Thursday 8/31

Blue Moon—Crazy Juice, Last One Out, the Goondocks

Cafe Venus—The Four Colour Process, the Autobiography, Tryst, $6


Central Saloon—Auburn, Threeve, Seven-Mile Ride, $5

recommended Chop Suey—Club Pop: The Catch, the Jetsons, Strength, DJs Curtis, Colby B, Paco (9 pm, 18+), $6

Comet Tavern—Upwell, Lesbian, Very Fine Lines

Conor Byrne—Songs Alive Monthly Showcase

Crocodile Cafe—Eagle*Seagull, Invention, Arthur & Yu, $7

Egan's Jam House—The Julie Cascioppo Experience

El Corazón—Faster Pussycat, Atomic Outlaws, the Greatest Hits, $12.50/$15

Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku—Jon Alberts Trio

Fuel—Lost Hiker, Boss Tweeter, Panther Attack, the Diets

recommended Funhouse—Girth, Tugnut, Sugar Skulls, $6

Hell's Kitchen—The Curse of Western Culture, Bobaflex, Psychostick, Our Last Breath (5:30 pm, all ages) $7; The Beautiful Mothers, the Thieves, Klementine (9 pm), $3

High Dive—Hopscotch Boys, Hollywood Lightweights, Madraso, $5

Highway 99 Blues Club—Kim Archer Band

Jazz Alley—Oscar Peterson (7:30 pm, all ages), $80.50-$95.50

Kells—Liam & Bernie

Legends—The Tim Turner Jam

Little Red Hen—Wakefields

Mr. Lucky—Soul & Tonics, $7

Mr. Spots Chai House—Scratching Post: Open mic (8 pm, all ages), free

recommended Nectar—Pleasurecraft, Sad Panda, Argo, free

New Orleans Creole—Ham Carson Quartet, $5

O Lounge—The Missionary Position

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Goodybagg

PYRAMID BREWERY—Ryewire, Vindaloo, the Spicer Trio (4 pm), free

Rainbow—Taikonaut Falls, Patti-Anne Mathison Band, Paul Hanover Band, $5

Support The Stranger

Rendezvous—Ionesco, $5

SeaMonster Lounge—Thaddeus Turner, Joe Doria, Mike Stone, free

Skylark Cafe and Club—Lee Tyler Post, Kate Mann, Jordan Booth, free

Studio Seven—Bodog Battle of the Bands: Burning Armada, Choose to Fight, Focal Point, From Aphony, Glass Elevator, Jonny Arcane Band, Lowenbad, Massive Habit, guests (7 pm, all ages), $15

Sunset Tavern—Eric Apoe & They, the Oval League, Colin Spring & the Post-Modern Conveniences, $6

Tost Lounge—Marmalade, $6

Tractor Tavern—Kitchen Syncopators, Oz St. Fossils, Baby Gramps, $8

Triple Door—Four for the Road featuring Danny O'Keefe, Lynn Miles, Wendy Waldman, Cliff Eberhardt (7:30 pm, all ages), $20/$23

Tula's—Beth Winter Dawn Clement Quartet, $7

recommended White River Amphitheatre—Def Leppard, Journey (7:30 pm, all ages), $32.50-$89.50

67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down

Alibi Room—Fuckin' North

Bada Lounge—Ladies Night: DJ Tone, DV One

recommended Baltic Room—Kitchen: Riz, Kid Hops, AC Lewis, guests

Belltown Billiards—College Night: DJ O'Ryan

Century Ballroom—DJ Pancho, $5

Chapel—The Epochs

Club Mantra—Ladies Night: DJ D, $5

CONTOUR—Thursday Groove: DJs Charlie Jones, Lloyd Tatum, Norman Stradley, Quinn Coffeen; Afterhours: DJs Crive, Flave, free

Cowgirls Inc.—Ladies Night: DJ Tamm, free

Downunder—DJs Knight, Ryan Milano, Kippy

Element—Honey: DJs Chinky Eye, Tre, Krayz, Tone, Kidd, Wax (9 pm, 18+), free

Heavens—Ascension (underground house)

Kincora—Kult: DJ Scorpio, free

Last Supper Club—Benny Benassi

recommended Lava Lounge—DJ & the Bear

Lottie's Lounge—Shotgun Lab, free

Marcus'—DJs Jamie Lynn, Johnny G.

