THU 03-11

2218--Stephanie Porter & Craig Hoyer

700 CLUB--Michael White Quartet

ARO.SPACE--Grooverider, Fabio, $11

BAD ALBERT'S--Annieville & Kim Field, $2

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Tony & the Moonshadows, Big Picture Justice, Catalina Izaza, $5

BALTIC ROOM--Guitar Monks

BOHEMIAN--Rude Boy, $3/$5

*BREAKROOM--The Valentine Killers, The Cuckoos, Glenmont Popes, Speedball Racer, $5

CENTRAL SALOON--Tony Coleman, $5

COLOURBOX--Storm & Her Dirty Mouth, Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violet, Sparkle Jet, $4/$5

*CROCODILE--Medicate, New American Shame, Laughter Train, $4.99

GALWAY ARMS--Jack & Leo, free

GIBSON'S--The Robots, Guests

HIGHLINER--Scott Weiskopf, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff, Frank Wess

KING CAT THEATER--Taj Mahal, Cootie Stark, Beverly "Guitar" Watkins, Neal Pattman, Mudcat

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Tim Turner Band, $5

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Winard Harper Sextet, $5

OFF RAMP--Goin' South, Frail, Moc Moc, free

*OK HOTEL--Muzzle, Dodi, Frequency db, Like Like Feel, $6


OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Phil Brooks Quartet

OWL & THISTLE--Kerry Lauer Band

PARAGON--Korla Wygal

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Jazz Trio, jazz, free

PLANET HOT ROD--Rock Jam, with Wide Open & the Minerals, $2


RAINBOW BAR & GRILL--Swami Nalgas Quartet

RUPERT'S--Blue Light Party, with DJ Jeff, free


SERAFINA--Ron Weinstein, free

*SHOWBOX--Built To Spill, The Delusions, 764-HERO, $10

*SIT & SPIN--Willow, Aiko Shimada, Mary Lydia Ryan, J.R., $6

SPEAKEASY--Furious Skills, $3

*TRACTOR TAVERN--Neko Case, Michelle Malone

TULA'S--Mid-Eastern Music & Bellydancing, $5

FRI 03-12

2218--Hans Brehmer

ART BAR--Push, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Hit Explosion!, $10

BALTIC ROOM--Monty Banks, Jordan Corbin

BOHEMIAN--Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, $5/$8

*BREAKROOM--Zen Guerrilla, The Gimmicks, Subsonics, $6

CENTRAL SALOON--Second Nature, $8

CONOR BYRNE'S--The Hank Dogs

COLOURBOX--Fields of Mars, Dejha, Slapdash, Chronically Stranger, $6/$8

CROCODILE--Vast, Oleander, $8

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Retro's, $8

FENIX ABOVE--Dudley Manlove Quartet, $8

FIDDLER'S INN--Reggie Garrett & Gary Westcott, $2

FOUR ANGELS CAFE--Open Jazz Jam, free

GALWAY ARMS--Bill Galloway, Barry Foy, Muraid Gerahty, free

*GIBSON'S--The Ya Ya's, Guests

HIGHLINER--Odd Men Out, free

HOPVINE--Ellen Reed

JAZZ ALLEY--Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff, Frank Wess

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Tim Turner Band, $8

LATONA PUB--Chris Stevens

MADISON'S CAFE--Jonathan Kingham


MURPHY'S PUB--Chris Murphy, $2

NEO BISTRO--Dana Lupinacci

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Winard Harper Sextet, $8

OFF RAMP--Local 808, DXD, Groovebender, $6

*OK HOTEL--Huge Space Bird, Green Pajamas, Wide Bodied Jets, Alan Charing, $6

*OLD REDMOND FIREHOUSE--Tight Bros. From Way Back When, Catheters, Imipolex G, Eternal 13, $5

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Charles White

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Rhonda Pelikan, $5

OWL & THISTLE--The Owl & Thistle Band

PARAMOUNT--Sugar Ray, Everlast, $20

PINK DOOR--Shoehorn, free

PLANET HOT ROD--Relic, Lazy Plain, Adam 12, Sea Jayne Trip, Division 9, China Davis, No Quarter, $5

RAIN DANCER--BeBop & Destruction, $3

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL--Godot, Storm & Her Dirty Mouth

