Aftermath Gallery--What's Missing? (9 pm, all ages), $3

BAD ALBERT'S--Brian Butler, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Crossfire, Kite, Cavernous Groover, $5/$8

CENTRAL SALOON--Batter Dean, H is Orange, Wes Dando, $5

* CHOP SUEY--FCS North, Plastiq Phantom People, Sientific American, $6

COFFEE MESSIAH--Monktail Creative Music Concern (8 pm, all ages)

CONOR BYRNE'S--Raybone Experience, free

CROCODILE CAFE--Tart, the Drop, Lesliwood, $6

DUBLINER--Slowfoot, free

GALWAY ARMS--Acoustic Blues Revue

* GRACELAND--Poison the Well, Glassjaw, Recover, Vex Red (6 pm, all ages), $10

GREENLAKE BAR & GRILL--First Circle Trio

HOPVINE--Kareem Kandi Trio, free

* I-SPY--Fairgrove, Verona, $6

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Whores, One Time Through, Drew Victor, $5

J&M CAFE--Herding Cats, $3

LAKEPOINTE--Enkrya, Dope Smoothie, $3

LARRY'S--The Fakes, Shoogacar & Wand, $5

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Stereo Crush, Mines, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Six String Eric & His Lazy Ranch Hands, free

LOCK AND KEEL--Brian Kenney-Fresno

NATION--Colin Jessee Spring and Michael Hallet (7 pm)

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Kennedy Brothers

PARADOX THEATER--The Barbwire Cutters, the Richard Harleman Experience (8 pm, all ages), $7

PARAGON--HB Radke & the Jet City Swingers

PATTI SUMMERS'--Diane Fast Consort

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Jazz Trio, free

POLESTAR MUSIC GALLERY--Staggered Thirds, Vena Cava (8 pm, all ages)

RAINBOW--Decipher, Dead Stare, Section 34, $5

* RE-BAR--Pho Bang!: the Lights, $5

ROX BROILER (KENMORE)--Charles White Band, $5

SAFFRON COW--Noches de Fiesta, free

SCARLET TREE--Das Root w/ Reggie Watts and P.K., $6

SECOND AVENUE PIZZA--Peeking O, V.A.L.I.S., Enemy Kite, the Impulse Item (7:30 pm, all ages), free

SERAFINA--Woody Woodhouse

* SHOWBOX--Acoustic Poi Dog Pondering, Carrie Akre, $13/$15

SIT & SPIN--Bearskin Rugburn, the Loveless, Goodnight Trail, $6

* SUNSET TAVERN--Peter Parker, Dorkweed, Aaron Seemer, $5

THOMPSON'S--Blue Gypsies, free

TOST--Nature Boy Saints, $3

* TRACTOR TAVERN--Jay Bennett & Edward Burch, Virgil Shaw, the Believers, $8/$10


BACCANO--Brian Nova Trio, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, Emperor Had No Brains, Patrick Bennion, $10

BALTIC ROOM--Jumbalaya, DJ Topspin


CAFE SOLSTICE--Kane Mathis (7:30 pm)

CAFE VENUS--Weary, Tiny Kings, $5

CAFE VITA--Jupiter Crash (8 pm, all ages), free

CATWALK--Tempered Cast, Surreal Sutra, Pyro Class Flow, $8

CENTRAL SALOON--Nu Balance, Bandersnatch, $8/$10

CENTURY BALLROOM--Dean Mora (swing), $15/$18

CHOP SUEY--Sasquatch! Search Party featuring members of Maktub, special guests, $10

CONOR BYRNE'S--Tiny Giants, $3

CONTOUR--Metropolis: Mother's Milk (live jazz)

CORNER INN--Mary Hollingsworth, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Acoustic Posies, Visqueen, the Popular Shapes, Tim Scanlin (of Actionslacks), $7

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Beatniks, $10

* DOWNTOWN YMCA--Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, the Downsound, Sole Moxie, Quiet After Nine (8 pm, all ages), $5