Mirabeau Room—Crave: DJ Ryan Milano

Neighbours—Rock Lobster: DJs Trent Von, Billy the Kid

Noc Noc—Merciless: DJ Naha

R Place—DJ Flo'w

recommended Re-bar—Spazz 360: Honky Honk, Freddy King of Pants, Queen Lucky, $3/$5

Seattle Eagle—Bareback Thursday: DJ Derek Jordan, guests

See Sound Lounge—Limelight: DJ Supreme, Four Color Zack

Showbox—Splash: DJ B-Girl (8 pm, all ages), $5

Toi—DJ Greg J

recommended Viceroy—Vandy's Choice: DJ Greg Vandy, free

Vito's Madison Grill—Thirst: DJ On Point, guests (hiphop, old school), $5

Vogue—Isolation One-Year Anniversary: DJ Coldheart

recommended War Room—Wicked & Wild Dancehall: Johnny Horn, Soul One, $5


Friday 9/1

Blue Moon—The Sweet Dizzies, Mountain Kids Fantasy

Cafe Venus—Bullfighter, Glass Republic, Dirty Sweet, $6

Can Can—Curtis Eller's American Circus featuring the Bad Things

Central Saloon—Diesel Trukkers, Jack the Hotrod, Lucky Stiff, $10

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar—Silverback String Band (8 pm, all ages), free

Comet Tavern—Paula Maya & Eric Goetz

Conor Byrne—The Crying Shame, the Bryan Elliot Band

Crocodile Cafe—Pufferfish, Carrie Biell, Ghosts I've Met, Michael Vermillion, $5

Egan's Jam House—Richard "Wayo" Hogan (7 pm, all ages); Lucky Nevada (10 pm)

recommended El Corazón—Akimbo, Genghis Tron, the Abodox, Sean (5 pm, all ages) $8; Radio Birdman, A-Frames, the Cops, Nudity (10 pm), $20/$25

Funhouse—Mendozza, Audio Infidels, Hearseburner, guests, $5

The Gorge Amphitheater—Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R. (7 pm, all ages), $48.10-$62.50

Hell's Kitchen—Devil's Advocate, Sarah Connor, Organic Guerilla, Bell's Theorem, I Defy, $5

High Dive—Scorpiknox, International Heroes, the Thieves, Transfer, $6

Highliner—The Daily Flash, free

Highway 99 Blues Club—Mark Whitman Band, $10

Hotwire Coffeehouse—Lee Tyler Post (8 pm, all ages), free

Jazz Alley—Oscar Peterson (7:30 pm, all ages), $80.50-$95.50

Jazzbones—Cole'Lition, $10

Kirkland Teen Center—From Aphony, A Chance Without, Oceans in Oblivion, Remnant Soldier (8 pm, all ages), $5

recommended L.A.B. (Seattle Drum School)—The Hungry Pines, Bronze Fawn, the Kindness Kind (7 pm, all ages), $5

