700 CLUB--Soul Power: Al Rowe Project

BAD ALBERT'S--Annieville Blues, free


*BREAKROOM--Graig Markel, Cabrini Green, Lila, $6

CENTRAL SALOON--Superjaded, Surreal Sutra, Tamaras, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S--McSorley's Reeks, free

*CROCODILE--Carmine, Sweet Tea, Pris, $6

FIRESIDE ROOM--Overton Berry, free

*FOXES--Phó Bang: Ursula Android w/ DJ Baby J, $5

GALWAY ARMS--Owl 'n' Thistle Band

GRACELAND--Speedball Racer, $5

HURRICANE CAF:--San Pedro Circus Jam, free

J&M CAFE--J. R. Boogie, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Ernestine Anderson & the Rich Dangel Big Band, $14.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Tim Turner Band, $5

LEGENDS--Alice Stuart

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Holly Figueroa, Amy Mahardy, free

LOCK AND KEEL--Dave Conant & the D-Rangers, $2

MONA'S--Fred Hoadley Trio, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Ham Carson Quintet, $5

*OK HOTEL--Juke, Midnight Choir, $5

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Open mic, free

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Kennedy Brothers

PALOMINO--Bob Heinemann Trio, free

*PARADOX--Benefit for PCC w/ the Blood Brothers, Waxwing, Akimbo, Hollywood Mike Miranda, Drowning in Lithe (8 pm, all ages), $5

PARAGON--H. B. Radke & the Jet City Swingers

PATTI SUMMERS'--Patti Summers

PEACE CAFE--Open mic, free

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Trio, free

*PLANET HOT ROD--Giant Harley Gathering (4 pm)

RAINBOW--Oxygen Ensemble, $5

SCARLET TREE--The Root w/ Reggie Watts & P. K., $5

*SIT & SPIN--Dorkweed, Step Rocket, Mayfly, $6

SLIDERS (RENTON)--Afrodisiacs, $6

SUNSET TAVERN--Johnny Legend, the Donettes, the Swaynes, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--The Souvenirs, $5

TROLLEYMAN PUB--Brian Kent Quartet, free

FRIDAY 12/29

700 CLUB--Seraphonic

BACCANO--Brian Nova Trio

BAIT-HOUSE--Phil Brooks, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Afterfist, Division of Revelation, $6

*BALTIC ROOM--Jumbalaya

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE--Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band w/ Aben Fearon, Soul 1, $10

BREAKROOM--Cinematics, Blue Collar Love, $6

CATWALK--Roxy Lopez, Jack Mittleman, Dowry, $7

CENTRAL SALOON--Birdsaw, Honey Tongue, ATF, $10

CONOR BYRNE'S--Setanta, $3

CORNER INN--Kimball Conant & the Fugitive Combo

*CROCODILE--New Original Sonic Sound, the Wellwater Conspiracy, the Pulses, $8

FIRESIDE ROOM--Overton Berry, free


GIBSON'S--Benefit for Central Seattle Grassroots Radio w/ King Louie's One Man Band, the Nearly Deads, the Bad Girls, the Stuck-Ups, $6

GRACELAND--Benefit for Paul Radabaugh w/ Gruntruck, Ruston Mire, the Pinkos

*GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)--Jen Wood, Michael Compton (8 pm, all ages), $5

HABANA'S--Afterhours (progressive house), $5

HOPVINE--Philip Van Seters, Chris Bocker, $2

HURRICANE CAF:--Sufferbox, Switch, free

*JAZZ ALLEY--Ernestine Anderson & the Rich Dangel Big Band, $14.50/$18.50

LAKEPOINTE--Dead But Dreaming, Ashland, Counterfist, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Phat Sidy Smokehouse, $10

