*700 CLUB -- SAMO: Live drum 'n' bass & jungle, DJ Mia

BAD ALBERT'S -- Annieville Blues with guest, free

BALTIC ROOM -- La Movida with DJ Colony & musicians playing Afro beats, salsa, mambo & samba, $5

BOHEMIAN -- The Dream Band, $5

CENTRAL SALOON -- Snoopy Lawrence & the Gruvbox, $5

COFFEE MESSIAH -- Charlotte Vanderwolf & Folk Friends, free

COLE'S TAVERN, TACOMA -- Percy Francis & BOT

CONOR BYRNE'S -- McSorely's Reeks, $3

*CROCODILE -- Mountain Con, Saltine, Dorkweed, $6

FENIX ABOVE -- Hit Explosion!

FLOYD'S -- Steve Gauci Open Jazz Jam

FLYING LEMON LOUNGE -- Open mic/jam session, free

GALWAY ARMS -- Owl 'n' Thistle Band

*GORDON BIERSCH -- Jen Wood, free

HABANA -- Hadley Caliman Quartet

HOPVINE -- 20lbs. Gumball

*JAZZ ALLEY -- McCoy Tyner Trio, with Bobby Hutcherson

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- Little Kings, $5

MONA'S -- Marco de Cavalho & the Fatal Samba Ensemble


OK HOTEL -- Maurice Cauldwekk & J.R.

OLD TIMER'S CAFE -- Open mic, R&B, & smooth soul with K.T.D.L., $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE -- Dan Heck Trio & the Organ Grind

PINK DOOR -- Lonnie Williams Jazz Trio, free

PIONEER SQUARE SALOON -- Live music open mic, with Andrew Andrewson, free

*PLANET HOT ROD -- Giant Harley Gathering

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL -- Bubba's Underground

SCARLET TREE -- Z-Funk, $5

SEATTLE ART MUSEUM -- Galen Green Quartet

SERAFINA -- Alex Guilbert

*SHOWBOX -- The Fastbacks, Shuggie, the Briefs, $5

SORRENTO HOTEL FIRESIDE ROOM -- Overton Berry Jazz Piano, free

STARS BAR -- The Brian Nova Trio, free

*TRACTOR TAVERN -- Bad Livers, guests

TULA'S -- Gary Fukishima Trio, $5

FRIDAY 12/31

700 CLUB -- Jumbalaya, $5



BIG FOOT INN TAVERN -- Flash Hevily & the Thundermen, $7

BOHEMIAN -- Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, $40

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE -- The Dream Band, Sister I Live, N4SA, Unda-Privlege, $40

*BREAKROOM -- Y2Karaoke, hosted by Wm. Steven Humphrey, $10

CENTRAL SALOON -- Left Hand Smoke, $40

*CENTURY BALLROOM -- Dinner, Dancing, and Romancing with DJ Hep Jen, King Solomon, Buddha Bounce, $50

CHEF WANG -- Brian Nova, free

COLE'S TAVERN, TACOMA -- The Steamers, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S -- The Suffering Gaels

*CROCODILE -- The Dusty 45's, the Souvenirs, Larry Barrett, $25

DOC MAYNARD'S -- The Beatniks

EASY STREET PUB -- The Potato Underground

*ELYSIAN -- Y2K All-Stars, featuring members of Rockin' Teenage Combo, Living Daylights, Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet, Manah, and Tuatara, $15

EMERALD QUEEN CASINO -- Paul Rogers, Spandex Ballet, the Drifter, the Platters, the Shirelles, $75

FENIX ABOVE -- Jumbalassy, $40

FENIX UNDERGROUND -- Kry, Six Degrees, $40

FREMONT (UNDER THE BRIDGE) -- Center of the Universe Ball w/the Dudley Manlove Quartet, salsa, an Elvis Tribute, and more, $50/$60

*GRACELAND -- The Supersuckers, New American Shame, RC 5, Speedtwin, $20

*I SPY -- Alien Crime Syndicate, Speedtwin, Nebula

*JAZZ ALLEY -- McCoy Tyner Trio, with Bobby Hutcherson

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- Charles White Band, $40

*LAST SUPPER CLUB -- This Is Planet Earth, with the Scratch Trio, DJ Donald Glaude, DJ Brian Lyons, DJ Topcat, $60