Little Red Hen—Jerry & the PhilBillys, $5

Lobo Saloon—American School of Warsaw, Green River Thrillers, Ziptye

Lottie's Lounge—The Kosher Red Hots, Beatwalk $5, Kosher Red Hots, $5

Nectar—Winston Jarret & the Wet City Rockers, Talisman, Selecta Raiford, $6

recommended Neumo's—M Ward, Mike Coykendall (8 pm, all ages balcony), $12-$14

New Orleans Creole—Jet City Fliers, $12

O Lounge—Andrew Heringer

Owl N' Thistle—Owl & Thistle Band

Q Cafe—Laurianne Beachman, Rosie Kearthen, Kristina Speed (8 pm, all ages), $6

Rendezvous—Mistress and the Misters, Jose Fang, $5

SeaMonster Lounge—P.K., Woogie D, Chad Redlight, Thaddeus Turner, guests, $5

Seattle Public Theater—John Lennon Jam featuring Alan White, Rick Lovrovich, Jakael Tristram, Jon Bolton, Mike Mattenly, Johnny Jones (7 and 9:30 pm), $15/$20

Serafina—Kay Bailey

Showbox—Dig the Particulars, Motion to Action, Wright Brothers, War Pigeon, Lucidream (8 pm, all ages), $10

Skylark Cafe and Club—Speedmop, Jeff Marshall & the Law, James Hilborne & the Painkillers, free

Studio Seven—Suicide Silence, All Shall Parish, Too Pure to Die, Light This City, Burnt Shadows (8 pm, all ages), $8/$10

recommended Sunset Tavern—Petracovich, Halfmoon (7 pm) $5, Scott H Biram, Jimmy Flame & the Sexxy Boys, Betty Ford Falcons, Iceage Cobra, 9 pm, $8

Tommy's—Special Meds

Trabant Chai Lounge—Landlord's Daughter, Chiefly (8 pm, all ages), free

Tractor Tavern—Wayne Hancock, Marshall Scott Warner, DJ Tom LG, $12

recommended Triple Door—Late Tuesday, Graham Travis, the Hope (8 pm, all ages), $12

Tula's—Jay Thomas Quartet, $12

recommended West Seattle American Legion Hall—Ceremony, the First Step, Allegiance, the Answer, the Vows, Get the Most (7 pm, all ages), $8

Alibi Room—DJ R

recommended Bad Juju Lounge—DJ Dusty, free

Bada Lounge—DJ Tone

Ballroom—DJ Casio

Baltic Room—Metro: Soul One, Timbo, $5

Belltown Billiards—Flirt: DJ Elad

Beso Del Sol—DJ Fernando (salsa), $6

recommended Bus Stop—DJs El Toro, Jerri Blank

Century Ballroom—DJ Cebrina (9:30 pm, all ages), $7

Chapel—Red Pony with Rebecca West

recommended Chop Suey—Wired!: Tommie Sunshine, Barry Weaver, DJ Franki Chan, FiGo, DJ Colin, guests, free

Club Mantra—Let Loose Fridays: DJ D'Doxx, $5

CONTOUR—Lust: DJs Mattinthehatt, Onpoint, Satelyte, Puerto Roc; Afterhours: DJs Nobel, Jonah

Cowgirls Inc.—F*ck the Rules: Jack Party Crew

Downunder—Ladies Night: DJs Elixer, Damon, Protege

Element—Nick Warren, DJ Eva, $10/$15

recommended Havana—Rotating DJs: N8, Fourcolorzack, Curtis, Nostalgia B

Heavens—Vegas Mash-Ups

Jai Thai (Belltown)—European Night

Jillian's—DJs E, BenJammin'

recommended Kincora—The Cave: DJ Haak and the Reverend of Rock

Lava Lounge—DJ David James

Mirabeau Room—Hollaback: DJs Vitamin D, Roc'Phella

Neighbours—Fatigues Friday: DJ Billy the Kid

Noc Noc—Definition: DJ BPM, Eva, Das Kindt, guests

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—DJ Decadance

recommended R Place—DJ Queen Lucky

recommended Re-bar—DJ Riz, $3

Rocksport—DJ Kenspiracy

Seattle Eagle—Skin Job: DJ Mr. Smith

See Sound Lounge—Jon Lemmon

Sugar—Fresh: DJs Damon, Brett Michaels

Toi—DJ Christyle

ToST—DJ Cide (9 pm), free

Tost Lounge—Kristina Childs (6:30 pm), free

Trinity Nightclub—Club Kiss: DJ Phase, guests

Triple Door—DJ Tamara, free

Venom—Toxic: DJ Tamm (Top 40)

