Rumors Flying At Seattle Shakespeare Company

Earlier this year, Stephanie Shine stepped down after 13 years of leading Seattle Shakespeare Company. Sources close to the hiring process say there are three finalists: Victor Pappas, George Mount (currently the acting artistic director of Seattle Shakes), and some kind of Sheila Daniels/John Langs "combo pack."

Spicy-Hot or Hot-Hot?

Last week, Galerias, a Mexican restaurant on Broadway, had an after-hours fire in its kitchen. Two days later, Do Not Enter signs had been plastered on the doors, signed by Unified Investigations & Sciences—a private investigation firm (typically hired by insurance companies) that specializes in independent forensics and suspected cases of arson.

Just Tell Us When the Goddamned Movies Start!

SIFF's website continues to be a barely navigable mess. While recent changes to at least inform browsers what movies are playing at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown and at the SIFF Film Center that evening, it's still almost impossible to locate a readable schedule anywhere on the site. (God forbid you should try to access anything on your phone.) A public Google Calendar would be preferable to the current mess, which was donated by local web-design firm POP.

Keep Your Culture Out of Our Country! U!S!A! U!S!A!

A trilingual poetry reading (in English, Spanish, and Zapotec) that was scheduled for the Jack Straw Studios on December 8 has been canceled. The reason? Featured poet Irma Pineda was denied her visa by authorities. "Once again, our great nation has been protected from the insidious scourge of poetry," grumbles a source. The reading will hopefully be rescheduled for the spring.

Last Record Store Standing

A Sonic Boom clerk recently conjectured that there will ultimately be only one music-­retail establishment standing in Seattle. Which one? Jive Time Records.

More Bookstore Casualties Coming Soon?

It's not just music retail that's taking it in the teeth: As thousands of cheaper-than-ever Kindles and brand-new Kindle Fires arrive in the mail this week, local bookstores brace for what could be their worst Christmas ever. Since most independent bookstores make most of their money between Thanksgiving and Christmas, if shoppers don't come out to support them, Seattle could lose one or two of its most beloved mainstays. If there's a bookstore in town that you like, go see them today. recommended