Halloween Party: Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Crisis, Watch Them Die (8 pm, all ages), $15/$17

FUNHOUSE—Halloween!: New Rose, Dead Vampires, Equis, $5

HUB BALLROOM AT UW–O.A.R., As Fast As (6 pm, all ages), $12 with student ID/$26.50 general public

KELLS—Liam Gallagher, free

LITTLE RED HEN—Halloween Costume Party: Jenny & the Tom Cats, free

MOORE THEATRE—311, the Exit (8 pm, all ages), $33.50

MR. LUCkY LOUNGE—Jazz Suspenders featuring Reggie Goings, $10

NECTAR—Mad Peeps' Halloween Ball: Full, Goondocks, free

NEUMOS—Seventh Annual Day of the Dead Ball: Go Like Hell, Dragstrip Riot, Blackout Radio, DJ Hubba Hubba, free


PARAGON—Vicci Martinez

RAINBOW—Amazon Ant, J-Minus, $5

RENDEZVOUS—People We Hate, Typical Ace, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—Cristina Orbe, free

recommended SHOWBOX—Vendetta Red, Schoolyard Heroes, the Lashes (7 pm, all ages), $10/$12

STUDIO SEVEN—Halloween Bash: Only Human, Claymore, Barefoot Barnacle, Severus, Apiary (7 pm, all ages), $8

recommended SUNSET TAVERN—Halloween Show: The Holy Ghost Revival, the Levitations, Tunnels of Love, $5

THE OULD TRIANGLE—Jam Session with Heather Banker

TOST—Tost Halloween Party: Bluegreen, Jazzuhka Trio, $5

TRABANT CHAI LOUNGE—Open mic (8 pm, all ages), free

TRIPLE DOOR—Paris Combo Halloween Show (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $23/$35

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Halloween Party featuring Gutbucket, $10/$12


BADA LOUNGE—Various Artists

BALTIC ROOM—I (heart) Shiva: Peter Madril, Manpreet, guests, $5

CONTOUR—Halloween Showcase: DJs Roc'phella, Top Spin, guests

EL CHUPACABRA—DJ JJ (old country)

FENIX UNDERGROUND—Halloween Bondage Teddy Freakshow: DJs Chance, Trent Von

J&M CAFE—DJs Sessions, Sorin, $5

KINCORA—Psychotropic: DJs Scorpio, Whiplash

LARRY'S—DJs Cide, Element

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Chris, free

MARCUS'—DJ Scorpio

MIRABEAU ROOM—Reggae World Mondays: DJ OneLove, free

recommended NOC NOC—50 Cent Beer Night: DJ Kippy, $5


WAR ROOM—Heroes & Villians Halloween Dance Party: DJs Batman and Robin, $7

LAST SUPPER CLUB—Halloween Erotic Ball

RE-BAR—Disco Bloodbath: DJs Fuckin' in the Streets, Heavy Metal Army, $3

VOGUE—Halloween Monster Bash: DJ Eternal Darkness



CHOP SUEY—The John Benders, Key Note Speaker, Eastern Grip, Penny Romance, $6

CROCODILE CAFE—Metric, Death of a Party, Lovely Feathers, $11/$12

EL CORAZÓN—The Adicts, Bang Sugar Bang, the Diffs, So Unsolved, Dreadful Children (8 pm, all ages), $15/$17

FUNHOUSE—The Deadly Snakes, the Honey Hush, guests, $6

HIGH DIVE—Space Cretins, Madraso, Hollywood Lightweights, $5

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Jangle Bones, $5

JAZZ ALLEY—The Bad Plus, Mocean Worker (7:30 pm, all ages), $21.50

KELLS—Liam Gallagher, free

LITTLE RED HEN—T.N.D. Revue, free

recommended NEUMO'S—Jello Biafra, the Melvins, Altamont, Blöödhag, Baby Gramps (8 pm, all ages), $8/$10


PARAGON—The Robert Stewart Fiasco

PINK DOOR—David Russell, free

RAINBOW—Fatlip, guests, $6

SUNSET TAVERN—Falsies on Heat, the Repeat Offenders, guests, $5

TOST—Dino Haak, Ralph Buckley, SHannon Kringen, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN—The Wailin' Jennys, guests, $12

TRIPLE DOOR—Jeff "Tain" Watts Quartet (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Claire Daly, $10/$12