REDHOOK BREWERY--Bourbon, free

*RKCNDY--Built To Spill, Imperial Teen, The Delusions, $10

SCARLET TREE--Virtual Reality, $6

SEATTLE CATCH--Mary Lofstrom & Fishbelly Music, free

*SHOWBOX--Love & Rockets, Orgy, $22.50

*SIT & SPIN--The Fastbacks, Shuggie, Even, $6

*SPEAKEASY--Kombo Kraig, $3

THE MONKEY--Ex-Girl, Nature Boys, Guests, $3

TRACTOR TAVERN--St. Bushmill's Choir, Easy Big Fella

TULA'S--Bill Ramsay Quartet, $7


SAT 03-13

2218--Hans Brehmer

700 CLUB--Diggable

BAD ALBERT'S--Dick Powell & Jimmy Frank, $2

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Robin Trower, $25

BALTIC ROOM--Tiger Zane, $5

BOHEMIAN--The Toyes, The Herbivores, $5/$8

*BREAKROOM--Severna Park, Mars Accelerator, The Push Kings, $6

CENTRAL SALOON--Fat James Band, $8

COLOURBOX--Delbert, Quickie, Suitcase, Suns of the Shaking Earth, $6/$8

*CROCODILE--Damnations, Richard Buckner, Marc Olsen, $8

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Beatniks, $8

DRINK TAVERN--Blue, with the Filthy Sound Players

*DV8--Less Than Jake, All, Good Riddance, Limp, $10

ELLIOT BAY BREWING--Heather Banker, free

*ELYSIAN--Citizen's Utilities, The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous, $6


FIDDLER'S INN--Chris Gross Duo, $2

GALWAY ARMS--Dark Molly, free

GIBSON'S--Bee Craft, Throttle Rod, Guests

HIGHLINER--Hanuman, free

HOPVINE--Way Milky

JAZZ ALLEY--Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff, Frank Wess

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Voodoo Roosters, $8

MADISON'S CAFE--Annie Gallup, Larry Murante

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Peter Kardas, Steve Ball & Friends

*MOTHERSHIP--Nazareth, No Quarter, $18

MURPHY'S PUB--Pint O' Guinness, $2

NEO BISTRO--Dana Lupinacci

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Winard Harper Sextet, $8

NIKO'S PLACE--Grecian Sounds Bouzouki Trio & bellydancer Zaphara

OFF RAMP--Old Lady Litterbug, Dinsdale, Resin Room, $5

*OK HOTEL--Nevada Bachelors, Alien Crime Syndicate, Snowmen, Old Gin Swag, $6

*OLD REDMOND FIREHOUSE--Brother's Keeper, Left With Nothing, Harkonen, Harbinger, $5

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Charles White

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Fabulous Bumblebees, $5

OWL & THISTLE--The Owl & Thistle Band

PINK DOOR--Shoehorn

PLANET HOT ROD--Harry's Attic, Eye In Time, DXD, Vendetta, $5

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL--The Whole Bolivian Army, Storm & Her Dirty Mouth

REDHOOK BREWERY--Root Jooce, free

ROCKSPORT--Afrodisiacs, $8

RUPERT'S--Absolut Seduction, with DJ Brett Michaels & DJ Dell, $7

SCARLET TREE--Virtual Reality, $6

SEATTLE CATCH--Manah, free

*SHOWBOX--Donald Glaude, Roman, Quest, Kipp, $10

SIT & SPIN--Jack & Blak, Piece of Sol, Oracles Creed, $6

SPEAKEASY--Eyes Like Mars, $5

SPEAKEASY BACKROOM--Aiko Shimada, Guests, $7

*SUB POP MEGA MART--Toothpaste 2000, free

*TRACTOR TAVERN--Rockin' Teenage Combo, Goin' South, Johnny Ross

TULA'S--John Hansen Trio, Ian Sweet, $7

TWO BELLS TAVERN--Special K, free

SUN 03-14

*700 CLUB--Kaya, with guest DJs

BALTIC ROOM--Miracle Whip

BANDOLEONE--Marco de Carvalho, free


*BREAKROOM--Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, The Cripples, The Tokyo Drifters, $6