LATONA PUB--Orville Johnson, $2

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--John Stephan, free

MELTING POT RESTAURANT--Glynn Brothers Quartet

NEO BISTRO--Nick Vigarino, free


*OK HOTEL--The Drop, Sushi Robo, Man of the Year, $6

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Latin Expression, $10

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl 'N' Thistle Band

PINK DOOR--Rufena, free

PLANET HOT ROD--Made in the Shade, Six Pack Pretty, Point No Point, $5

RAIN DANCER--Windowpane, Smash Velvet, $5

RAINBOW--Matt Bruno, Victory Lap, $5

ROYAL CASINO--Pop Culture, free

SEATTLE CATCH--Barbara Miller, free

SERAFINA--Leo Raymundo Trio

SHOBOAT (TACOMA)--Argonaut, Sludgeplow, Kittitas

SIT & SPIN--Room XIII, Jack the Hot Rod, the Prom Kings, $7

SUNSET TAVERN--Midnight Choir, the Blue Lodge Quartet, DJ Jimmy Jeff, $5

*TRACTOR TAVERN--Supersuckers Country Hoo-Haw, the Phinney Ridge Rangers, Mossy Rocks, $8


VICTROLA--Kevin Campion & His Rhythm Champions (8 pm, all ages), free

ZAK'S--EV!, Escape Goat, Thor, Ten Days Late


700 CLUB--Digable All-Stars

BAD ALBERT'S--Cooke & Green, $2

BAIT-HOUSE--Bait House All-Star Band, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--San Pedro Circus, October Sun, Piro Class Flow, $8

*BARGE INN--Gerald Collier, free

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Yoka Enzenze, free

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE--Rankin' Scroo & Ginger, Sister Luv & JB, Selector Geno, $10

*BREAKROOM--The Spits, the Pinkos, $6

CATWALK--Nueva Era, $15

CENTRAL SALOON--Clockwise, Custom Hustler, $10

CONOR BYRNE'S--The Raybone Experience, $3

CORNER INN--Kimball Conant & the Fugitive Combo

*CROCODILE--Kultur Shock, Guardian Alien, $8

DOC MAYNARD'S--Afrodisiacs, $10

ELYSIAN--Going South, John Shaw & the Group, The'M Dudes, $6

FIRESIDE ROOM--Overton Berry, free


GO CLUB (OLYMPIA)--God for Life, 16 Penny, Herbal Cure, Beatnik Party, Sister Sound Brother Beat, T. C. Rag Doll, $5

GRACELAND--SPM Unlimited, Healer, Ton, $8

HIGHLINER--Bigfoot Zoo, free

HOPVINE--Antony DiGennaro acoustic originals, $2

HURRICANE CAF:--Division of Revelation, the Rookies, free

*I-SPY/NATION--Source of Labor, Beyond Reality, Candidt, DJ Vitamin D, Topshelf, S.O.T.G., $10

ICON GRILL--Scot Ranney

*JAZZ ALLEY--Ernestine Anderson & the Rich Dangel Big Band, $14.50/$18.50

LAKEPOINTE--Jaded Mary, Big Hippie Love Buckle, Greatest American Hero, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Korla Wygal & Her Private Reserve, $10

LATONA PUB--Vira Lata, $2

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--John Stephan, free

MONA'S--Steve Grigg Trio, $2

NEO BISTRO--Nick Vigarino, free


NIKO'S PLACE--Grecian Sounds Bouzouki Trio w/ bellydancer Zaphara, free

O'SHEA'S EASY STREET PUB--Sam Maynard Project

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Salsa Extravaganza, $10

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Les Femmes d'Enfer, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl 'N' Thistle Band

PARAMOUNT--Kenny G, $48/$73

PINK DOOR--Marco de Carvalho, free

PLANET HOT ROD--Medusa, Drunk as Usual, Weight of the World, $5

RAINBOW--Bigfoot Zoo, Beecraft, $6

ROCKSPORT--70 Proof, $10

ROYAL CASINO--Pop Culture, free

SEATTLE CATCH--Vira Lata, free

SERAFINA--Ann Reynolds w/ Tobi Stone

*SHOWBOX--Super Diamond, $15

SIT & SPIN--Undisputed Heavyweight Champions, the Razorbabes, Milhous, Youth at Risk, $7