LITTLE RED HEN -- Millennium Moosey, with Buckaroo Blues, $25

MELTING POT RESTAURANT -- The Glynn Brothers Quartet

MONA'S -- The Melvin Peterson Quartet

MURPHY'S PUB -- Leif Thomas Quintet, $5

NEO BISTRO -- Maia Santell & House Blend

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT -- Freddy James Rockin' 88's!, $40

OLD TIMER'S CAFE -- Ready Made Family, $40

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE -- Isaac Scott's Millennium Blues Ball!, $20

OWL 'N' THISTLE -- Owl 'n' Thistle Band

PARAGON -- The Jacks, the Melvin Petersen Quartet

PLANET HOT ROD -- For the Love of Suffering, Resin Room, Medicine Wheel, guests, $1

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL -- Freestyle Candela

ROCKSPORT -- Lizard King, This May Sting, $10

SCARLET TREE -- Certain Moves, $20

SERAFINA -- The Midnight Trio

*SHOWBOX -- New Year's Eve, with Maktub, the Murder City Devils, Source of Labor, Pleaseeasaur, $45

SORRENTO HOTEL FIRESIDE ROOM -- Overton Berry Jazz Piano, free

*STADIUM EXHIBITION HALL, SEATTLE CENTER -- The Last Call Millennium Ball, with Chris Isaak, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, the Robert Cray Band, the Jim Knapp Last Call Orchestra, Barbarito Torres & Friends

*TRACTOR TAVERN -- The Picketts, The Pennintones, $20

TULA'S -- Live Jazz New Year's Eve Party

*UNION STATION -- Pink Martini, Satan's Pilgrims, the Lions of Batucada, DJ Aquaman & Brad Vachal


2218 -- Hans Brehmer

700 CLUB -- Digable

BIG FOOT INN TAVERN -- The Thundermen

CAPITOL THEATER, OLYMPIA -- The Subdwellers, Maroon Colony, the Biznautics, $8

CENTRAL SALOON -- Smokestack


ELLIOTT BAY BREWING -- Heather Banker, free

FENIX ABOVE -- The Retros

ICON GRILL -- Scot Ranney

*JAZZ ALLEY -- McCoy Tyner Trio, with Bobby Hutcherson

LITTLE RED HEN -- Buckaroo Blues

MURPHY'S PUB -- Emerald City Bards, $2


NIKO'S PLACE -- Live Bouzuki "Grecian Sounds" and bellydancing by "Zaphara," free

OWL 'N' THISTLE -- Owl 'n' Thistle Band

PLANET HOT ROD -- Guilty By Associatioin, Quick to Blame, guests, $5

SORRENTO HOTEL FIRESIDE ROOM -- Overton Berry Jazz Piano, free

*TRACTOR TAVERN -- The Paperboys, $12


1201 CAFE & LOUNGE, PORTLAND -- Gong Show Karaoke

700 CLUB -- Kaya, with guest DJs, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS -- The Martin Ross Band

BIG FOOT INN TAVERN -- Flash Hevily Jam Session

CENTRAL SALOON -- Skasmopolitan, $5

CHINA JADE -- Dennis Shadduck & Pete Carrabba, free

CONOR BYRNE'S -- Irish Session, free

EASY STREET PUB -- Open mic with Ricky

ICON GRILL -- Scot Ranney

*JAZZ ALLEY -- McCoy Tyner Trio, with Bobby Hutcherson

KELLS -- Liam Gallagher, free

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- Roger Rogers Jam, $5

LAVA LOUNGE -- Open mic, with MC Ty

LITTLE RED HEN -- Salty Sunday Jams, with Big Daddy Fred

LIZZARD LOUNGE -- Live jazz with 1-2-3



OLD TIMER'S CAFE -- Lonnie Williams Quartet, free

*OWL 'N' THISTLE -- Danny Barnes & the Heathen

RUPERT'S -- Open mic, hosted by Michael Comiskey, free

SPEAKEASY -- Poppy Moody, free

STARS BAR -- Andre Ferriante

THE VILLAGE INN PUB -- Open mic, free

TINI BIGS LOUNGE -- Steve Gauci, free

*TRACTOR TAVERN -- The Paperboys, $12


700 CLUB -- 1-2-3 Jazz

AGUA VERDE CAFE -- Rez: Flamenco & Gypsy Swing, free

AXIS -- The Brian Nova Trio, free

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS -- Brian Nova Trio -- Funk!