FADO--The Weatherheads

FIDDLER'S INN--Karma Sutra, $2

GALWAY ARMS--Tractor Beam

* GRACELAND--Mates of State, Appleseed Cast, Mirah (6 pm, all ages), $10

* GRACELAND--Mates of State, Appleseed Cast, Mirah (10:30 pm), $10

HIGHLINER--Blue Daddy, free

HOKUM HALL--The Three Ragtimers, $12/$14

HOPVINE--Don Goodwin Trio

HURRICANE CAFE--The Potty Mouth Society, KFR, 26000 Volts, Mind Candy, $5

* I-SPY--Carissa's Wierd, Suffering and the Hideous Thieves, Amy Blaschke, $8

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Texylvania, Radio Unfriendly, No Complaints, Danilli, $5

LAKEPOINTE--Nineteen5, Fantastic Four, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Tim Turner w/ Danny Hull, $10

LATONA PUB--Paul Benoit

LITTLE RED HEN--Shadrack, free

MARINA CANTINA--Hi Fi Hippies, $5

MOLLY McGUIRE'S--Carl Funk, free

* MOORE THEATRE--Garbage, Abandoned Pools, $29.50

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Brian Kenney Fresno (8 pm, all ages)

MULLEADY'S PUB--That, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Little Bill & the Bluenotes, $10

OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)--Asahi, the Spit Licks, Steve Koozer, Primrosa (8 pm, all ages), $5

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Old Town Ball & Bucket Caps, $15

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Black Vinyl All Stars

PATTI SUMMERS'--Patti Sumers & Gary Steele Trio

PINK DOOR--Tony Yazzolino and Steve Kamke, free

POLESTAR MUSIC GALLERY--Kallisti (8 pm, all ages)

PRESIDIO BAR & GRILL--PKE Meter, White Rhino, $7

RAINBOW--Nicole Campbell Band, Sugartown w/ Jimm McIver, $6

REDHOOK BREWERY--Gypsy Bluehand, free

SAFFRON COW--Sarah Severson, free

SCARLET TREE--Grüvbox, $7

SECOND AVENUE PIZZA--Third Rail Delivery, guests (8 pm, all ages), free

SERAFINA--Seattle Express

* SHOWBOX--Frank Black and the Catholics, David Lovering, $15

SIT & SPIN--Crystal Radio, Hourglass Lake, the Blakely's, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Jerry and the PhilBillys

STEEL SKY--Joanne Rand, Rye, $5

SUNSET TAVERN--The Model Rockets, Huge Spacebird, Small Change, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Cave Catt Sammy, the Donnettes, Saint Christopher & the Jet City Angels, $7


* UPTOWN ESPRESSO (BELLTOWN)--Peter Parker, the Ruby Doe, Enders of Ozone (7 pm, all ages), $5

ZAK'S--Dorgan Oner, Burning Alive, Agony of Defeat, $5


BAD ALBERT'S--Nicole Fournier, $2



CAFE VENUS--Wine, Women and Chocolate: Sarah Severson, Ivory Smith, Margo Lauritzen, $8

CATWALK--Apoptygma Berzerk, Be Born Beton, Computer Girl, $25

CENTRAL SALOON--Bambaji, Warsaw, $8/$10

* CHOP SUEY--Cutthroats 9, Crictor, Alta May, $10

CONOR BYRNE'S--Clay Pipe, $3

CORNER INN--Mary Hollingsworth, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Dear John Letters, Jon Auer, the Divorce, $7

* DOC MAYNARD'S--Grunge, $10

* DOWNTOWN YMCA--Aveo, Woke Up Falling, the Catch, Daniel G. Harmann (8 pm, all ages), $5

DUBLINER--Kaos Inc., free

* EMP--DJ Spooky (9 pm, all ages), $12/$15

FADO--The Kennedy Brothers

FIDDLER'S INN--Original Pot Belly Boys, $2


GALWAY ARMS--Owl 'n' Thistle Band

GORGE--Sasquatch! feat. the String Cheese Incident, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Galactic-Blackalicious, Soulive, Maktub (noon, all ages), $45.70

* GRACELAND--Dustin Diamond & His Circus of Freaks, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine (8 pm, all ages), $12

HIGHLINER--Carolyn Cruso, free

HOKUM HALL--The Three Ragtimers, $12/$14

HOPVINE--Sixth Monk

* INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Billy Moon, Itzatomic Darling (Ana Saskia), $5