SUNSET TAVERN--Nature Boy Saints, Whoa Nelly, Max Press, Ryan Mefferd, $5


TRACTOR TAVERN--Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco Roadrunners, $12

TROLLEYMAN PUB--First Circle, free

ZAK'S--Agent 86, Hot Rod Lunatics, Jimmy Flame & the Sexy Boys, Quick 66, Old Man Smithers, $5

SUNDAY 12/31

700 CLUB--Phat Sidy Smokehouse, $12

ARISTOCRAT'S--Clockwork (trance, house), $10

BAD JUJU LOUNGE--DJs XCO, Thermogenesis (metal, punk, rock), free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Boogie Squid, Late September Dogs, Camel Toe, Calloused, Guilt By Association, Cow Hammer, $10

*BALTIC ROOM--Maktub, DJ Vitamin D, $20


BLUE MOON TAVERN--The Shmoes, free

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE--Rankin' Scroo & Ginger, Sister Luv & JB, Selector Geno, $30

*BREAKROOM--Karaoke Prom Night w/ Sabrina Rock Arena (appropriate dress required)

CENTRAL SALOON--Rubberneck, $25

CENTURY BALLROOM--Yerba Buena (formal attire), $40

CHINA JADE--Dennis Shadduck & Pete Carrabba, free

CONOR BYRNE'S--The Suffering Gaels

*CONSOLIDATED WORKS--Heaven & Hell Ball w/ Harvey Danger, DJ Almightydolla, Johnny Lonely, Janna Wachter, $15

*CROCODILE--The Crust Brothers, Robbie Fulks, Fred Armisen, $15

DOC MAYNARD'S--Coolade, $10

ELYSIAN--2001 Allstars, $15/$20

*GRACELAND--Hell's Belles, the Gun St. Girls, $15

HURRICANE CAF:--The Chads from Florida, Structure, the Sex Philes, free

*I-SPY/NATION--Dudley Manlove Quartet, the Shitkickers, the Swank Palace, Danceteria w/ Darek Mazzone, MC Queen Lucky (creative attire requested), $35/$40

ICON GRILL--Scot Ranney

*JAZZ ALLEY--Ernestine Anderson & the Rich Dangel Big Band, $50.50/$100

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Charles White Band, $30

LEGENDS--Tim Turner Band w/ Michael Kahler, $30

*LINDA'S--The Boss Martians, Six-String Eric & His Lazy Ranch Hands, $8

MONA'S--Melvin Peterson Quartet

NEO BISTRO--Dana Lupinacci & the Jive Guys, $75


O'SHEA'S PUB--Gadzooks!

*OK HOTEL--The Makers, Zen Guerrilla, Dodi, $20

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Les Femmes d'Enfer, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl 'N' Thistle Band

PARAMOUNT--Kenny G, $48/$73

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Dance Band, free

PLANET HOT ROD--Cripple, Outtapocket, Suffer Gauge, Painted Window, $5

RAIN DANCER--Subdwellers, $6

RAINBOW--Windowpane, ATF, While Away, $6

*RENDEZVOUS--2001: Support the Monolith w/ the Shockwaves, Hung, Mindless Thugs, Firecrotch, $3

ROYAL CASINO (EVERETT)--The Machine, free


*SHOWBOX--Super Diamond, $40

*SIT & SPIN--764-HERO, Carissa's Wierd, Aveo (9:30 pm, 21+, $14); Sureshot Sunday (3 pm, all ages, $5)

*SUNSET TAVERN--Christy McWilson, Scott McCaughey, Erick Danheim & Blackie, the Model Rockets, $15