BOHEMIAN -- Straight Ahead, $5

CENTRAL SALOON -- Jamie Sheets Blues Jam, $5

COLE'S TAVERN, TACOMA -- Karl Thurmond & 3 Piece Suit

FIDDLER'S INN -- Open mic

ICON GRILL -- Scot Ranney

J&M CAFE -- Jaime Sheets & the Sheetrockers, free

KELLS -- Liam Gallagher, free

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- Tim Turner Band, free

LIZZARD LOUNGE -- The Jim Basnight Thing

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT -- The New Orleans Quintet, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE -- Lonnie Williams Quartet, free



2218 -- H.B. Radke & the Jet City Swingers

700 CLUB -- Jive Turkey

BALLARD FIREHOUSE -- Hot Tuna, Derek Trucks Band, $20

CAFE PINCEAU -- Open mic, with Steve Cearley, free

COLE'S TAVERN, TACOMA -- Pete Moceri Band

CONOR BYRNE'S -- Set Dancing

EASY STREET PUB -- Live jazz with the Brad Pepineau Trio

GALWAY ARMS -- Liza Warfel

GORDON BIERSCH -- The Dan Heck Trio, free

HABANA'S LOUNGE, TACOMA -- Classical Spanish Guitar

ICON GRILL -- Scot Ranney

J&M CAFE -- Jaime Sheets & the Sheetrockers, free

JAZZ ALLEY -- Gerald Wiggins/Red Halloway Quartet, with David "Fathead" Newman

KELLS -- Liam Gallagher, free

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- The Scott Harris Band

LOCK AND KEEL -- Bushwhack Tuesday: Open mic with Evan Duke

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT -- File Gumbo Zydeco Band, free


PINK DOOR -- The Julie Cascioppo Experience, free

SCARLET TREE -- Annieville Blues Jam, free

STARS BAR -- Larry Fuller

TRAVELER'S PUB -- Open mic, with Phil Parsons, free

WILDROSE -- Deborah Bartley


1201 CAFE & LOUNGE, PORTLAND -- Star Search

700 CLUB -- The King of Clubs

ADRIATICA RESTAURANT -- Brian Nova & Buddy Catlett, free

ART BAR -- Live jazz with the Dan Heck Trio & Joe Doria

BAIT-HOUSE -- Up by Noon, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE -- Jane's David, guests, $5

BLUE MOON TAVERN -- Open mic with Martin, free

CENTRAL SALOON -- Snoopy's Urban Jam

COLE'S TAVERN, TACOMA -- Jerry Miller & Daibando

FENIX UNDERGROUND -- The Beatniks, $10

GORDON BIERSCH -- Josh White, free

*HABANA -- The Mad Tea Party, with Rockin' Teenage Combo and Pauley Ethnic


HOPVINE -- Open mic

ICON GRILL -- Scott Ranney

JAZZ ALLEY -- Gerald Wiggins/Red Halloway Quartet, with David "Fathead" Newman

LARRY'S GREENFRONT -- Charles White All-Star Blues Jam, $5

LIZZARD LOUNGE -- "Smooth Jazz"

METROPOLIS, OLYMPIA -- Swing Night, $4

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT -- Floyd Standifer, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE -- Seattle Slim

PINK DOOR -- The Midnight Trio & the Baritone Kings, free

STARS BAR -- June Tonkin

*TRACTOR TAVERN -- Hank Williams Revue, $5

ZEITGEIST -- Resonant/Circuit presents the Cogitation Trio, free

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