ALIBI ROOM—Skull Full of Soul: DJ Chilly, free

BALTIC ROOM—Oscilliate: Electrosect, Paul Edwards, Greg Skidmore, guests, $3

CONTOUR—Open Decks: DJs Ato, Graham, Gabe, Ben Shelton, Cylc, free

ELEMENT—Fiesta Tropical: Gustavo, El General, Seattle Salsa All-Stars

FU KUN WU @ THAIKU—DJ Selektor Lopaka, free


KINCORA—Rock-A-Rolla: AJ/DJ, guests

LARRY'S—DJ D'Doxx, Vitamin D, $5 for men

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ 88 (rock), free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP—Liquifi: DJ Flip, Monica Marie, Illscience, free

LO_FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Stop Biting: DJs Hedeki, Kamui, Bumblebee, $3

MARCUS'—DJ Manos, free

NEIGHBOURS—Retrovenge: DJ Dana Dub, free

NOC NOC—I Love the 80s, free

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—World Music Freestyle, free

SEATTLE EAGLE—French Kiss: DJ Fishlure, Femur, free

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Couch (downtempo, groove)

SHORTY'S—War at 33 1/3: DJs C.T.A., free

VITO'S—DJ Chinky Eye (hiphop), free

WAR ROOM—D&B Tuesday, free

WATERTOWN—Presence, free



CENTRAL SALOON—Filthy, Alliance of Defiance, Far Cry, $5

CHOP SUEY—Eric Johnson, guests, $20

CONOR BYRNE'S—Broomdust Blues Jam

recommended CROCODILE CAFE—We Are Scientists, Tourist, $8

EL CORAZÓN—Charlie Drown, Retard-O-Bot, Chruch of Hate, Test & Control, M-Set (7 pm, all ages), $8

FU KUN WU @ THAIKU—Jon Alberts, Jeff Johnson, Tad Britton, Hans Teuber, free

FUNHOUSE—Luna Moth, Magic People, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Tunnel of Love, $5

HIGH DIVE—The Mob Law, free

HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB—Junior Jackson, $5

JAKES ALES—Randy Oxford's Blues Jam

JAZZ ALLEY—The Bad Plus, Mocean Worker (7:30 pm, all ages), $21.50

KELLS—Peter Yeates, Ken Larson, free


PARAGON—Two Buck Chuck

PINK DOOR—Casey MacGill, free

RAINBOW—The Aural Sect, Diesel Truckers, FNK DJ, $5

RENDEZVOUS—Jorge Zorro, Patric Davidson, Barbara Buckland, $5

SEAMONSTER MUSIC—!Nepotistas!, free

SHOWBOX—Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Bayside, Aiden (8:30 pm, all ages), $15

TRACTOR TAVERN—Ferron, $18/$20

TRIPLE DOOR—Ravi Coltrane Quartet (7 and 9:30 pm, all ages), $18/$20

TULA'S—Earshot Jazz Festival: Ben Thomas Quartet, $10/$12



recommended BALTIC ROOM—Wire

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—Wet: Ladies Night, free

BUS STOP—DJ Candy Whiplash

CHAPEL—Jon Lemmon, Jeromy Nail

CONTOUR—Open Mic: DJs Forrest Gump, Selecta Roc, guests, free

DEEP DOWN LOUNGE—9 to Bedtime: Guest DJs, free

EL CHUPACABRA—DJ Uncle Jesse from Full House

J&M CAFE—Ladies Night: DJ Tamm, $7

JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Funk Flight: E. Torrez, J-Sun (house), free

KINCORA—Underlord's Den: DJ Seth

LARRY'S—West Coast Wednesdays: DJs Funk Daddy & Roc'Phella

LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Deutscher Meister, free

LITTLE RED HEN—Karaoke: DJ Nathan, free

MARCUS'—DJ Sean C, free

MERCHANTS CAFE—'80s Revival: DJs Cali Mike, Ron Rourke, Mark M

NECTAR—Dub Championz, DJs Cide, Jahson, $7

NEIGHBOURS—Showtime: DJ Trent Von

NOC NOC—Filthy, free

PIKE PUB & BREWERY—The Positive Charge: The Progressive Tendencies Crew, free


SEATTLE EAGLE—Rebel Wednesday: DJ Freddy King of Pants

SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Grace (house)

VITO'S—DJ Baracoa (salsa), $5

WAR ROOM—DJs Vinroc & Appollo, DV One, $5

WATERTOWN—Why Not?, free