KOLBEH--Hejira w/ belly dancers

LAKEPOINTE--Liquid Messiah, Tremorcordis, NYCE, $5

LARRY'S--Dr. Funk, $10

LATONA PUB--Purple Martin

LITTLE RED HEN--Shadrack, free

LOBO SALOON--Wrekdefy, Graveyard Shift, the Republicans, Dr. Toms Cure for Evil

LOCK & KEEL--Mother's Milk


MOLLY McGUIRE'S--Michael Hill, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Paula Maya (8 pm, all ages)

MULLEADY'S PUB--Civilized Animals, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Little Bill & the Bluenotes, $10

O'SHEA'S--The Garhooker Project

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Lowgrounders, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Black Vinyl All Stars

PATTI SUMMERS'--Drew Victor & Passing Friends, Daffodil 11, August Spies

PINK DOOR--Tamara the Trapeze Lady, free

RAINBOW--Phat Sidy Smokehouse, $5

REDHOOK BREWERY--Sister Guitar, free

SCARLET TREE--Korla Wygal & Her Private Reserve (CD release), $7

* SECLUDED ALLEY WORKS--The Typing Explosion, the Microphones, 33 Fainting Spells, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Ellen Forney, the Blow, and guests (4 pm, all ages), $5

SERAFINA--"Vira Lata" The Choro Trio

SHARK CLUB (KIRKLAND)--Grüvbox, $8/$10

* SHOWBOX--Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado & Gathered in Song, T.W. Walsh (6 pm, all ages), $10/$12

SIT & SPIN--Point One (CD release), Underride (CD release), the Merchants, $5

ST. CLOUDS--Black Velvet

STEEL SKY--Willow, Tiger Zane, Kellee Bradly, $7

STELLA PIZZA--The Dirty Birds, Dragstrip Riot, Big John Bates Band, $5

SUNSET TAVERN--Flamethrower, Milhous, Section One, $5

THE FREMONT DOCK--Blues Croanies & Friends

THE HOLE (PORT ORCHARD)--New Realization, Bus 17, Safety Pin Included, Abrupt Edge (8 pm, all ages), $5

THEATER OFF JACKSON--The Sweet Science, Xui Xui, the Dutch Flat (8 pm, all ages), $6

TOMMY'S--The 100th Monkey, Optimus Rhyme, T-Macn

TOST--Siamese, $5

* TRACTOR TAVERN--The Lawnmowers (CD release), John Hyde Band, $7

* VICTROLA COFFEE & ART--Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players (8 pm, all ages), free

ZAK'S--Fartz, Stinky Punk Bitches (reunion), Old Man Smithers, $5


ACORN--Andrea Dupree, David Pascal, Greg Fulton

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--The Empty Spaces, Trination, Phokus, Crash Avenue (2 pm, all ages), $8/$10

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--The Empty Spaces, Mama's Head Trip, Fiction Moon (9 pm), $8


CHINA JADE--Dennis Shadduck, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Pinback, Crooked Fingers (5 pm, all ages), $10/$12

* CROCODILE CAFE--Pinback, Crooked Fingers, Maquiladora (8 pm), $12

FIDDLER'S INN--Jonathan DuPen, $1

FLOYD'S PLACE--Jennifer Savage, free

GRACELAND--Tagging Satellites, Bugs in Amber, Picastro, Amy Blaschke, $6

HOPVINE--Marc Olsen

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--James Whiton & the Jazz Rednecks, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Rogers Roger's Invitational Jam, $5

LE PICHET--Charlie Spring (2:30 pm), free

LITTLE RED HEN--Jerry & the PhilBillys, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Jazz Strings, $6

PARAGON--Park Olson

PARAMOUNT THEATRE--'70s Soul Jam w/ the Stylistics, the Chi-Lites, the Delphonics, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, Cuba Gooding Sr. (8 pm, all ages), $37.50/$47.50

RAINBOW--Discohesive, Changes Daily, $5

* SIT & SPIN--Cavity: the Bronze, Severhead, $4

ST. CLOUDS--Trevor Wheetman

SUNSET TAVERN--This (8:30 pm), $5

SUNSET TAVERN--Jive Turkey (10 pm), $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Trio de Janeiro