Viceroy—DJ Sessions, guests, free

Vito's Madison Grill—Urbal Essence: Guest DJs

Vogue—On the Edge: DJ Paul Aleinikoff

Watertown—'80s and '90s Dance Night

recommended Whisky Bar—DJ Lance Rock

Saturday 9/2

Blue Moon—Daguerreotypes, A Particularly Viscious Rumor, Panda Smash

Cafe Venus—Wilgus, Kings of Side Two, Scott Walter Band, $6

recommended Can Can—Tennis Pro

Central Saloon—Bend, $10

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar—Johnny Smokes (8 pm, all ages), free

Comet Tavern—Quincunx, Bench Grinder, Hang

Crocodile Cafe—The Liars Club, Lions in the Street, the Riffbrokers, Prosser, $5

recommended Easy Street Records Queen Anne—Boat (3 pm, all ages), free

Egan's Jam House—Steve Kim (7 pm, all ages), Eric Vaughn Trio (10 pm)

El Corazón—Lake of Falcons, Scream Club, guests, $7

Funhouse—The Hands, the Husbands, the Monster Women, Ape City R&B, $5

Gallery 1412—Cogburn/Sielaff/Burns (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

The Gorge Amphitheater—Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R. (7 pm, all ages), $48.10-$62.50

Hell's Kitchen—Jaime Wyatt, Sea Jayne Trip, Fear Train Caravan, $5

recommended High Dive—Heather Duby, Graig Markel, Zera Marvel (6 pm) $6; The Turn Ons, Panda & Angel, Boat (10 pm), $6

Highway 99 Blues Club—Polly O'Keary & the Rhythm Method, $10

Hotwire Coffeehouse—Katie Jacobson (8 pm, all ages), free

Jazz Alley—Oscar Peterson (7:30 pm, all ages), $80.50-$95.50

Jazzbones—Doctor Funk, $10

Kirkland Teen Center—Blane, Man in the Blue Van, Oceans in Oblivion (8 pm, all ages), $5

L.A.B. (Seattle Drum School)—Apathy Theory, Into the Storm, Dangermart (7 pm, all ages), $5

Little Red Hen—Jerry & the PhilBillys, $5

Lobo Saloon—The Headliners, the Shotgun, Nation of Two, Thunder

Monkey Pub—Bipolar Star, So Said They, $5

Neumo's—Benevento and Russo Duo, Apollo Sunshine, $15

New Orleans Creole—Jet City Fliers, $12

Owl N' Thistle—Reckless Abandon

Pacific Rim Brewing Company—The Greatest Hits, Potty Mouth Society, Potbelly, 1234 Fake St. (6 pm, all ages), free

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Lady A & the Baby Blues Funk Band

Rendezvous—The Special Purpose, High Ceiling, $5

recommended Seattle Center—Bumbershoot 2006: See pullout this issue or visit for complete lineup (noon, all ages), $30

Serafina—Leo Raymundo

recommended Skylark Cafe and Club—Young Sportsmen, Megasapien, Department of Energy, free

Studio Seven—Breakneck, Vulgarizer, Grievous, Last Second Left (8 pm, all ages), $7

recommended Sunset Tavern—Super Skate Saturday: Book of Black Earth, Wizards Wor, Sindios, Marginal Way, guests, $5

Tacoma Dome—American Idols Live Tour 2006 (7 pm, all ages), $38.50-$68.50

ToST—Rudement, free

Trabant Chai Lounge—Bremerton Dub Rockers, Jim Santanella, free

Triple Door—Brian Nova Orchestra (8 pm, all ages) $15; Amelia, Bella (8 pm, all ages), $10