COLOURBOX--Pain, Mr. Yuck, Linus, $3/$5

CONOR BYRNE'S--Irish Session, free

DEXTER HAYES PUBLIC HOUSE--Kimball & the Fugitives

FIDDLER'S INN--Heather Banker, $1

GALWAY ARMS--Oliver Mulholland, free

HOPVINE--The Furious Skilled

JAZZ ALLEY--Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff, Frank Wess

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Roger Rogers Invitational Jam, $5

LATONA PUB--Mark Graham & Orville Johnson

LAVA LOUNGE--Open mike, with MC Ty

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Winard Harper Sextet, $5

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Lonnie Williams

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Evergreen Classic Band, $6

OWL & THISTLE--Swamie Halgas, Skerek


RUPERT'S--Open mike, hosted by Michael Comiskey, free


SEATTLE CATCH--Elizabeth Perrara

SHOWBOX--Lance Buller & His Monarchs, DJ Hubba Hubba, $6

SPEAKEASY--Poppy Moody, free

TRACTOR TAVERN--Susan Werner, Guests

TULA'S--John Hansen Trio, free

MON 03-15

*700 CLUB--Mowgli

AXIS--The Brian Nova Trio, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Wandering Fools, Uncle Salty's Cabin, Stumblebum

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova's Funk 69, free

BROADWAY BAR & GRILL--Marco Carvalho, free

COLOURBOX--Shaking Tree, Liquid By Nine, Guests, $3/$5

FENIX UNDERGROUND--Club Hi-Dee'Ho, with DJ Leslie $, $7


GALWAY ARMS--Leo McNamara & Peter Gilmore, free

HOPVINE--Joe Mantelo, Cris Delmhurst, Nancy Cotton

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Nick Vigarino & Meantown Blues, $5

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The New Orleans Quintet, free

*OK HOTEL--Chris Mills, $3

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Lonnie Williams

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Ben Thomas Trio Jazz Jam, free

OWL & THISTLE--Atomic Players

SCARLET TREE--Edmonia Jarrett & Woody Woodhouse

TULA'S--Vocal Jam, with DJ Kat, $3

*VELVET ELVIS--Hovercraft, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, C Average, $5

TUES 03-16

2218--H.B. Radke & the Jet City Swingers

700 CLUB--Dyslexica

AVENUE ONE RESTAURANT-- Edmonia Jarrett, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Face the Music, $3

CENTRAL SALOON--Haard Copy, $5

COLOURBOX--Arythmia, Nojo On the Rojo, Guests, free

CONOR BYRNE'S--Set Dancing, free

*CROCODILE--Bobby Conn, FCS North, Freeway House, $5


*GALWAY ARMS--Liza Warfel, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Joe Williams

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Junkyard Jane, $5

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Filé Gumbo Zydeco Band, $5

OK HOTEL--Eva Tree & Bill D, Willow, $3


OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The John Bishop Jazz Quartet, $2

OWL & THISTLE--Leo & Jack

PINK DOOR--The Julie Cascioppo Experience, free

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL-- Emmanuel Louis

SCARLET TREE--Annieville Blues Jam, free

SHOWBOX--Veer, Eureka Farm, Voyager One, $3


TRAVELER'S PUB--Open mike, with Phil Parsons, free

TULA'S--Roadside Attraction, $5

UNIVERSITY SPORTS BAR--Your Fly Is Open!, free

WED 03-17

700 CLUB--The King of Clubs

ADRIATICA RESTAURANT--Brian Nova & Buddy Catlett, free

*ART BAR--The Dan Heck Trio, The Organ Grind, $3

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Stickshift Annie, $3


*BOHEMIAN--The Reggae Rebels, $3/$5

CENTRAL SALOON--Toadstool, $5

COLOURBOX--Turtleneck, Sidney, Pleasurecraft, $3/$5

CROCODILE--Stoen Orge Party, Guests, $6

FENIX ABOVE--Hit Explosion!, $8

GALWAY ARMS--The Owl & Thistle Band, Guests, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Joe Williams

LARRY'S GREENFRONT--Charles White All-Star Blues Jam, $5


MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Kundalini Theatre, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Floyd Standifer, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Seattle Slim

OWL & THISTLE--The Owl & Thistle Band, Guests

PINK DOOR--Bonnie Birch & the Baritone Kings, free

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