THEATER OFF JACKSON--Infinite X's, Usasexual, Neon Panda, Tami Hart (8 pm, all ages), $6

TOST--Jean Mann, Kym Tuvim, Claire Bard, $8

TRACTOR TAVERN--Das Booty, Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet, $5


BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova & Funk 69

CENTRAL SALOON--Monday Metal Madness, $5

* GRACELAND--Monday-Funday!: The Charming Snakes, New Luck Toy, DJ Sterling, $3

J&M CAFE--The Rubberband, free

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Enders Brothers, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Tommy Westley, Don Kellogg, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Tom Parker (8 pm, all ages)

PARADOX THEATER--Piece by Piece, Skare Tactic, Fall From Grace (8 pm, all ages), $5

ST. CLOUDS--Tom Bennett & the Rolling Blackouts

SUNSET TAVERN--78 Nova: John Wicks, Steve Scalfati, Joe Doria, DJs Ams, Mug Frosty (d&b), $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Cash for Junkers, $5


AVENUE ONE--Lisa de Costa, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Lise Nicole Band, guests, $5

CHINA HARBOR--Radio Rhythm Orchestra, DJ Nosey Joe, $5

* CHOP SUEY--Akimbo, Blöödhag, guests, $5

COFFEE MESSIAH--Cognitive Dissidents: Greg Headley, guests (8 pm, all ages), free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Track Star, Automaton, the Revolutionary Hydra, $7

* GRACELAND--The Distillers, Mea Culpa, the Hollow Points (8 pm, all ages), $8

IRISH EMIGRANT--Jam on White Bread

KISMET--Chris Spencer Trio

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Tim Turner Band, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Tommy Westley & Don Kellogg, free

LULU'S--Tim Friedlander Quartet

MEANY HALL--UW Percussion Ensemble, $5/$8

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Neon Brown (8 pm, all ages)

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--John Bishop, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--B-Bop & Destruction

PARAGON--Robert Stewart & Cameron Williams

PATTI SUMMERS'--UW Jazz Ensemble

PINK DOOR--Tony Yazzolino and Steve Kamke, free

RAINBOW--Hair of the Dog, $5

RE-BAR--Local 101: the Psychotrophics, Little Luanne, $5

SCARLET TREE--Jam on White Bread, $3

SUNSET TAVERN--Garth Reeves, Deanna Knudsen, Gerald Collier, Jared Clifton, Amy Read, $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Marco de Carvalho

VOGUE--The Viscious Dolls

ZAK'S--Los Gatos Locos, Slit Liquor, Dead Cats, Drag Strip Riot, Hung Dice, $5


BAD ALBERT'S--John Parry, free

BIT SALOON--Rambling Roberts

CENTRAL SALOON--The Diablotones, Los Gatos Locos, Los Kokadots, $5

CROCODILE CAFE--Notary Republic, Blue Spark, Jodie Watts, $6

GRACELAND--Brodie, 3 Story Head, Deception Pass, Ugly Duckling, $5

I-SPY--DMX Krew, Bogdan Racynski, Ovuca, Cylob, $10

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Peaches and Cream, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Charles White All Star Jam, $5

MARINA CANTINA--Marc Lagen, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Sam Lowry (8 pm, all ages)

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Eric Verindi Jazz Trio, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Root Stand

* PARADOX THEATER--Rocky Votolato, Suffering and the Hideous Thieves, 27, Amy Blashke (8 pm, all ages), $8

PARAGON--The Imaginaires

PATTI SUMMERS'--Ryan Burns Orchestra

PINK DOOR--The Julie Cascioppo Experience, free

RAINBOW--Kalass, Nabi, $5

ST. CLOUDS--Charlie Hiestand

SUNSET TAVERN--Rockaraoke w/ the Legendary George Jefferson Starship, $5

* TACOMA DOME--Britney Spears, Nikka Costa, $39.705/$75.50

TOI--Buckshot Jazz Trio, free

TRACTOR TAVERN--J Mascis, Mike Johnson, $15


WIT'S END--Open mic, $2

Support The Stranger

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.