Tula's—Kelley Johnson Quartet, $12

67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down

recommended Alibi Room—DJ Diskyze

recommended Bad Juju Lounge—DJ Giraffe (punk, indie), free

Bada Lounge—DJ Respect

Ballroom—DJ Pete Ditty

Baltic Room—Rane Battle of the Megamixes

Belltown Billiards—DJ Elad

Beso Del Sol—DJ Fernando (salsa), $6

recommended Bus Stop—DJ Freddy King of Pants

Century Ballroom—DJ Victor, $7

Chapel—Flea Market: Rotating DJs

Chop Suey—DJs Assault, Randy Jones vs. Lincolnup, free

Club Mantra—Saturday Night Special: DJs Roc'Phella, D'Doxx, $5

Conor Byrne—DJ Tom LG

CONTOUR—Europa: DJs Misha, Igor; Afterhours: DJ Flave, guests

Cowgirls Inc.—It's Not Going to Lick Itself: Guest DJs

Deep Down Lounge—Onset: Guest DJs

Downunder—Rare Form: Guest DJs

Element—Urban Atmosphere: DJs Krayz, Chinky Eye, Tre, $10

recommended Havana—Rotating DJs: N8, Fourcolorzack, Curtis, Nostalgia B

Heavens—Destination Saturday (house)

Jillian's—DJ BenJammin'

Kincora—Harder: DJ Seth (metal, punk)

Lava Lounge—Cream on Wax

Lower Level at C.H.A.C.—Shringara: DJs Layla, Advent, Osiris Indriya, guests, $10

Marcus'—DJs Jamie Lynn, Johnny G.

Mirabeau Room—MashUP: DJs Josh Quest, Brett Michaels, guests

Mr. Lucky—Plush Promotions: Guest DJs

Nectar—Main Squeeze: Larue, DJ Bles One, $8

Neighbours—White Party: DJ Randy Schlager

Noc Noc—Crucifixion: DJ Shane

recommended R Place—DJ Riz

Re-bar—Bacon Strip!: Head Gardeners, guests, $5/$7

Seattle Eagle—DJ Funkybear

See Sound Lounge—Bryce.Forward.Sea, guests

Showbox—Bumbershoot Afterparty: DJ Bobcat, CFO, $7

Sugar—Work: DJ Brian Gorr, $5

Toi—Resident DJs (Top 40, house, old school)

Trinity Nightclub—DJ Niros, Trinity Resident DJs

recommended Triple Door—DJ Greg J, free

Venom—Sin City Saturdays: DJ Krayz

Viceroy—DJ Sessions, guests, free

Vito's Madison Grill—Body Shot Saturdays: DJ Lovesick Larry, guests, $10

Vogue—Time Warp: DJ Evan Blackstone

recommended War Room—Yo Son!: DJs DV-One, B-Mello, Soul One, $5/$10


recommended Whisky Bar—DJ Lance Rock

Sunday 9/3

Baltic Room—No Tomorrow

Blue Moon—Straight Ahead Free Jazz Jam Session

Central Saloon—Paula Maya, the 1203, LuciDream, $5

Chateau Ste. Michelle—Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo' (7 pm, all ages), $49.50-$79.50

recommended Easy Street Records Queen Anne—Halou (3 pm, all ages) free; the Thermals (5 pm, all ages), free

El Corazón—Battle of the Bands Festival: Syft, the Paul Hanover Band, Intelligent Productions, Change vs. Comfort, Haak-MacNab, guests (7 pm, all ages), $10

The Gorge Amphitheater—Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R. (7 pm, all ages), $48.10-$62.50

Jazz Alley—Oscar Peterson (7:30 pm, all ages), $80.50-$95.50

Legends—The Laurie Miller Jam

Little Red Hen—The Wes Jones Band

Mirabeau Room—206Ribshack: E-Dog, Thaddeus Turner, Davee E, Gerald Turner

recommended Neumo's—Bumbershoot Afterparty: Blue Scholars, Sabzi, Daps1, Prometheus Brown, Good Medicine, $8