TINI BIGS LOUNGE--Lincoln Briney Trio, free

TOMMY'S--Left Hand Smoke, $20

TRACTOR TAVERN--The Paladins, Shinola, Judge Roy Bean, $15

TULA'S--Marc Seals' Jam Session, $5

VILLAGE INN PUB--Open mic, free


700 CLUB--Norm Balles Project

AGUA VERDE CAFE--Zhaoui, free

ART BAR--Open mic, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Duce Ex Machina, Pneuma, Grievance, Beatnik Party, Kingpin Hayes, Low-Rize, No One, Aggressive Nature, Red Hourglass, Samsara (2 pm, all ages), $6

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova & Funk 69

CENTRAL SALOON--Nine Below Zero Blues Jam, $5


HOPVINE--Songwriters Showcase, free

*I-SPY/NATION--SIL2K: the Stools, Matt Shoemaker, the SIL2K Ensemble, $5

ICON GRILL--Scot Ranney

J&M CAFE--Henry Cooper All-Star Blues Jam, free

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Roger Rogers Band, free

LIZZARD LOUNGE--The Jim Basnight Thing

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--New Orleans Quintet, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Salsa Extravaganza, $30


*700 CLUB--Bassackwards


BREAKROOM--Death by Stereo, Champion, Faded Grey, Count Me Out (8 pm, all ages), $7

CROCODILE--Abbot Finney, Mayfly, $5

DUBLINER--Open mic, free

EL NI--O--Andre Feriante, free

ICON GRILL--Scot Ranney

J&M CAFE--Doug Lynn Band, free

*JAZZ ALLEY--Remembering Wes Montgomery Quintet w/ Melvin Rhyne, Killer Ray Appleton, $14.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Scott Harris Band, free


LITTLE RED HEN--Rockin' Country Piano Bar, free

MUDSHARK BAR--Smooth Groove

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--File Gumbo Zydeco Band, free

OK HOTEL--Blue Glove Club, $3

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Barfly, $5

*PARADOX--State of the Union, Teen Cthulhu, the Assistant, Forstella Ford (8 pm, all ages), $6

PINK DOOR--Black Cat Duo, free

RAINBOW--Hammer of the Gods, $5

SCARLET TREE--Straight Ahead, free

SLIDERS (RENTON)--Ragamuffin, $2

SUNSET TAVERN--Nick Rolfe, John Wicks, $5

TRAVELERS--Open mic, free


700 CLUB--Get Back Play'az

BARGE INN--Carvalho Brothers, free

CENTRAL SALOON--Mayday, Bendt, Ramona's Ghost, $5

*CROCODILE--Her Last Arrow, A Man Called Sun, Beware of Clevo, $6

FIESTA MEXICANA--Immaculate Flave Hiphop Showcase

FLOYD'S PLACE--Open mic, free

HOPVINE--Open mic, free

ICON GRILL--Scot Ranney

*JAZZ ALLEY--Ernestine Anderson & the Rich Dangel Big Band, $14.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Charles White's All-Star Jam, $5

LEGENDS--The Trouble Boys


MUDSHARK BAR--Smooth Groove

*NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Floyd Standifer, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Seattle Slim, $5

PARADOX--F-Minus, the Unseen, Carry On (8 pm, all ages), $6

PATTI SUMMERS'--Patti Summers

PINK DOOR--Kristin Jancoski, free

PIONEER SQUARE SALOON--Open mic w/ C. A. Sinatra

RAIN DANCER--Open mic, free

RAINBOW--Transmutations, $5

SCARLET TREE--Ernest Humphrey, Thaddius Turner, Gerald Turner, & Davy C, $5

SERAFINA--Alex Guilbert

SUNSET TAVERN--Rockaraoke w/ the Legendary Red Lesters, $5

*TRACTOR TAVERN--Hank Williams Wednesday w/ the Buckaroosters, $6


ZAK'S--The Unseen, F-Minus, Positively Negative, $4

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