New Orleans Creole—Jay Thomas Big Band featuring Becca Duran, $5

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Eric Fridirch Trio

Rendezvous—Feral Children, the Quiet Ones, $5

recommended Seattle Center—Bumbershoot 2006: See pullout this issue or visit for complete lineup (noon, all ages), $30

Serafina—Jerry Frank

recommended Sonic Boom Records (ballard)—The Village Green (4 pm, all ages), free

Studio Seven—Bet on Bella, the Ever Changing Sky, Arcangel, Gurilla Mind Society, Off Centered, Alone (6:45 pm, all ages), $10

Sunset Tavern—The Suffering Fuckheads, $5

Tractor Tavern—Phix (Phish tribute), $8

Tula's—Annette Ross with Jeremy Jones Xtet, $12

Bada Lounge—Industry Night: DJ Christyle

Belltown Billiards—Industry Night: DJ Hernandez Hernandez

Capitol Club—Souled Out: DJ Joshua, free

Chapel—Ticklejunk All Stars

recommended Chop Suey—Official Bumbershoot Bollywood Afterparty: Rishi Rich Project, Juggy D, Jay Sean, guests (10 pm, 18+), $20

CONTOUR—Broken Grooves: DJs Subconscious, Mojo, DOT, free

Deep Down Lounge—DJs Mojo, Jason H8e, Raw B

Element—Fly Girls: DJs Chinky Eye, Krayz, the Fraggle Rock Crew, $5

Heavens—Service Industry Sunday

recommended Kincora—SkateVisions: DJ Bobcat

Last Supper Club—Industry Night: Guest DJs

Lava Lounge—DJ Jimi Crash

Neighbours—Nocha Latino: DJ Luis

Noc Noc—Resurrection: DJ Shane, $3

R Place—Lashes: Lady Chablis

recommended Re-bar—Flammable: DJ Wesley Holmes, guests

Showbox—Black & White Summer B-Day Bash: Stat Quo, DJs Funkdaddy, Jeff, Dakota (10 pm, 18+), $15

Trinity Nightclub—JB's Vegas Nights X: DJ Scene, Risk One, Elad, guests

Vogue—Fetish Night: DJ Eternal Darkness

recommended War Room—DJ Rob Swift, A-Trak (9 pm) $15, Snapback Sundays: DJ Curtis (4 pm)

Whisky Bar—DJ Neil of Steel

Monday 9/4

Capitol Club—The Peter Cramer Trio featuring Mack Grout and Tim Carey

Central Saloon—Monday Metal Madness, $5

Chop Suey—Agent Sparks, Controlling the Famous, Oslo, $7

Conor Byrne—Bluegrass Jam

CONTOUR—Neu Money Music

El Corazón—The Summer Obsession, Bottom Line, Forever in Fall, guests (7:30 pm, all ages), $8/$10

Funhouse—Warsaw Poland Brothers, Nuffsed, the Cauze, Number One Dads, $5

Gallery 1412—Just Add Water: Wendi Martin and Bob Gallup (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

High Dive—The Plains, Solyoni, Daguerreotypes, DJ Matt Brown, $6

L.A.B. (Seattle Drum School)—Jim Knapp Orchestra (8 pm, all ages), $5

Little Red Hen—Dave's Pickin' Crew

Mirabeau Room—Howard Bulson

New Orleans Creole—The New Orleans Quintet

Rendezvous—Hello Nocturne, $5

recommended Seattle Center—Bumbershoot 2006: See pullout this issue or visit for complete lineup (noon, all ages), $30

Tula's—Greta Matassa Jazz Jam, $7

recommended Bad Juju Lounge—Shock Therapy, free

Baltic Room—Jam Jam: Element, DJ Collage

Belltown Billiards—Game Night: DJ Hernandez Hernandez

Bus Stop—DJ Sleepdepdanceparty, guests

Chapel—The Epochs

CONTOUR—Genesis: DJs Roc'Phella, Top Spin

Kincora—Psychotropic: DJs Scorpio, Whiplash

Lava Lounge—Rockabilly Night: DJ Johnabilly

Noc Noc—50 Cent Beer Night: DJ Shane

Seattle Eagle—DJ TCTL

Toi—DJ Sweet Chris Bell

Tost Lounge—The Existential Detective Agency: DJs Sweet Chris Bell, Genay Fav, Stick Yo Hand in the Dirt, Fauxfaux, free

Viceroy—DJ Sad Bastard, free

Vogue—Blue Monday: Guest DJs, free

recommended War Room—Soul City Mondays: Circle of Fire, $5

Tuesday 9/5

Capitol Club—Eric Jaeger & Encarnacian

Central Saloon—Monster Crash, Three Dead Whores, $5

Chop Suey—Draghead, Lurid, Angelfucks, Bonecandy, $5

Comet Tavern—Karate High School, Hardison, Letter City

Conor Byrne—Sirens Night

recommended Crocodile Cafe—The Watson Twins, Tiny Vipers, Night Canopy, $8

Funhouse—Teeth and Hair, the Plastic Constellations, Petals Like Bricks, the Neon Wilderness, $6

High Dive—The Miggs, No Star, For the Fields, $5

Highway 99 Blues Club—Briefcase Full of Blues, free

Jazz Alley—Sara Gazarek (7:30 pm, all ages), $21.50

Little Red Hen—T&D Revue

Nectar—Matt Southworth, guests, free

New Orleans Creole—Holotradband

Owl N' Thistle—Bebop & Destruction

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—The Fiasco

Rendezvous—Herb Diamante, GHQ, the Michael Flower Band, $5

SeaMonster Lounge—Gerald & Thaddeus, Tim Davis, Shanghi Pearl, free

Studio Seven—Cold Savage Clique, Nuggz, the Natural Truth, Frankie Starr and Marlon Turner, guests (6:45 pm, all ages), $10

Sunset Tavern—Sneaky Thieves, Brown Bird, Last of the Blacksmiths, Levi Fuller, $6

Tula's—Jay Thomas Big Band, $5

Baltic Room—Oscillate: Electrosect, Paul Edwards, Greg Skidmore

Belltown Billiards—DJ Hernandez Hernandez

Blue Moon—Royal Brohams, Railroad Pete

Bus Stop—Anal Sex Tuesday: Mark Mitchell

Century Ballroom—DJ Hyla Dickinson (9:30 pm, all ages), $5

Club Mantra—Open Mic Tuesday: DJ D, $5

CONTOUR—Open Decks: DJs Mattinthehatt, Randall Glen, Johnny Monsoon, Jason Le Maitre, guests

Cowgirls Inc.—Wolf Night: Amy Lynn, free

recommended Havana—Sing Sing: DJs Fourcolorzack, Pretty Titty, guests

Kincora—Rock-A-Rolla: AJ/DJ, guests

Lava Lounge—Doctor Jonze

Lottie's Lounge—DJ LuYing free, DJ LuYing, free

Lo_fi Perfomance Gallery—Stop Biting: Bumblebee, Hideki, Kamui, Sage Nomad, guests, $4

Marcus'—DJs Jamie Lynn, Johnny G.

Mirabeau Room—The Playlist: iPod Happy Hour

Neighbours—Retrovenge: DJ Dana Dub

recommended Noc Noc—I Love the '80s: DJ Shane, free

Seattle Eagle—Randy: DJ Toast

See Sound Lounge—Couch: Guest DJs

Shorty's—1984: DJs Decay, 23rd Hour

Toi—Soul Strut: DJ MadMax

Viceroy—Blackout: Tigerbeat and DJ Hank, free

Vito's Madison Grill—Blazin: DJ Chinkyeye (R&B), free

War Room—Drum and Bass Tuesday: Pendulum, MC Verse, DJs the Dowlz, Quentin J, the Specialist, $12


Wednesday 9/6

Blue Moon—Houston's Open Mic, free

Central Saloon—Art of Self-Defense, Vaeda, $5

Century Ballroom—Old Friend's Night, $5

Chop Suey—Husky Rescue, Judah Johnson, Lillydale, $8

Comet Tavern—Little Claw, Nice Smile, Coconut Coolouts

Conor Byrne—Broomdust Blues Jam

CONTOUR—Isiah Hogan, Ghengis Kahn, Freddie Fingers, 2 Face Productions, Khandi, the Arq, DJ Forrest Gump, free

Crocodile Cafe—Tea Leaf Green (8 pm, all ages), $10/$12

recommended El Corazón—The Golden Gods, Mos Generator, guests, $6

Fado—Justin & Ronin

Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku—The Ron Weinstein Trio, free

Funhouse—PinPonDash, the Contra, Firecrotch, $5

Gallery 1412—Chris Cogburn with Gust Burns, Alia Swesky, Margit Galanter (8 pm, all ages), $5-$15

High Dive—The Mob Law $4, The Psychosomatics, Megasapien, the Human Echo, $5

Highway 99 Blues Club—Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers, $5

Jazz Alley—Sara Gazarek (7:30 pm, all ages), $21.50

Jazzbones—Randy Oxford's Blues Theatre: Mark Whitman (7 pm, all ages), free

recommended Marymoor Park—Matisyahu, Roots Tonic, the Polyphonic Spree (7 pm, all ages), $39.50

Nectar—P-38, the Quit, Hot Laundry, $5

New Orleans Creole—Floyd Standifer

Owl N' Thistle—Vinyl Avengers

Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Two Buck Chuck

Rendezvous—Bookstore Robbery, Bashful, $5

SeaMonster Lounge—!Nepotistas!, free

Serafina—Javier Anderson

Showbox—The Black Keys, Beaten Awake (8 pm, all ages), $18

Sunset Tavern—The Spores, Curtains for You, Supernauty, $6

Triple Door—Original Superstars of Jazz Fusion: Wayne Henderson, Bobbi Humphrey, Ronnie Laws, Jean Carne, guests (7 and 10 pm), $45/$50

Tula's—Industrial Revelation, $7

Whisky Bar—Ronnie Pierce Ensemble

Alibi Room—Craftmatic

Bada Lounge—DJ Ryan Milano

Belltown Billiards—Bliss: DJ Elad

Bus Stop—Guest DJs

Club Mantra—DJs Puerto Roc, Roc' Phella, free

Deep Down Lounge—9 to Bedtime: Guest DJ

Element—VIP Bracelet Party: DJ Phase

Kincora—Underlord's Den: DJ Seth

Last Supper Club—Party Rock Wednesday: DJs Jolene, Aaron

Lava Lounge—DJ Deutscher Meister

Lottie's Lounge—DJ Whitey free, DJ Whitey, free

Mercury—Deep Cuts: DJs Scorpio, Vodka Twist, ADHD-J, Paris Spleen, $3/$5

Neighbours—Showtime: DJ Trent Von

Noc Noc—Deep House: DJ Doug Phillip Eno, Mat Anderson

See Sound Lounge—Faux Disco: Colby B, LA Kendal

Sugar—Sex Shooter: DJ Andy J, guests

Trinity Nightclub—Soonami, Poptop, Indepth Residents

Venom—Hype: DJs Chinky Eye, Chrystle

Viceroy—The Soul Hole, free

Vito's Madison Grill—Salsa: DJ Nick, $5

Vogue—Gothic Night: DJ Eternal Darkness

War Room—B-List: BB, FourColorZack, DJ N8, $5

Watertown—Why Not?

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.